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Play Bitcoin casino slots at Bitcasino

You can obtain big payouts at Bitcasino’s collection of 2,000+ online crypto slots with a spin button. From world-renowned gaming providers in the industry, these games provide you with incredible themes, smooth gameplay and impressive wins.

Additionally, cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals make for a seamless casino gaming experience. All it takes is one lucky spin to win big Bitcoin online slots. Change how you play and bet on slots with BTC, USDT and other cryptocurrencies. 

How to play Bitcoin slots

To play online Bitcoin slots, click on the spin button to spin the reels. The symbols land on the paylines and reward you with their respective payouts. You can also trigger bonus features that often unlock bigger wins and jackpots.

Take note of these key terms to know how to play crypto slots:

Reels and paylines

Reels and paylines are two of the most important aspects of a slot game. Each slot has several reels (typically 3 and above) that house the paying symbols.

Spanning across these reels are paylines where the symbols land and reward payouts. These paylines can either be straight, diagonal or zig-zag lines. 


The paytable shows the list of symbols and their respective payouts. It also shows the number of symbols that need to land on the reels in a single spin to win the payouts.

Minimum and maximum bets

Crypto slot games indicate the minimum and maximum amounts you can bet. To change the amount, you can click on arrows or the amount itself.

Additionally, the payouts of each symbol change depending on the bet amount. The higher your bet, the bigger the potential payouts. Meanwhile, if adjusting your bet doesn’t change the payouts on the paytable, they are bet multipliers. In this case, the winnings in a spin are multiplied by the amount of your bet. 


The jackpot is the biggest winnable prize in online crypto slots, which can either come in the form of a multiplier or a set amount of cash prize. Once a lucky player wins, the amount resets to its original value. There are also progressive slots that have jackpots that grow bigger the longer it goes without being won.

Return to player percentage

The return to player percentage (RTP) is the computed percentage of rewards players receive in the long run. RTPs are calculated by dividing the win and turnover figures (total amount wagered) generated from a game. The higher the game’s RTP, the more likely it will pay out. 


The volatility of crypto slots pertains to how risky they are. Slot games can have different levels of volatility (low, medium, medium-high and high). Low volatility equates to more wins but smaller payouts, while high volatility means rarer chances of winning but bigger prizes. Before playing a game, consider the volatility level to see the high risks and prizes.

Bonus symbols and features

Win even bigger prizes in your preferred Bitcoin slots game by taking advantage of its bonus features and symbols. These may vary per title, but the most usual ones are:


The Wild symbol is often considered the best bitcoin slots bonus due to its importance in-game. It can substitute any paying symbol within the game (often excluding other bonus symbols) to help you complete a payline. Additionally, it also grants specific payouts when landed in sets.


The Scatter is a bitcoin slots bonus symbol responsible for activating various bonus features within the game. It only has to appear a number of times in a single spin to trigger the bonus game, regardless of their positions on the reels.

Free Spins

The most common crypto slots bonus feature is the Free Spins. From the name itself, this grants you a set amount of spins without placing a wager. They can either come on their own, while others come with a multiplier that will apply to the total win of that specific spin.

It can be activated when the Wild, Scatter or Free Spins symbol lands on the reels, depending on the rules. 

Fun mode/real mode

Want to get a feel of the game before you wager real money? The fun mode or free play is the perfect opportunity for you to see what a game offers. At Bitcasino, all bitcoin video slots are available in this mode, allowing you to check everything, from its paytable down to the gameplay itself. The only difference with the real mode is you won’t get to wager your funds and withdraw your winnings.

Once you’ve gotten a better understanding of the game, you can switch to the real mode, which lets you wager your credits and win huge withdrawable prizes. You can also check out crypto slots review blogs posted at Bitcasino to know all the specifics of some of the games we have. 

Best slot themes at Bitcasino

Don’t know where to start in this crypto slots casino? Try the most popular bitcoin slots themes you’ll find at Bitcasino: 

Ancient civilisation

Be transported to another era when you spin the reels of ancient civilisation-themed slot games. Whether it be the Mayans, Romans or Egyptians, you’ll be immersed in the world of these interesting civilisations.

Here are some of the best crypto slots under this theme:

Greek mythology

Get struck with thunderous rewards at Bitcasino’s Greek mythology-themed slot games collection. The titles under this category pay homage to the beloved lore, which is why you’ll often see gods and goddesses of the mythology associated with their game design.

The best crypto casino slots with Greek mythology themes at Bitcasino include:


You don’t have to wait until the end of the year to feel the holiday spirit. Thanks to Bitcasino’s collection of Christmas-themed slot games, you can fill in the shoes of one of Santa’s helpers and receive amazing gifts.

Check out these fun and charming Christmas-themed titles when you play Bitcoin slots online:

Wild West

Put on your cowboy hat and get ready to roam the great frontier when you play wild west-themed slots here at Bitcasino. Playing these games will take you back to the Old West, where fortune-bearing reels are found. 

Be the toughest cowboy/cowgirl when you play the following slot games:


Travel to the biggest continent without leaving your home by playing Asian-themed slot games. Experience different cultures when you play bitcoin slots casino games under this theme:

Bitcoin slots tips

Think you’re ready to conquer every bitcoin slots machine here at Bitcasino? Follow our bitcoin video slots tips below to win the best prizes:

  1. Study the game

When choosing which bitcoin slots machines to play at Bitcasino, study the game before wagering real money. Read the game’s information to know the payouts you can win and features you can trigger. Remember to consider the RTP and volatility and determine whether they fit your standard.

  1. Play with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies at Bitcasino

The best way to play at Bitcasino is to play with crypto. As the leading crypto slots casino in the industry, Bitcasino provides various benefits for crypto gambling, such as:


Using crypto for gambling provides privacy and anonymity. For instance, sensitive information such as card and personal details will remain confidential when depositing funds into your account. All you need is a randomly generated wallet address to begin the transaction.


In bitcoin slot casinos like Bitcasino, using cryptocurrency for playing gives you the utmost convenience. You can simply connect your crypto wallet app or use the QR code to transact. 


Cryptocurrencies are tamper-proof thanks to blockchain technology. Once a transaction is done, the data is recorded in the public ledger and a new block is created, making any transaction impossible to tamper with.

Frequently asked questions

Are online slots rigged?

No. Each title gives you a chance to win thanks to their provably fair algorithm and Random Number Generator (RNG). The former ensures that developers can prove every outcome of these games through a series of codes.

Meanwhile, the latter is a self-explanatory algorithm responsible for producing random numbers for the outcome of the game result.

What happens if the game freezes while I’m playing?

A system malfunction can occur at any site, even at the leading crypto slots casino, Bitcasino. When this happens mid-game, all wagers will be voided by the casino. However, the site won’t be liable for other disturbances such as server disruptions, downtime and lagging. The casino can provide refunds at the discretion of its management.

How to win in Bitcoin slots online?

There’s no one correct answer to this question, but you can become a wiser player to increase your chances of winning with strategies. Simple things such as considering the RTP or incorporating useful slot machine tips can help you win more prizes in the best Bitcoin slots here at Bitcasino.


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