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Mega Roulette Live: Go for the big shot with a roulette wheel

There’s just something so fascinating about a game of roulette: a slick wheel, the sound of the ball rolling and prizes you won’t find anywhere else. It’s not a surprise that this classic table game still makes you feel giddy no matter how many times you’ve played it. 

However, when you stumble upon Mega Roulette Live dealer, you just know that things are going to change for the better. Lots of multipliers are waiting for you and a jackpot worth 500x your bet can be rewarded to you if you’re lucky enough. Are you ready to join this game show-like roulette and watch the ball drop?

Welcome to the most exciting and fast-paced version of roulette! Enjoy an RTP of 97.3% and watch as your prizes go bigger when you keep playing in every round. Make the odds work in your favour and go for the big shot!

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500x your stake

Mega Roulette Live: Frequently asked questions

What is the RTP of Mega Roulette Live?

Mega Roulette Live has an appealing RTP of 97.3%.

What is the max win available for Mega Roulette Live?

The maximum coin win is set at 500x your stake.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Mega Roulette Live?

The minimum bet is relatively low at €0.1 and the maximum bet is €5,000.

Advance your bets: How to play Mega Roulette Live

If you’re looking for an entertainment-filled live dealer roulette game, then Pragmatic Play’s Mega Roulette Live is right up your alley. It follows the standard rules of the single-zero roulette format with lots of multipliers to boost your wins! 

To help you get started, you need to place a bet ranging from €0.1 to €5,000 which is ideal for casual players and high rollers alike. Once you’re done setting a wager, then you can finally embark on unmatched gameplay in this classic table game with a modern spin!

Like a regular round of roulette, the main objective of the game is to predict which number the ball will stop and place your wagers accordingly. Since the wheel contains numbers from 0 to 36, you have the option to place multiple bets to cover the winning sections. 

Every time a new round starts, between one and five Mega Lucky Numbers will show up on the screen. It gives you the chance to take home as high as 500x your stake on a straight-up bet. 

Keep in mind that the game is fast-paced! You should place your bets within the time limit on the roulette layout to learn the standard betting positions. Once all wagers are placed, the ball will be automatically spun by the wheel to determine the winning numbers. 

When the ball rests in a pocket, the game will highlight the winning number on the screen. You’ll receive your rewards accordingly if any of your bets cover the winning numbers. 

Bets and payouts

While playing, you can place multiple kinds of bets on the roulette layout. Remember that every type of bet covers a specific range of numbers that come with their own payout odds. Take a look at the list of bets and their rewards below:

Bet Type



Straight Up

1 number



2 numbers



3 numbers



4 numbers


Six Line

6 numbers



12 numbers



18 numbers



18 numbers



18 numbers


Mega Roulette Live: Watch the wheel spin!

Pragmatic Play is best known for releasing entertaining live dealer shows, but they took great strides when Mega Roulette Live was launched. The game is set in a sophisticated studio with a black background along with blue lights that blink every now and then. Every time the wagers are placed, the camera zooms in on the wheel to set off the action!

The roulette layout is placed in the centre of the screen where you have to set your bets before the next round begins. A statistics page is also available to learn more about hot and cold numbers from the last 50 spins.

Bet on Mega Roulette Live and earn prizes!

It’s time to make a normal game of roulette more exciting when you watch the ball land on your number with the Mega Roulette Live dealer! Get the chance to win 500x your stake on a straight-up bet, enjoy an RTP of 97.3% and place different types of bets for a Gold Rush of prizes. Have the Vegas Magic right at your fingertips.

Live - Mega Roulette

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