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    Bitcasino Crash


    Fun mode

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    Min - Max bet

    0.1 - 100 USDT


    Medium volatility


    Not included

    Cash out before it knocks out in Bitcasino Crash

    Are you looking for a fast-action casino game that brings huge payouts to the table?  Bitcasino Crash is here to crash your mind with big wins. Play the game to multiply your bet and have the chance to win the maximum prize of up to 100,000 USDT.

    Casino game Bitcasino Crash by Turbo Games brings a fun and exciting game to the table. The game is simple: place your bet and cash out winnings. Even though it doesn’t have any bonus features, its simple gameplay provides the best gaming experience to all players.  Plus, with its 97% RTP, winning big is within your reach. Learn more about the game’s interesting features and mechanics below. 

    Bitcasino Crash Details 


    Turbo Games

    Game Type

    Crash Game



    Minimum Bet

    0.1 USDT

    Maximum Bet

    100 USDT


    100,000 USDT

    Bitcasino Crash: Frequently asked questions

    What is the RTP of Bitcasino Crash casino game by Turbo Games?

    Bitcasino Crash by Turbo Games has an RTP of 97%.

    What is the volatility of Bitcasino Crash casino game by Turbo Games?

    The volatility of Bitcasino Crash by Turbo Games is very high.

    What is the maximum win available for Bitcasino Crash by Turbo Games?

    The maximum win of casino game Bitcasino Crash by Turbo Games is set at 100,000 USDT.

    What are the minimum and maximum bets on Bitcasino Crash casino game?

    The minimum bet is 0.10 USDT and the maximum bet is 100 USDT. 

    Bitcasino Crash: Hop in before the rocket takes off

    Playing Bitcasino Crash can be overwhelming for others who don’t play crash games. But the game is easy to learn and understand. Learn how the game works and its mechanics through the demo version to master it without placing a real money wager. Then, go to the ‘real mode’ and place your bet from 0.10 USDT up to 100 USDT. 

    How to play Bitcasino Crash

    One of the reasons why players love Bitcasino Crash is its easy gameplay. Your goal here is to cash out your winnings, depending on your preferred multiplier, before the rocket explodes. 

    Follow the steps below on how you can play this exciting crash game:

    1. Enter the game and put your preferred username.

    2. Place your bet with a minimum of 0.10 USDT up to 100 USDT before the rocket takes off.

    3. Hope for luck, and wait until your preferred multiplier shows.

    4. Cash-out before the rocket explodes. You can manually cash out your winning by pressing the ‘Cash out’ button or wait until you reach your Auto Cashout goal. 

    Bitcasino Crash rules and mechanics

    In Bitcasino Crash, you can win any amount at anytime. However, there’s a risk, as the rocket may abruptly explode. If you fail to cash out when the rocket explodes, you lose your bet. 

    Place a bet

    Placing your bet is easy in Bitcasino Crash. You just have to enter the valid amount and click the ‘Place bet’ button. Notice that there are two ‘Place bet’ buttons, so you can simultaneously wager on the same rounds.

    Cancel the bet

    Cancel your bet if you feel like luck isn’t on your side. Your bet will return to your account balance. But make sure to do this before the rocket launches. 


    Cash out your winnings in two ways: manual and automatic. Click the ‘Cash out’ button when you are satisfied with the multiplier for the manual. The button will show after you place your bet. If you prefer the automatic method, you can set your desired multiplier. Your winnings automatically cash out when it reaches your desired value, and the rocket doesn’t explode. 

    Current bets

    Check all the players participating in the ongoing round in the ‘Current bets’ block, found at the top of the rocket placer. You can also see how much they bet during that round. 

    Bitcasino Crash: A minimalistic crash game 

    Bitcasino Crash has a minimalistic design that doesn’t entice you with bonus features or colourful backgrounds. Instead, it’s best feature is its jackpot, payouts and sky-high multipliers. 

    Turbo Games places the list of multipliers at the top of the game screen so that you can see your goal multiplier. The rocket is at the bottom, above the betting area. When it explodes, it has a great animation showing a blue fire-like explosion.

    Multiply your bets and win big in Bitcasino Crash

    Casino game Bitcasino Crash by Turbo Games is one of the most rewarding crash games you can play at Bitcasino. Don’t let this chance go by, where you can have the chance to win a jackpot prize of up to 100,000 USDT. 

    What are you waiting for? Play now and place your bet. Don’t let the rocket Crash and get a Wicket Blast!


    Bitcasino Crash