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The highest RTP games in Africa you need to try

The highest RTP games in Africa you need to try

The highest RTP games in Africa you need to try

Tue Jun 07 2022 01:25:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Avid casino players in Africa are constantly on the lookout for amazing games that are not only enjoyable but also offer the best chances of winning big. The secret to succeeding here is choosing titles with excellent themes, rewarding features and high Return-to-Player percentages (RTP).

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Luckily, loads of high RTP games, from slots and live dealers to casual games await here in Bitcasino! With these games’ high RTPs, you’ll have better chances of winning. Get a glimpse of these high RTP slots and live dealers at Bitcasino when you check out the section below: 

What is the return to player percentage? 

A return-to-player percentage or RTP is defined as the percentage or rate at which the payout of online games is measured. So, if you end up placing your bets in a slot game, for example, the RTP that is stated for that game determines your chances of landing paylines. 

Casino players need to know the importance of the RTP because it could be a big contributing factor to their success per round. Whether you are placing your bets in live dealers or slots, the RTP simply determines the probability that you will win a specific round over time. 

If you ever end up with an option between two casino games and the other one has a higher RTP, then it’s best to go for that one! This is so you have better chances of landing paylines, winning the payouts and even triggering some automated bonus features. Luckily, there are tons of high RTP games here on the Bitcasino platform! 

Online casino games with the highest RTPs 

To help you get started on your gaming experience, we’ve listed the highest RTP games available at Bitcasino. Check out the list of the top slot games below to find out where to place your bets next! 

21 Burn Blackjack - 99.5%


The title of having the highest RTP game in Bitcasino goes to 21 Burn Blackjack by Betsoft. Following the classic rules of blackjack, it turns the live dealer game into a straightforward and private online casino experience! 

But just like its live version, your goal here is to beat the dealer’s card by getting a higher hand without going over 21. You can also bet on side bets to increase your chances of winning! To get started, place a bet between the minimum of €1 and the maximum of €1,000. Press the deal button and watch the game unfold. It’s one of the best RTP games out there, so be sure to give it a try! 

Baccarat 3D - 98.94%

All of the table games and Baccarat enthusiasts out there will surely enjoy Baccarat 3D by OneTouch. As the name suggests, it features an inventive 3D format that makes it look as if you’re playing an RPG game! The controls are still automated, but it feels as if you are in the middle of a live dealer game. 

The goal is still the same as your typical baccarat—bet on the side that will get a set of cards closest to 9 to win! To get started, simply choose between the player and the banker and make a minimum bet of €0.25 to a maximum bet of €100. On the other hand, you can also choose to bet on the possibility of a tie. 

If your guess turns out to be correct, you win the corresponding payout! But if you don’t, better luck next time. Try your luck now and see if you have what it takes to win the 1:11 maximum payout.


Baccarat Supreme - 98.86%

If immersive gaming is your cup of tea, then OneTouch’s Baccarat Supreme is right up your alley! It adds a personal touch by letting you manually flip the last cards instead of automatically showing them face up. That’s something you won’t usually do in casino games, more so in baccarat where you won’t even get to touch cards! 

So, not only does Baccarat Supreme have a high RTP of 98.86%, but it also has one-of-a-kind gameplay that puts a twist on your typical baccarat game. It follows the basic rules of getting a set of cards closest to 9 and pays 15:1 as the maximum possible payout! Try this inventive game today and see how transformational Baccarat can be.


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Highway Fortune - 97.97%

Spadegaming’s Highway Fortune is one of the online casino games with high RTP, considering that its RTP sits at 97.97%. To get started, decide on your bet, anywhere between the minimum of €0.90 and the maximum of €180. You can then spin and unleash your inner truck driver with all of the different trucks in store on the reels! 

Catch special symbols like Wilds and Scatters to increase your chances of landing winning combinations on any of the 9 paylines. Of course, the RTP will also be there to guide you in potentially bringing home big wins! Only those who have what it takes to drive these big trucks will be the ones to bring home the max payout of 100x your bet.


Speakeasy Boost - 97.49%

Next up is another one of the online slots highest RTP available, Speakeasy Boost. Provided by Kalamba Games, this groovy slot game will make sure you have a grand night once you take a seat and place your bets. Start by choosing between the minimum bet of €0.50 and the maximum of €50. Then, you can make use of the game’s RTP to land a win on any of the game’s 243 paylines! 

Once you step inside the game, you’ll find yourself in a bar with jazz band players performing on the stage. There’s no better time than now to join them and take the centre stage! Have the time of your life in every spin as you look out for generous features like Free Spins and Hyper Bonus. If you are lucky, then the jackpot of 50,000x your bet could be yours to take home!


Big Bounty Bill - 97.35%

Step into an out of this world Western adventure in Big Bounty Bill! One of the best slots with highest RTPs, this slot by Kalamba Games ups the stakes with a progressive jackpot, 97.35% RTP and 16,807 paylines made possible by its Megaways mechanics.

To try your luck in landing winning combinations, all you have to do is place a bet between the minimum of €0.30 to the maximum of €45. Once you do, you’ll get a chance to trigger free spins, hyper spins bonuses and many other features!


Cosmic Charms - 97.32%

Kalamba Games’ Cosmic Charms is another one of the high RTP slots with lots of exciting features and themes to offer especially for those who enjoy an otherworldly experience. You can get started by placing a bet between the minimum of €0.50 and the maximum of €50. Once that’s done, simply spin the reels and watch the different fruits fly across space! 

If you are lucky, you just might be able to win hyper bonuses, free spins and cash pots. Only those who can land as many paylines as possible and trigger a bunch of bonus features will get one step closer to winning the cash pots! Aim for the highest possible cash pot worth €2,000 while hurling fruits through space and time!


Tiki Terror – 96.66%

OneTouch’s Tiki Terror ties fast-paced gameplay, big rewards and horror elements together with its high RTP, inventive theme and big payouts. Those who spin the reels will get a chance to bring home the jackpot of 1,000x your bet. 

To begin your thrilling journey through the swamp, bet anywhere between the minimum of €0.40 and the maximum of €100. Then it’s time to spin the reels and watch various totems and tiki symbols make their way down the screen. Feel a chill run down your spine as you wait for the reels to stop and determine your fate in the middle of the creepy forest where mysteries lurk behind every corner!


Why should you consider the RTP when placing your bets? 

With all of the different online casino games with high RTP available in Bitcasino, you should have no trouble finding one that suits your gaming preferences. However, why should you consider the RTP of the game in the first place? 

The RTP allows you to gauge your bets and potential winnings. Although it does not guarantee wins, it lets you have a basic statistical measure of how you can win. Think of knowing the RTP as a strategy you can make to be one step closer to the jackpots or maximum wins of the game. 

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How do you find high RTP games in Bitcasino?

To find the games with the highest RTPs, all you have to do is browse the different games available on the Bitcasino platform and filter them based on their RTPs. For those who are wondering what is a good RTP for slots, in particular, it’s usually in the 95% range and above. 

The same can be said for live dealer games and skill games. On the other hand, those who ask ‘do high roller slots pay better?’ must still ensure that they are checking the RTP beforehand. 

If you’re choosing between two games and one of them has a higher RTP, then that is the best choice to make. It gives you a better chance of landing paylines or winning a specific betting round than the former. 

So, be sure to always look for the highest RTP of a game to ensure that you will have a good gaming experience. It can go a long way especially if you consider yourself a long-term gamer who prefers better chances of winning. Try your luck at Bitcasino’s games and reap the rewards of games with high RTPs! 

Tips to remember when playing online casino games

To find and take advantage of some of the best RTP games out there, check out the shortlist of the best online casino tips in the coming section: 

Learn the basic rules and mechanics of the game

Of course, it is a given that all players have to take a look at the different rules and mechanics of casino games. Although some of them have the same idea, providers can make a different set of rules to make their games stand out. That’s why you should check out these rules before placing your bets for the best possible results. 

Always check the RTP and volatility levels before playing 

When you check out games to play in Bitcasino, be sure to find the high RTP games. This is so you can ensure that you are making the best possible option to increase your chances of winning! Of course, do your best to ease into the game first so you can get the hang of it and eventually reap its rewards. 

Place your bets on these exciting games at Bitcasino! 

Upon learning more about RTPs and how they work in online casino games, it’s time to apply them to your gaming experience and place your bets! Rest assured that there are a lot of options out there for you, you just have to filter your searches to find them. 

From slot games to live dealers and skill games, all these have high game RTPs to offer, so take advantage of it and make an account today at Bitcasino! Change the way you play and dive into the world of exciting high RTP games whenever you want. 

Words by: Adi Gregorio 

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The highest RTP games in Africa you need to try