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    Aviator Casino Game - Play with Bitcoin

    Aviator - a casino game with an amazing multiplayer experience

    Are you ready to touch the sky by playing Aviator, an exciting game of chance? This game has already caught the attention of many online casino players. 

    Aviator is a game published by Spribe (released in February 2019). This innovative game quickly became a hit, establishing itself as a super popular casino game that you can play for real money. If you like to take risks while chatting with other players, Aviator is the perfect casino game for you.

    You can get  tips on how to win the Aviator game   in our blog.

    How does the airplane in the Aviator casino game work?

    Even though Aviator introduces a different way of playing, it is a very easy game to understand. To play, you must place your bet during the preparation period which lasts 5 seconds. So you need to be quick to place up to two bets at a time. At the start of the game, an airplane takes off and its altitude increases as well as the multiplying coefficient, until the moment it takes off. If you collect your winnings before the plane takes off, you win the amount of your bet multiplied by the coefficient displayed on the screen. If you fail to collect your winnings before the plane takes off, you lose your bet. It's that simple!

    You can also activate one or the other of the two automated options:

    • Automatically bet, which automatically restarts a bet of an amount equal to the previous one;

    • Cash your winnings automatically after defining the coefficient at which you withdraw from the game and win the bet.

    This title also allows you to interact with other players via live chat, but also to view the bets they have placed and their winnings in real-time. In addition, you have access to the history of the last coefficients as well as that of your bets. Finally, free bets occasionally appear in the chat, ready to be claimed in order to be able to wager for free.

    What should I know about Aviator?

    This online casino game is unlike any other because it determines the outcome of your bets in a whole new way. Instead of the typical slot machine symbols and paylines, this game features a plane that flies away after reaching a randomly set height coefficient. This varies between 1 and 1 million. The bigger the coefficient, the more you can win!

    You will be happy to hear that this game's RTP is 97% which is higher than many popular online slots. Additionally, the game is based on Provably Fair technology, which ensures that the draws are 100% fair and that third-party applications cannot interfere with the system. You can check it out for yourself by clicking on any of the previous results at the top of the page. You can also play in cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin.

    Why Aviator keeps flying high

    The world is obsessed with this game because it is so much fun. The thrills it brings has made it one of the most played games in the online casino world. And, when you play it on Bitcasino, there’s the chance to wager and withdraw your winnings in cryptocurrency. With our mobile devices making up the centre of our lives, it’s important to note that the Aviator game has been optimised to work fast on phones and tablets. Even when you are in a low bandwidth area, your Aviator game will load and play quickly with no problems. Seamlessly go from your desktop to your cellphone and enjoy your new favourites game on the move.

    In-game features

    Now, what makes Aviator one of the most loved games are its in-game features. Gone are the days of passive online play where players are in silos. With Aviator, get ready to make new friends and get cheered on while keeping an eye on live game statistics. Sit back and enjoy:

    • In-game chat: The in-game chat tool where like-minded players are also enjoying the thrill of this exciting game. Exchange jokes, encourage each other and make new friends in this immersive layer of communication.
    • Live Bets: Have you always been curious about what other players are betting on a game you’re playing? Aviator has a ‘Live Bets’ feature that lets you see how much other players are wagering and winning
    • Live Statistics: How competitive are you? With Aviator, you have the chance to check the leaderboard to see if you are competing at the highest level with other players. Get daily, monthly and all-time leaderboard results.


    Aviator, with its multiplayer approach to gambling, is a real breath of fresh air. It is not only innovative but also offers a social vision of gambling which is still rare. You should try it, even for free, since the title has a demo mode. Finally, don't hesitate to launch it from anywhere, because all you need is a browser and an Internet connection to be able to enjoy it.