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How to win Aviator casino game

How to win Aviator casino game

How to win Aviator casino game

Fri Mar 19 2021 01:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Get set for the ultimate experience of flying excitement with the Aviator casino game created by Spribe - a social, multiplayer game of chance! If you haven’t already heard about this fan favourite, then it’s time to find out how best to take flight with our Aviator game strategies.

Understand Aviator’s game features to win

To summarise, Aviator is a game of chance where you get to decide how much you win. You first place your bets before the aeroplane takes off, and as it takes flight, it’s up to you to cash out anytime and claim your winnings before it fully takes off.

What’s most exciting - and also important - about Aviator is its social, multiplayer aspect. You will need to use, as well as understand, these features to win.

In-game chat

Here’s where you can interact with other players, observe the chat log for live bets and statistics and claim free bets.

Live bets

Available in the bar on the left, this is where you can see the bets of other players, along with the multipliers/coefficients and winnings.

Live statistics

Easily access the history of the last multipliers and your own bets. In the same left bar as live bets, you can filter between different types of bets:

  • All bets - wagers and winnings of all players
  • Your bets - your initial wager with the date and amount, multiplier/coefficient and winnings
  • Top bets - daily, monthly and annual winnings along with the corresponding multipliers/coefficients

Rain promo

Get free bets that occasionally appear in the chat so you can wager for free. All you have to do is click on the ‘Claim’ button. Sometimes, players can even make it ‘rain’ in the chat by entering an amount and choosing how many drops.


Aviator game strategies

With Aviator being a fairly new online casino game in the market, there aren’t any major proven winning strategies just yet. That said, there are a few Aviator game strategy tactics that players agree on.

Make use of both bets and automated bet options

In the Aviator game, there are two bets available for you to use, along with two automated bet options:

  • Auto Bet - automatically restarts a bet that’s equal to the amount of your previous bet
  • Auto Cashout - define a multiplier/coefficient that you want and when it gets hit, you get an automatic cashout on your winnings

Make sure to use both bets for a better result!

An example of how to use both bets is to have the stakes be in your favour. Place the first bet at 0.1mBTC and the second at 0.2mBTC and set its “Auto Cashout” option to 1.50x.

The aim here is to have the larger bet cover the smaller bet, and let the smaller one try to make a profit. The larger second bet will cash out automatically when the multiplier/coefficient hits the 1.50x you specified, which should cover all that you’ve wagered with.

You can then try to fly as high as possible with the first bet of 1 because it’s all winnings this point.

Keep volatility low

As it’s been noticed that the airplane seems to fly off when the coefficient/multiplier is in the range of 1.10 to 1.40x, you can keep volatility low by cashing out within this range. You can also use the Auto Cashout option to help you with this.

Observe live bets and live statistics

By observing live bets and live statistics, you can see when to wager as there’s a chance of a high multiplier/coefficient.

First, you want to wait for a series of low multipliers/coefficients of 1.01 to 1.80x appear in a row, for example, 5-10 times. When that happens, enter the next round. Place two bets of equal amounts, and set one of its “Auto Cashout” options to 2.00x.

Similarly, when the first bet cashes out, you can use the second bet to let your winnings fly as high as possible.

Aviator RTP and volatility

Aviator online casino game has a reasonably good RTP of 97%.

As the game is built around the philosophy of “player control”, this means that you make the decisions and you can ultimately adjust the outcome or volatility of the game. The earlier you cash out your winnings, the lower the risk or volatility of the game.


How much can you win on Aviator?

That’s where the excitement truly comes in: the multiplier/coefficient in Aviator can range from 1.00x to even 1,000,000.00x.

It differs each round based on the game’s Provably Fair technology. This means that Aviator is verified for fairness and no outside applications or technology can affect the game.

Play Aviator online casino game now

Ready to be at the helm of the pilot seat? Then come and start flying in the Aviator game here at Bitcasino!

Words by: Nicole Tan

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How to win Aviator casino game