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  • 6 Benefits of the Loyalty Club

    Levels & Rewards

    Join a grand adventure of 7 levels and unlimited milestone rewards

    Valuable Progress

    The more you wager the better the benefits.

    Points for every spin

    Play now and earn points for every single spin!

    Exclusive Discounts

    Get up to 10% cashback!

    Favourite Slots & Table games.

    Play all your favourite slots & table games

    Dynamic Rewards

    Free spin packages generated based on your gameplay.

    You can achieve 7 levels

    The higher the level, the better the benefits.

    Enjoy these Benefits:

    Play more, gain more

    All rewards are adjusted to your gameplay.

    No wagering requirement

    All rewards are real money with no wagering

    Completely personalised

    All rewards are created dynamically to fit your play style

    Your level progress

    At any time, you can check your level progress and points earned under your profile.

    Loyalty points

    You earn loyalty level points with every real money bet
    Receive points from playing both Slot and Table games

    Points contribution

    Increase your points multiplier with each loyalty level
    Higher bet levels earn more points

    Milestone rewards

    Tailor made milestone rewards specifically for you
    Get free bets in your favourite games


    You can get cashback in any level
    Claim your cashback at every milestone