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How to use RTP?Follow the highlighted 24 hours RTP, compare it to the theoretical RTP in grey and maximize your chances to win!

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Live RTP of slots and casino games

At Bitcasino, we’re all about giving you a fun, fast and fair casino experience. Part of that means giving you the chance to check live RTP information that is constantly updated!

Our live RTP database allows you to check on the live RTP of any game we have - from popular slot games like Money Train 2 and Mega Moolah and live casino games such as Bombay Club Live Roulette and OneTouch Live Lobby to live game show slots like Crazy Time and Live Crash and multiplayer casino games like Aviator.

How to find the best paying online slots and casino games

Let our live RTP database help you in finding the best paying online slots and casino games! Our database is constantly updated every 10 minutes so you get to know what’s happening almost immediately.

Though our database is unable to predict which games are about to hit, you’ll be able to see the games that do have a high live RTP - meaning they may be more likely to give you higher odds of winning.

Bitcasino live RTP list

On our live RTP page, the live RTP of each game is presented as a number in a blue or red bubble with an arrow. An arrow that points down means the live RTP is lower than the theoretical RTP, while an arrow pointing up means it’s higher. You can then compare the live RTP in blue or red to the theoretical RTP right below it to decide which game to play.

The database is sorted by the game’s live RTP. You can choose to change this by using the “sort by” function, and you can also check live RTP numbers for 24 hours, a week or a month.

Are there slots and casino games with more than 99% RTP?

Yes, there may actually be! Why? Because most RTP numbers displayed are theoretical RTPs. This means that the RTP when you play may be different due to the fact that you may have both winning and losing outcomes during your gameplay.

Should I only play higher RTP slots and casino games?

The answer is both yes and no because it depends on the game’s volatility and your bankroll. A slot or casino game with a higher RTP means you could possibly win more over time, but this is subjective in the short term.

For slot games, specifically jackpot slots, it’s quite likely that the volatility increases as the jackpot prize increases. This could mean that you only get smaller payouts despite playing for some time but you do have a shot at the jackpot. You may want to go for higher RTP slot games with medium to low volatility if you prefer having more payouts.


What is RTP?

An acronym for “Return to Player”, RTP is the percentage of all wagered money that a casino game pays back to its players over time. For example, a slot game with 95% RTP will give back $95 for every $100 that goes into it.

RTP basically refers to how much you can expect to lose when playing a particular game. It is calculated based on a large number of spins/plays, usually millions.

What is volatility or variance?

The terms ‘volatility’ and ‘variance’ are often used interchangeably in online casinos. We use ‘volatility’ at Bitcasino. Volatility refers to how much risk is involved when you play a particular slot. High volatility slots mean higher payouts but lower odds of winning a payout while low volatility is the opposite. Volatility is sometimes confused with RTP so do make sure you know the difference!

What is House Edge?

The House Edge is the casino advantage; the percentage of a player’s bet that a casino keeps as profit. To get the House Edge, simply minus the game’s RTP from 100%.

For example, if a slot game has 95% RTP, the House Edge will then be 5% (100% - 95% RTP).

Find out live RTP of slots casino games and play now

Seen a favourable live RTP on a game you like to play? Then start placing your bets and you just may be on a winner’s journey here at Bitcasino!

Popular games with Live RTP