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    Zoom your way to victory with Turbo Games

    Turbo Games is a popular crash game provider that offers a range of fun and exciting casino games. They offer an impressive range of slot machines, so anyone can find a game that they can enjoy. With all those different themes and bonus features, there’s something for everyone.

    Crash games are rapidly gaining popularity all over the world and slot machines made by Turbo Games are among some of the most well-known games belonging to this genre. The main objective of a crash game is to predict when a crash would happen and cash out your bet before the game crashes. It’s mostly played with cryptocurrency, so you could theoretically call it a variety of bitcoin slot games. Players can cash out at any time and if you take your money at the right moment, you can win big, but if you wait too long, you risk losing your entire bet.

    One of this provider’s most popular crash games is called "Fury Stairs". It’s a fast-paced game, where players bet on the multiplier value they think the game will reach before it crashes. If you are looking for a thrilling online casino experience, then this game is definitely worth checking out.

    Discover excellent gameplay and be immersed in different worlds when you play Turbo Games at Bitcasino. Experience fast-paced action and unique gameplay and get a chance to win tremendous payouts.

    Experience this and more when you learn everything about Bitcoin turbo casino games here at Bitcasino.

    What are Turbo Games and are they legit?

    Turbo Games provider specialises in creating high-quality and Provably Fair online games that give everyone a fair chance at winning. Provably Fair is an algorithm used in online gambling games to ensure fairness. It is built on open-source blockchain technology and is achieved through cryptographic hashing.

    Since it runs on an open-source blockchain, anyone can verify that the games are fair and not rigged. Through this algorithm, cutting-edge Turbo casino games are created and loved by millions of players worldwide.

    Additionally, this technology is mainly used in crypto casino games, making Turbo Games a perfect partner for Bitcasino.

    What are turbo casino games?

    Here at Bitcasino, you'll find many Turbo casino games you can enjoy. These are not your average titles where you spin the reels and wait for winning combinations to land on the paylines.

    The success of Turbo casino games online is because of their fantastic game designs, making their gameplay more appealing. Beautiful visuals are partnered with 2D and 3D integration, an aesthetic match made in heaven.

    How to play turbo casino games

    Each turbo games provider games you’ll find at Bitcasino is equipped with unique gameplay and design that separates them from one another. 

    To start claiming tremendous payouts in this Bitcoin turbo games casino, here’s how to play Turbo Games’ most fun games:

    Turbo Plinko

    The saying ‘less is more’ perfectly describes Turbo Plinko. Its simple and fast-paced gameplay gives a fun and exciting experience, making it one of the most played Bitcoin turbo casino games online. It’s a skill game with an RTP of 97%, which gives you a high chance of receiving tremendous prizes.

    The goal in Turbo Plinko is simple: let the discs drop to the pockets with corresponding multipliers to win prizes. What makes the game exciting is the uncertainty of where the discs will land since the scattered pins can alter their direction. 

    Before letting the discs fall, you can adjust the number of rows of pins you want present during the round. The more rows you choose, the higher the multipliers will be. The minimum number of rows is eight, while the maximum is 16. Additionally, you can select the amount of each disk that will drop.

    Turbo Mines

    One of the easiest Bitcoin turbo casino games to play is Turbo Mines. It’s similar to the old minesweeper games on desktop computers where you have to avoid bombs and find diamonds from a grid of face-down tiles.

    Revealing a diamond keeps the game going, and you can either click on another tile to find other diamonds or cash out your current winnings. On the other hand, you lose your winnings once you reveal a bomb.

    With Turbo Mines, you can choose the size of the grid, the number of bombs present during the round and your bet amount.

    Adjusting these settings also alters the payouts of the game. For instance, the more bombs you place during the round, the higher the payouts you can receive since it also increases the risk.

    Save the Princess

    Get ready to embark on an epic adventure in Save the Princess. With an RTP of 95%, you must save the damsel in distress in this nostalgic video game-inspired title. But the journey isn’t as easy as it seems. To attain your goal, you must choose between different doors to progress through the level until you reach the princess.

    The doors can either reveal the way through the next level or a hazard such as Vampires, Goblins, Dragons and Death. Opening their door will cause you to lose the game and your winnings, so avoid them at all costs. 

    As you progress, the levels will become riskier, but it all pays off once you reach the princess and get the jackpot.


    Hamsta is one of the most charming Bitcoin turbo casino games at Bitcasino. You aim to dig underground and win huge prizes while avoiding radioactive blocks. You’ll take control of an adorable hamster in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

    Before you can begin digging, you must set a bet amount between the minimum and maximum wager of 0.1 and 100 coins, respectively. Then, choose the difficulty level between easy, medium, hard, extreme and z-day. These options alter the number of radioactive blocks per floor and the multipliers you can win.

    Once digging, you can successfully dig a floor or reveal a radioactive block. The former lets you keep playing and accumulate more prizes, while the latter ends the game and takes away all your winnings. 

    Fortunately, you can cash out at any time to prevent losing your winnings.

    Fury Stairs

    Avoid the blazing fireballs as you climb to prosperity in Fury Stairs. If you’re looking to play turbo casino games that offer high risks and equally high rewards, start with this game.

    Here, your goal is to climb ladders leading to the next floor. Each floor you reach rewards you with a multiplier. The higher you are, the better the multipliers you get. Fireballs are waiting on some of these ladders, and when you accidentally go up on one of them, you lose the game and all your winnings.

    Before climbing, you must choose the number of fireballs present per row. The more fireballs you put, the higher the multipliers will be.

    Why should you try crypto turbo casino games?

    Here are the different reasons why you should play Turbo casino games online at Bitcasino:

    1. Variety of gameplay

    As the number one Turbo Games casino, Bitcasino offers games with unique gameplay, so players have a diverse selection of games other than those with the same slot game formula. 

    For instance, Plinko is entirely different from Hamsta. The former has discs falling into pockets with different multipliers, while the latter requires you to dig down and find rewards underground. 

    These new gameplay mechanics are a breath of fresh air from the repetitive nature of slot games that only require you to press the ‘spin’ button. Here, you’ll constantly be surprised by what a game offers, keeping you at the edge of your seats. 

    1. Massive rewards

    Crypto casino turbo games are fun and rewarding to play. As you progress through the levels, you’ll win bigger and better rewards.

    1. Cross-platform availability

    Some gamblers like to play on the go, while some prefer to stay in their homes using their computers and laptops. Fortunately, you can access crypto turbo casino games online regardless of your device. 

    At Bitcasino, Bitcoin casino turbo games are available to play across all platforms including your computer, tablet and mobile phone. 

    Crypto turbo casino games are supported on the following devices:

    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Mac.
    1. Charming themes

    Turbo Games has a plethora of themed games you can enjoy. You can choose from 8-bit adventures, warfare, Japanese lore and more. You’ll also meet adorable characters in some Turbo casino games, namely Neko, Hamsta and Fury Stairs.

    1. Seamless deposit and withdrawal with crypto

    The best way to play at Bitcasino is to play turbo casino games with crypto. Playing crypto casino turbo games online provides you with convenience like no other since you don’t have to input your card details every time you need to make a deposit. 

    Instead, you can connect your wallet to easily transfer funds into your account using a unique wallet address or by simply scanning a QR code. Additionally, transaction speeds are fast, only taking a few minutes depending on the amount you deposit.

    Play turbo casino games with Bitcoin, Ether, XRP or any other cryptocurrency we support here at Bitcasino.

    Begin your adrenaline-filled gambling experience at Bitcasino

    The bottom line is crypto turbo casino games are some of the most fun, unique and rewarding titles you can try here at Bitcasino. If you want to be entertained while trying to win amazing prizes, you can try the games we’ve listed above to experience exciting gameplay and staggering wins. 

    A world filled with adrenaline-pumping excitement and rewards awaits you. Play Bitcoin casino turbo games online at Bitcasino today.


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