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    Welcome to the Bitcasino Metaverse casino

    Bitcasino welcomes you to the Metaverse casino, where we take immersive casino gaming to the next level. Step into our virtual casino and enjoy all the benefits of playing at a brick-and-mortar casino from the comfort of your home. This includes access to live dealer games and a chance to interact with your fellow punters.

    Are you excited to step into the Bitcasino Metaverse casino? Know what to expect and how you can participate below.

    What is a Metaverse casino?

    A Metaverse casino is a virtual space where you can roam around, wager on your chosen live dealer title, and engage with fellow players. Our VR casino mimics live VR gambling with realistic graphics and sleek animations. 

    Bitcasino’s Metaverse casino can also be accessed using your PC and other devices, unlike other Metaverse VR games that require expensive equipment to play. 

    To start playing in the metaverse casino, create your unique avatar and username. These serve as your identity in this virtual space. Once inside the casino, you can move around and play a virtual casino game or interact with a fellow player. 

    How to play at Bitcasino Metaverse casino

    Ready to play your favourite games at Bitcasino Metaverse casino? Find out how you can start playing when you follow the step-by-step instructions below:

    1. Go to Bitcasino and search ‘Metaverse Casino’ on the search bar of the homepage.

    2. Enable access to your camera and microphone by clicking ‘allow’ on the padlock icon on the URL bar. 

    3. You also have the option to block access anytime. Just click ‘Continue without camera and microphone’ to enter.

    4. Then, provide your name and choose your avatar. You can upload an image as your avatar or take a photo using your camera. 

    5. Once everything is ready, click ‘Join the Space’ to start playing. 

    6. In the game, roam around the Metaverse by hovering your cursor on the floor and clicking the spot you want to go to with the left mouse button.

    7. If you don’t want to use your mouse button, you can use the W, A, S, and D keys on your keyboard to move. If you’re playing using your mobile device, you can use the joystick on the screen.  

    8. Rotate your head by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the cursor on the screen in the direction you want.

    9. When you find the game you want, hover your cursor on the vacant position on the table and click the left mouse button. 

    10. If you want to exit the game, just click X in the top left corner of the screen.

    Metaverse settings

    Adjust the Metaverse to your liking by clicking the following options on the lower portion of the screen:

    • Avatar Switcher - Change your avatar picture 

    • Quality settings - Adjust the video quality

    • Shoot emoji - Select an emoji and launch it into the Metaverse 

    • Show reaction - Choose an emoji and launch it to the Metaverse to show your reaction 

    • Adjust audio volume - Adjust the volume of music and voice chat 

    • Open sidebar - Check who’s online and interact with them.

    Note: The maximum number of concurrent players in the Metaverse is 100. Additionally, the Metaverse Casino does not support virtual Reality accessories. 

    What to expect at Bitcasino Metaverse casino

    Many aspects of Metaverse casino projects make it enticing, especially since these platforms are a sort of playground for adults to play and earn real-money rewards. Another notable factor is the immersive aspect made possible by Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (VR) headsets that allow you to experience the vast virtual world. 

    Get the full experience of playing at a casino in the Metaverse here at Bitcasino. Here’s what you can expect when you enter this virtual world:

    1. Immersive gameplay

    Once you’re at the Metaverse virtual reality casino, you can explore the area as you would in a brick-and-mortar casino. That means you can search for Metaverse casino games and sit at the table to play. Additionally, you can also converse with fellow players through the voice chat function.

    1. Access to engaging live dealer games

    At Bitcasino Metaverse casino, you have access to Bombay Club live dealer games such as Metaverse baccarat, metaverse blackjack, metaverse poker, and roulette. To select one, just wander around the casino and check the various virtual reality casino games.

    1. Various cryptos are available to wager with

    As the first crypto casino in the iGaming industry, Bitcasino takes pride in our ever-growing list of crypto coins you can wager with. When playing at Bitcasino, you can wager using coins such as Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and more.

    1. Voice chat is available

    If you want to communicate with other players on the platform, turn on the access to your microphone so you can use it. Once turned on, you can talk to fellow punters who are also currently at the casino.

    1. You can create your distinct avatar

    Before you can play at the Bitcasino Metaverse casino, first, create an avatar by selecting one of the images and inputting your username. Once done, you can now go around the casino and interact with fellow punters. 

    1. Build a community of like-minded people

    In launching the Bitcasino Metaverse casino, we wanted to give our players the space to meet with like-minded individuals. This is possible through the various chat functions at our Metaverse casino. 

    As you navigate through the virtual space, you can meet and interact with other players virtually. You also have access to private lobbies where you can wait to play with other players. Once there, select one of the free tables. The Bitcasino Metaverse lobby is luxurious and sets a vibrant atmosphere to meet fellow players. 

    1. Data security & anonymity

    In the Metaverse, all your data is protected with advanced encryption. This means any information you provide within the Metaverse, barring the information you share with other players, will be kept private and secure. Moreover, you can play using an online username and avatar to keep your anonymity.

    1. Improved game selection

    You’ll experience a whole new casino game content when playing at a Metaverse casino. In the bid to make the virtual space more interactive, you’ll have the chance to choose from game variations and play them with your avatar as you would at a brick-and-mortar casino.

    Play casino games in the Metaverse here at Bitcasino 

    Bitcasino aims to be at the forefront of innovations in the iGaming industry. That’s why we’re excited for you to enjoy next-level gaming at our Metaverse casino. 

    This innovation will bring a player like you into the virtual world to enjoy boundless opportunities as the Metaverse continues to expand in the future. In addition, you can experience interconnection with people in the gambling industry despite being nations apart.

    Enter this virtual space today and have an immersive Metaverse gambling experience like no other. Play all your favourite table games, explore the entirety of our virtual establishment, and socialise with other players to your heart’s content. 


    Can you gamble in the Metaverse?

    Yes. When you enter our Metaverse casino, you can play your favourite betting games and earn real-money rewards when you stake your chips.

    Will Bitcoin be used in the Metaverse?

    Yes. Cryptos, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more, are the digital currency used to purchase various items within the virtual space.

    What crypto is best for Metaverse?

    Crypto coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Cardano (ADA), and (Litecoin) are all reliable crypto coins to use in the Metaverse. 

    Are Metaverse casino cryptos safe?

    At Bitcasino, you can rest assured that making monetary transactions at our Metaverse casino is safe and secure since the primary payment method is cryptocurrency. The transaction doesn’t involve a central authority, making it between you and the casino only.