Bac Bo


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    Min - Max bet

    1.5 - 7500 USDT

    Test your lucky stars when you place your bets in Bac Bo!

    Getting tired of the same casino games? No need to worry, because a brand new take on online gaming is here! Evolution’s Bac Bo has fast-paced gameplay and incredibly exciting rewards that will keep you at the edge of your seat. 

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    Bac Bo: Frequently asked questions 

    What is the RTP of the Bac Bo table game? 

    Bac Bo has an RTP of 98.87%.

    What is the max win available for the Bac Bo table game? 

    The maximum payout is set at 88:1 upon landing 2 or 12 in a tie.

    What are the minimum and maximum bets of the Bac Bo table game? 

    The minimum bet is €1 and the maximum bet is €50,000.

    Playing Evolution’s Bac Bo 

    As online casino games have continued to be popular nowadays, amazing game providers like Evolution do not hesitate to release new and improved games for people to enjoy. You can witness this for yourself when you play Bac Bo. This is a game that does not make use of cards like most table games, but instead uses a few dice and nothing else. 

    There is no need for complicated gameplay when you place your bets in Bac Bo because all you have to do is test your luck on a few dice pairs! To learn more about how to play the game and its different payouts, head over to the next section: 

    How to play Bac Bo

    The objective of the game is simple: guess which between the player and the banker will have a higher dice total or if the game ends in a tie. There are three different outcomes when playing Bac Bo and these are the Player, Banker and Tie.

    To play, you just have to place your bet amount ranging from 1, 200, 500, 2,500, 10,000 and 50,000. Once you have chosen, place it on the bet you want. The round will then begin and you can direct your attention to the dealer and the table with the four dice. 

    There are four pockets on the table, two for the Player’s blue dice on the left and two for the Banker’s red pockets on the right. The round will begin with the pockets shaking and moving rapidly to trigger a random result from the dice. 

    When the pockets stop moving, the round’s result will then be revealed, whether the higher value is on the side of the Player, Banker or tie. 


    The payouts of the game are straightforward. There is only one outcome each for betting on the Player option and Banker option. On the other hand, betting on a tie has different payouts. For more information on your potential winnings, take a look at the table below: 

    Betting option






    Tie on 6, 7 or 8


    Tie on 5 or 9 


    Tie on 4 or 10 


    Tie on 3 or 11 


    Tie on 2 or 12


    Bonus Features

    Road graphs 

    On the lower right and left portion of the game interface, you’ll find the different graphs you can use to track your progress while playing. Your previous round results and patterns will be displayed here. You can use this to make potential strategies for the upcoming rounds! 

    Chat feature 

    On the upper left corner of the screen and you will find the chat bonus feature. There, you’ll be able to talk with the game’s dealer along with the other players of the game. It makes for an interactive experience that you will surely love, especially if you are in the comfort of your own home. 

    Let the dice decide your fate in Evolution’s Bac Bo! 

    Upon placing your bets on the Bac Bo interface, you will find everything you need within just a few clicks. The road graphs, game information and settings plus the live chat feature are all accessible. Plus, you will also find the betting options and additional settings needed for you to learn how to play the game.

    In the centre of the interface is the playing area with four pockets, each of which has a plush lining for the dice to move around while the round is ongoing. Wait for the dice to stop and see if the results are in your favour! 

    Bac Bo: Become the best Bac Bo player around! 

    When you are done trying some of the other awesome games by Evolution such as Crazy Time and Instant Roulette, you can now start placing your bets in the Bac Bo table game! See if you have what it takes to be the luckiest player out there and potentially win big!

    So, what are you waiting for? Test your luck in this thrilling game by Evolution and see if you have what it takes to be the best Bac Bo player out there! If you are lucky, then you just might bring home the maximum payout of 88:1!