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    Get ready to take home the jackpot when you throw the dice!

    It's time to play the game of chance so test your luck and roll the dice. If you’re brave and you strike luck, a jackpot worth 970 credits is up for grabs. So what are you waiting for? Play now and see what the game has in store for you!

    Playing this dice game with a simple concept will allow you to test your luck and find out which side will offer you success. When you conquer this game on your mobile, PC, or tablet, you may find out the conclusion of your stake with a throw of the dice!

    Dice Details





    Minimum Bet

    1.60 credits

    Maximum Bet

    100 credits


    970 credits

    Dice: Frequently asked questions

    What is the RTP of Dice?

    Dice has an appealing RTP of 54%.

    What is the volatility of Dice?

    The volatility of the Dice casino game is set to medium.

    What is the max win available for Dice?

    The maximum credit win of this game is set at 970 credits.

    What are the minimum and maximum bets on Dice?

    The minimum bet is relatively low at 1.60 credits and the maximum bet is 100 credits.

    See which side brings luck in the Dice 

    Be in control and see if lady luck is on your side when spinning this game by Spribe. No need to leave the comforts of your home to play this game because all you need is a compatible device and a wager between 1.60 and 100 credits.

    Bitcasino’s casino dice game, allows you to play your favourite table game online and guess whether the outcome will be higher or lower. If you guess correctly, then you get the payout. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get rolling and start winning prizes!

    How to play the game

    • The first thing you need to do is place a wager using the betting panel located on the left side of the screen. A 2x multiplier indicates that you have a 48.50% chance of winning, while the ‘roll under’ option proposes a number that is 48.50, and the ‘rollover’ button displays a number that is 51.49%. 
    • You have the option of setting the multiplier anywhere from 1.10x to 970x. Take note that the chances of winning and the total amount of wins will undoubtedly shift as a direct effect of the new circumstances. 
    • Afterwards, you may either roll under 48.50 or roll over 51.49. When you press one of these buttons, a yellow circle will appear on the screen. Within this circle, the number that was generated will be shown. You will get a payout if this figure is found to fall within the criteria that you choose.
    • The greater the number of multipliers, the lower the chances of winning. On the other hand, if you are willing to take a risk, the payoffs might be substantial, and you could end up with 970 worth of credits. 

    Dice game features

    Provably fair

    The adoption of technology that is provably fair ensures that every throw of the dice is risk-free. Because of the numerous and complex protocols in place, this game ensures that every player is safeguarded from cheating and other forms of manipulation. 

    History bets table 

    You may find a table that details all of your previous bets on the right side of your screen. Your previous roll tosses may be found in this section, including the ones that are listed below:

    • Stake amount
    • Round duration
    • Payout
    • Provably fair.

    Dice: May the odds be ever in your favour!

    Dice is an exciting new game recently released by one of the emerging developers in the market, Spribe. What makes this game exciting is that it has a very straightforward design that allows players to easily navigate through the game. 

    When you first run Dice, the developers purposefully arranged the user interface such that all of the game's required buttons are immediately visible on the screen. You won’t have a hard time looking for what you need because everything is easy to find. 

    Inside the game, you will see a dark pink background that gives a futuristic vibe as you play. They often provide a selection of colours, and this particular one includes a pink option among the available selection. You can tweak the game design based on your preferences. 

    On top of this, to help you focus while playing, Scribe did not put any background music, instead, you’ll hear special sounds when you click the buttons of this casino game. 

    Dice: Roll with the punches and enjoy the ride

    The dice casino game is a simple yet exciting online game offered by Spribe to allow players to enjoy their favourite table game whilst getting the chance to earn a jackpot worth 970 credits.

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