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Instant Roulette: World’s fastest roulette game

Instant Roulette by Evolution Gaming is a new exciting twist on a traditional live roulette game. Instant roulette follows the standard European roulette rules, the same RTP of 97.3%. One crucial difference is that 12 synchronized wheels are used instead of just 1. As a result, you experience an incredibly fast-paced game where the 12 balls drop one after the other on each wheel, significantly reducing the waiting time between game rounds. This efficiency makes Instant Roulette perfect for seasoned players seeking a fast and engaging live casino experience.

Instant wins

Significant potential for quick wins is a key feature of the game that makes it especially attractive for high rollers. The speed of the game allows for a larger number of rounds to be played in a limited amount of time, which can be an advantage for players looking to place high stakes. 


  • Faster pace: Instant Roulette's design eliminates downtime, making it the fastest roulette game available.

  • High win potential: With 12 Auto Roulette wheels spinning at the same time, the game multiplies the action and the excitement of traditional roulette by 12.


  • Not beginner-friendly: The fast pace and multiple wheels may be overwhelming for people playing roulette for the first time.

How to Play Instant Roulette

Just like traditional roulette, the game starts with placing your bets. Once bets are made, the wheels start to spin. Balls will start landing on each of the 12 wheels and a couple of seconds later you'll know if you've won or lost. Read more about Instant Roulette game rules in our blog.


Why doesn’t Instant Roulette have a demo version? 

Instant Roulette is designed to provide a high-paced live casino thrill, which can't be properly experienced in a demo version. Therefore the game can only be played for real money.

Is Instant Roulette suitable for beginners? 

Given its fast pace and the use of multiple wheels, Instant Roulette might be challenging for beginners. However, it's perfect for seasoned players seeking to up the stakes and quicken the pace of play.

How long does a round of Instant Roulette last?

The game is very fast-paced and a round of Instant Roulette is over within seconds. 

Tips on Winning Instant Roulette

Here  are a few strategies that can increase your chances of winning:

  • Whether you have a lucky number or not, betting on more than 1 number usually significantly increases your chances of winning.

  • Betting on red or black is a simple strategy that can significantly improve your chances of winning.

  • Keep track of winning numbers, which may help you predict where the ball might land next.

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Instant Roulette

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