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The best easy betting games to play at home

The best easy betting games to play at home

The best easy betting games to play at home

Tue Aug 29 2023 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

At Bitcasino, play various live dealer games, modern video slots and Crash games anytime and anywhere, even at home. Find out the best easy betting games for a fun gambling at-home experience.

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The best betting games for easy gambling at Bitcasino

Experience a new way to play with our best games at Bitcasino. Expect top-class gaming, whether you’re playing on your computer or mobile device.

Here are some of our favourite games for gambling at home:

Games with vivid graphics and animations or those live-streamed like live dealer games are better suited for internet gambling since they require better hardware. On the other hand, games with simple gameplay and high jackpots like slots, Crash games, and casual games are more optimised for mobile gaming.

What you can access from gambling at home 

Bitcasino offers an impressive selection of thousands of casino games, which is one of the reasons why so many people prefer playing online. We also host plenty of casino activities like tournaments and promotions to level up the prizes players can win. 

Gambling at home in online casinos also offers more varied betting options, so you deposit and play to your preferences.

The benefits of gambling at home 

Gambling at home has unique charm and perks such as privacy, comfort and accessibility. Playing your favourite casino games is now as easy as opening the Bitcasino mobile site on your phone. 

Make big bets and get even bigger rewards when you use Bitcasino’s bonuses and rewards. Promotions like cashbacks, casino boosts and real money rewards will make your experience richer and more enjoyable wherever you play.

Here are the benefits of gambling at home and why many prefer online casinos:

Convenience and easy procedure to playing games

Instead of driving out to the nearest casino to play casino games, you can now simply open Bitcasino on your phone and start playing. Crypto casinos offer unparalleled convenience to play as many games as you want. Moreover, you can easily deposit to play and withdraw your wins instantly through popular payment methods at Bitcasino.

Always fun with the diverse game variety 

At crypto casinos like Bitcasino, you get first access to the newest casino game releases of known game providers like OneTouch, Evolution and NetEnt. This means you’ll never run out of games to try, and you’ll find new favourites more frequently.

Moreover, we are the first to offer games with innovative gameplay, like Crash games, casual games and live game shows. You can play video slots with unique themes, generous bonuses and new features like Megaways, InfiniReels or Bonus Buy-ins.

Privacy and not being disturbed by others 

On a physical casino floor, you might sometimes feel pressured to socialise or make small talk with other players. With online gaming, you can play with your own company in privacy or with whoever you choose.

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Overcoming what people may consider disadvantages of gambling at home 

Gambling from home is a new experience unfamiliar to some. Here’s how you can ensure the best time playing all the time:

Experience a new kind of immersive gaming

Lack of tangible experience is not a problem in Bitcasino. You can still get first-hand playing experience in live dealer games. Look for different types with immersive gameplay in our selection. 

For instance, we have live game shows with intricate setups and fun bonus rounds just like on TV. There's also the Metaverse Casino where you can enter a virtual casino, control your avatar and play table games with other players.

Play on licenced casinos to prevent online scams 

Only choose licenced casinos like Bitcasino before signing up to avoid online scams disguising themselves as online casinos. Bitcasino is licenced by the Government of Curaçao to ensure safe and provably fair gameplay. We also work with trusted payment providers and reputable game developers for our games. 

Check internet connection to avoid technical difficulties

Make sure you have a strong internet connection to prevent technical glitches and connectivity issues. At Bitcasino, you can always reload your browser and resume your game. Your funds will still be in your wallet, so you can play without a hitch. And if a problem persists, you can always contact our 24/7 customer support. We'll solve your issue right away.

What is smartphone gambling?

Smartphone gambling uses the latest mobile gambling technology to deliver a stress-free on-the-go user experience. Enjoy convenience, compatibility, portability and a variety of betting options whether you're at home, on vacation or anywhere else. This is all possible through our mobile-optimised browser site and mobile application. 

Real-time access to live dealer games and sports betting matches also allows better control over your profit and limits which means a lower risk of excessive betting. 

Advantages of online gambling on your smartphone 

Gambling at home using your smartphone offers the same benefits, like convenience, accessibility, safety, and game variation. Moreover, at Bitcasino, you can get rewarding promotions and user-friendly features that make playing a casino game easy on your mobile devices. 

Let’s delve deeper into more advantages of online gambling on mobile devices below:

Accessibility and easy game procedure 

Playing games on your phone is as easy as it sounds. Simply open it on your phone, place your bet and watch the game unfold. No need to exchange your money for chips.

In addition, payment and transaction windows for mobile users are intuitive, so you can get back to gaming as soon as you deposit.

Play anywhere and anytime 24/7 

With mobile gambling, you can play anytime and anywhere, whether at home, commuting or on vacation. Online sites like Bitcasino also operate 24/7 availability to accommodate players with different schedules and lifestyles. Here, you’ll always have a chance to place a bet and win.

Easy to collect information about the games

Choosing a game to play is easier on your phone at Bitcasino. You can easily search and browse our blogs to learn more about the games you want to play. Choose among casino games with the highest RTPs or the best high roller games online. Moreover, you can learn insane casino strategies to increase your chances of winning in our blog categories. 

Feel free to bet on free play games at home 

At Bitcasino, you can try out casino games without risking bets via our free-play mode. Simply create an account, and thousands of casino games will become available in free mode. You can then try out the game’s features for free until you’re ready to wager real money.

No risk of losing winning tickets or forgetting to redeem money 

When gambling online on your phone, you don't need to worry about forgetting to redeem your winnings or losing tickets. Bitcasino automatically credits winnings directly to your account, making them easier and faster to withdraw. 

Actual race footage can often be viewed on smartphones 

Access live footage of a race or sports match through your smartphone. Watching a game unfold in real time greatly enhances the thrill of betting. This feature not only elevates the excitement but also empowers you to make well-informed wagers, adding a dynamic aspect to your gambling journey.

You can bet using your credit card 

Because online gambling is all about convenience, Bitcasino has cash and credit card options that offer payment flexibility for stress-free and easy gambling.

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Tips for gambling online on your smartphone

Have the best time playing at Bitcasino with these tips. Check what to do before you gamble at home below:

Make sure your network connection is strong enough 

Before you play online, run speed tests on your phone and make sure your internet network connectivity can support your games. You can also prepare your phone beforehand and close unnecessary apps running in the background. 

Taking these extra steps ensures uninterrupted gameplay, quick bets and timely updates. Plus, you can easily mitigate security concerns and focus on a safe and fun time playing at Bitcasino.

Check if gambling income will be taxed 

Find out if your internet gambling earnings are taxed in your country and by how much. You can then decide if you still want to gamble and how much you're willing to spend. 

Set rules to avoid addiction 

Set limits on how much time and money you’re going to spend. Doing this ensures you’ll gamble responsibly and stay within your limits. As long as you respect the rules you set for yourself, you can balance gambling with other aspects of your life.

Do not engage in illegal gambling 

Before logging in or signing up at Bitcasino, make sure the site URL is If it isn’t, exit the page and go to our official site instead. Be on the lookout for fraudulent sites and only play at the official Bitcasino site and app to prevent illegal gambling. 

Win big at home with Bitcasino!

Gambling at home has never been easier and more accessible with Bitcasino. Access a wide range of games, from slots and crash games to live dealer games on your phone. Claim bonuses and promotions without a hitch. With your smartphone, you can bet on your favourite games anytime and anywhere. Sign up now at Bitcasino and bet like a VIP at home!

FAQs about gambling at home

How can I ensure the fairness of online casino games?

Check if the games are provably fair, which is always indicated in the game. If not, see their return-to-player rate (RTP) and how the game provider got that value. 

Are online gambling platforms safe for financial transactions?

Yes, if they are licenced and work with reputable payment providers. This ensures your data will be encrypted and inaccessible to other people.

Can I gamble on my smartphone while travelling abroad?

Yes, you can gamble abroad on your smartphone. Just make sure you know the country’s gambling laws and regulations, as they may or may not tax you for online gambling.

Words by: Charlotte K.

The best easy betting games to play at home

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