VIP Club: experiences that money can’t buy!

Available only to invited players, VIP club strives for excellence in services, offers, and events.

Personalised service

With a team of specialised account managers ensuring that everything is always of the highest standard, members enjoy exclusive bonuses, invites to prestigious events, and tailored solutions to their fun, fast, and fair experience.

  • Dedicated VIP manager

    Dedicated VIP manager

    • Focused on ONLY your needs.

    • A private casino experience tailored exactly for you.

  • High-value rewards

    High-value rewards

    • Lucrative offers modelled just for you.

    • Wager-free rewards.

    • Weekly bonuses.

  • Highest bet limits in the industry

    Highest bet limits in the industry

    • Unlimited withdrawals and deposits via crypto.

  • 24/7 priority support

    24/7 priority support

    • No queues, no waiting.

    • We attend to your needs first.

  • Luxurious holiday gifts

    Luxurious holiday gifts

    • High-value gifts on your birthday.

    • Personalised offers.

  • VIP-exclusive promotions

    VIP-exclusive promotions

    • The best casino experiences are reserved for you.

    • Only visible to the VIP club's members.

Borderless events

VIP Club works the extra mile to make unforgettable events across the globe. All events are always free of expenses and planning for attending members (winners of VIP promotions, high-rollers). Enjoy life at its fullest and create great memories as a VIP Club member.

  • World Cup 2022 in Qatar

    US Open Final in New York City

    UEFA Champions League Final in Paris

    Southampton vs Liverpool in London 2022

  • Arsenal vs Liverpool match in London 2022

    VIP Trip to London

    Getaways in the Adriatic Sea

    Golden Week in Bali

Stars in sight

From artists to visionaries, Bitcasino has the most talented individuals in VIP Club. Join our high-profile group of crypto leaders and high-rollers!

Becoming a VIP?

Entry to VIP Club is by invitation only. Get in touch with us to see what a tailored VIP package could look like for you. Join the family now!

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Relish in the power of your VIP status!

Live the ultimate high-roller dream as you indulge in perks like no other in Bitcasino’s VIP club! Prepare to relish in your power as a VIP and be entitled to an unparalleled gaming experience made better with a personal touch. 

We go the extra mile to bring our very important players an unforgettable crypto betting experience combined with grandiose rewards and tailored gameplay. 

Open a new dimension of exclusive rewards and offers reserved for our most loyal players and join Bitcasino’s VIP club today. Get access to our rewards, VIP promotions and luxurious perks!

The VIP benefits: Why should you join the VIP club?  

Joining our VIP club means stepping into a lavish world where a more customised and rewarding gaming experience awaits. It gives you access to loads of perks that not only amp up but also personalise your playing sessions!

Take a peek at the rewards within your arm’s reach below: 

VIP manager 

We take your crypto betting experience seriously. So to make every second of your wagers special, we assign VIP club members their own VIP managers to help them manage their accounts. 

Experience professional casino service with staff dedicated to meeting your needs. So for assistance and any account problems you may need, you’ll have your manager address your requests as soon as possible. 

High value offers

Prepare to be pampered with lavish rewards and promotions that go from cashback to all-expense-paid event invitations. Take a look at what we can offer you in the Bitcasino VIP club below: 

  • No wagering bonuses
  • Weekly exclusive VIP tournaments 
  • VIP jackpot promotions 
  • Telegram reward drops 
  • Monthly rewards 
  • VIP exclusive promotions.

Highest betting limits 

Go crazy and enjoy extra adrenaline with highest bet limits in the industry. We share the love for taking risks just like our high-roller VIP members. Being a VIP is all about going beyond the limits and crossing lines to discover endless possibilities for your gameplay. Drop high amounts into your bankroll and relish in the victory as you withdraw your wins. Prepare yourself to receive soaring rewards only at Bitcasino’s VIP club. 

All-expense-paid hospitality trips

Get ready for a trip only VIPs experience. Explore the world and get an exclusive invite to different prestigious events when you join Bitcasino’s VIP club. Sail across the Adriatic sea onboard your luxurious yacht and live the socialite life in a 5-star hotel in Asia all without spending a single cent. 

Here at Bitcasino’s VIP club, we know how to indulge our valued players!

24/7 priority support 

Need help within your account or game? No matter where you are or when you’re calling, you can rest assured that assistance will come your way. Get access to our 24/7 support team any time you want with no limitations. 

No queues, no waiting. As Bitcasino’s most valued player, your needs will always be our priority. 

Luxurious holiday gifts 

A special player deserves nothing but the best on their special day! We reserved all the luxurious and grandiose experiences for you and spared no expense when it comes to giving you the perfect VVIP casino experience. As a special treat, you can expect a lavish gift from us on your birthday, Christmas and Bitcasino anniversary. 

And we’re not just talking about your usual casino bonuses, free chips or spins and cashback. We’re talking gadgets, luxury watches and designer items. Expect nothing short of perfection on your holidays and celebrate your special moments with us as our VIP members!

VIP exclusive promos 

Every Bitcasino player gets a taste of our first-class casino experience, but for our VVIP casino members, we made sure to reserve something special. Get the chance to join in high-value tournaments with massive prize pools and the exclusive opportunity to be the first to try out new Bitcasino games. 

Enjoy the two types of promotions below: 

Non-competition type of promotion 

Not one for the challenge? No worries! We have non-competition promotions that level up your casino experience without requiring you to compete with others. There are two promotions under this category: 

  1. Monthly Mission

Our Monthly Mission promotions reward cash prizes to VIP members who remain active playing their favourite games. You can receive up to 2,400 USDT on this monthly mission depending on how much you play! 

  1. Weekly Bonus Drop

Every week, Bitcasino indulges its VIP members by dropping a bonus value of around 50 USDT to their accounts with no strings attached. You won’t even have to do anything to receive a reward!

Competition type of promotions 

If you want to participate in high roller games with huge prize pools, Bitcasino’s competition type promotions are perfect for you. Here’s the type of deals Bitcasino have to offer: 

  1. VIP exclusive tournaments 

  2. VIP exclusive leaderboards 

  3. VIP jackpot.

There’s a special place for you in our casino and we can’t wait to indulge you with what we have to offer!

VIP runs in the family

From artists to visionaries, Bitcasino has the most talented individuals in our VIP club. Join our high profile group of crypto leaders and high-rollers and be with like-minded people who dare to risk and share the same passion of enjoying life to its fullest! 

Create great memories for life and make dreams come true. This is what makes money-can't-buy experiences with Bitcasino!

Perks of being a high roller player

There is more to being a high roller than just the thrills and the prospect of a huge win. Discover what else is there to the VIP life and why elite players love playing with a high roller wager!


If there’s one thing that comes out of being a high roller, it would be prestige. After all, who doesn’t admire players who know the games inside out and are unafraid to play with fire? And when their gamble pays off, they become even more reputable not just in the eyes of every other player but in the casino as well!


Like wagering high on your favourite games? If so, you can bet that the casino is already keeping its eyes on you and your exceptional game style. This then opens up the opportunity for you to receive an invitation to the VIP club. It’s a feat only a few can achieve! 

Exclusive games 

Get access to a wide range of games exclusive for high rollers like you. Bitcasino never holds back in spoiling our VIPs with one of a kind games that only the elite can participate in. That’s why we provide an exclusive category of casino games made just for high rollers like you in Bombay Club. 

With high entry bets, only high roller players can access this prestigious array of games. So if you want to enjoy the company of other high roller players in Bitcasino and feel the excitement run high, this is the place for you.

Luxury experience 

If being a regular player in Bitcasino is exciting enough, imagine the experience that comes with being one of our most valued players! Think of all the luxury, comfort and glamour that you can enjoy as a high roller player. 

You would have a higher chance of getting invited to the VIP club where you can get your hands on exclusive deals, bespoke gifts, event invites and a personalised experience designed to bring you the optimum experience. 

High roller games you should try

Get noticed fast to receive your Bitcasino VIP status and chase the thrill of your game in these high roller titles. Put forward your high roller wagers in the games below:

  • Bombay Club Baccarat by OneTouch

Bombay Club Baccarat brings prestige and glamour to your usual baccarat games. As part of the popular games in the exclusive Bombay Club, this baccarat game has a quality above the others. Not only would you be treated to a luxurious experience with the lavish setup you would also be served by one of the best dealers in the casino. 

Enjoy the undivided attention of our croupiers in ensuring that you would get the most out of your game and place your highest bets in Bombay Club Baccarat now! 

  • Salon Prive Blackjack by Evolution

Personalise your game of 21 and get treated to a private service like no other in Salon Prive Blackjack. If you are a player who enjoys privacy, this is your haven in the casino. 

Enjoy playing blackjack with well-trained dealers and treat yourself to a luxurious experience in the private studios of the Bombay Club. Test your luck now and reach 21 before anyone can! 

  • Roulette High Roller by OneTouch

OneTouch’s Roulette High Roller will give you all the thrills and excitement you are looking for in the roulette wheel. Unlike the other games mentioned above, this one isn’t live so you can take your time deciding on your wager and bets. 

Of course, that doesn’t make the experience any less grand. You can still enjoy high roller wagers paired with a smoothly animated roulette game. See if the wheels of fortune would favour your gamble and start playing Roulette High Roller!  

How to become a casino VIP club member 

The VIP status comes with exclusivity reserved only for the best of the best. It’s a prestige that cannot be bought and only comes through selective invitation. Luckily, Bitcasino is always on the lookout for potential new members of the elite VIP club. So if you want to stand out from the rest and get our attention, follow the steps below:

  1. Be active

There is nothing that Bitcasino loves more than an active player and thus, the first step that you need to do is to keep playing your favourite crypto betting games. Keep the ball rolling in your bankroll and participate in multiple competitions while betting for real-money rewards.

  1. Wager high roller bets

The essence of casinos is to chase thrills and indulge in the prospect of a huge win. For this reason, we recognise high rollers as worthy members of the VIP club for their fearless way of gaming and facing challenges across multiple casino games. 

Increase your bets and aim for a bigger catch other than the jackpot—who knows, Bitcasino might send you an invite to the VIP club!

  1. Join the monthly tournament

If you love competing for your title and not having to wait for your invite, you can join the Monthly Tournaments in Bitcasino and beat other players in exciting games. Not only will you win a huge prize pool, but you’ll also receive an invite to Bitcasino’s VIP club in recognition of your victory!

Explore the best of crypto gaming in true VIP style

Enjoy first-class perks and a dedicated team to help you make the most out of your crypto casino experience. Grab the chance to become one of our most valued members when you play at Bitcasino!