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What’s the secret to a successful slot game?

What’s the secret to a successful slot game?


A “successful slot game” to an individual might mean a round of play that leads to a significant win.

However, the true success of a slot game goes beyond individual players. A slot game’s success is measured by its appeal to an entire population of potential players. To achieve success on this scale, a game’s design and chances of winning are key considerations, in addition to how the game is marketed.

Those who have succeeded in the business world know that success stems from a unique value proposition that makes their product or service more appealing than those of their competitors. It is no different for a successful slot game. Creating a slot machine that mimics all the games that came before it will not make it a success. It must offer something unique that cannot be found in the competition. Conveying that unique value starts with marketing.[KT1] 

To successfully market a game, there must first be an idea of the game’s potential audience.

It is risky for a business to market to too broad an audience – it isn’t possible to please everyone. Therefore, it is wise to conduct market research and speak to potential customers to gauge their interest in the product and the competition’s product.

External factors of success

The environment in which a slot is being played also has a significant influence on its success. An example of this we at Bitcasino know well is whether a game is being played on a phone, tablet, laptop or in a physical casino. We offer more than 1,400 online slots.

Other examples of environmental factors that might impact a game’s success include the following

·       Demographics of the casino’s region.

·       Politics.

·       The economy.

·       Generation of those legally allowed to gamble.

Individual factors of success

Ultimately, though, a game’s success comes down to the value it offers its audience and the players’ knowledge of the game’s operations.

There are several aspects of a game that contribute to its success with a given audience, which includes its theme, design and winning opportunities.

Game design

Slot machines are composed of multiple reels with images on them that spin as you play. You win currency, bonus spins and other in-game prizes when the reels stop spinning and the images align in the appropriate combination of symbols. Despite the unpredictable nature of these games, many find great success in growing their bankroll by playing slots.

Each slot game has a certain number of paylines. Paylines are the paths on the machine where symbols align to trigger wins. Some games have adjustable paylines, which means you can access more if you pay for them, which can lead to bigger wins. This is the case for most modern games, which allows you more opportunities to win if you’ve done your research and know to look for these games.

The return to player (RTP) is the average percentage of a player’s spending that is returned to them for a given game. The random number generator (RNG) is a device that is constantly creating new combinations of numbers that are associated with different parts of the slot machine, such as the symbols on a reel and the number of reels. RNGs are tested and approved by third parties in most cases, so you have just as much a chance to win as the next person.

A “line bet” refers to the amount that you bet per payline on a game. The “total bet” is the entire amount you bet at a given time. A “pay table” is a list of payouts and their winning combinations. It is somewhat like a legend on a map that gives you an idea of what you can win – and how you can win it – in a game. Games also offer “autoplay” options, which enable you to sit back and let the game play on its own for a pre-set number of rounds.

More ways to win

Some games simply pay out once you’ve hit a winning combination, but many will offer you the option to double your winnings by playing an additional game. There are also symbols known as “wilds” that can create special winning combos if they appear when you are playing. These wild symbols usually replace other symbols and increase your chances of winning. Often, a multiplier engages, and your win will increase. A “scatter” symbol may also appear and will pay you if you hit multiples of them anywhere across the game’s reels. The scatter symbol may prompt additional games to appear and give you the opportunity to win additional prizes. A multiplier is a common type of scatter symbol and does what the name implies – it multiplies your winnings by a factor identified by the multiplier.

You may also come across bonus rounds while playing the slots. Many are simply bonus plays, while others take you to separate game screens where you will play other games to earn additional prizes. Some involve selecting from a set of images and winning the associated prize.

At Bitcasino, we offer a minimum and maximum bet on our slot games. Each game is different, so to find out what the minimum and maximum are on a given game, look at the tools on the bottom of the screen beneath the reels. From there, you can decide how much to spend and start winning.

All these dimensions of a game’s structure and design are valuable to know when determining where to place your bets and how to increase your chances of walking away as a winner.

What to play?

Slots vary in what they offer in terms of the play structure, the cost to play and payouts. Therefore, if you know that your budget is small, it would make sense for you to stick to games with lower play costs. A slot machine with layers of bonus rounds and multipliers that requires a low initial bet might be just what you’re looking for.

When it comes to themes and appearance, the options are nearly limitless, especially with online casinos, where space is not an issue. We take advantage of the digital age by offering our players over 1,400 slot games, including jackpot slots, with endless combinations of features that cater to your unique preferences.

To play, you will need to deposit Bitcoin into your account to play with later – you can make a Bitcasino account here. We also offer the option to play for fun, which is an excellent way to get to know a game before betting real currency on it. When you decide that you want to start betting, you can choose from our wide variety of games and take advantage of our welcome bonus!

Words: Sean McNulty

Images: Shutterstock & Bitcasino


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