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Why do casinos use chips and not cash at the tables?

Why do casinos use chips and not cash at the tables?


In many board games and online games, tokens or chips are used to represent a player’s stakes. Think of Monopoly, for instance, where printed paper “notes” represent money or, in the most up-to-date version, every player has a “credit card” that can be credited and debited electronically. Many online games reward players by encouraging them to amass gold “coins” alongside tokens such as stars to mark progressing from one level to the next or to allow gamers to compete on a leaderboard.

Really, there’s a long tradition of playing lots of different games using substitutes for cold, hard cash. This is true of gambling around the world, in both virtual and real poker games and casinos. Online casinos have simply carried forward many of the techniques used in brick-and-mortar ones, and added a few extra bonuses and rewards. Take us here at Bitcasino, for example, where we deal soley in cryptocurrencies. This means that we're more flexible than many other casinos and able to offer all our customers more exciting promotions and up-to-date deals.

If you look closely at how players respond psychologically to chips rather than cash, it becomes easy to see why they are the preferred currency in casinos.

The feel-good factor

Handling chips can give gamers more of a thrill, in the sense that possessing lots of them is the aim and a symbol of success  That pleasant jingling sound produced by your collection of chips is reminiscent of some of the top casinos across the globe, such as those in Monaco, China or Las Vegas. It might conjure up the glamorous world of the high-flyer. The same is true with our games, like our Blackjack Classic High Roller where high-quality streamlined graphics and realistic sound effects boost your enjoyment of our cryptocurrency casino experience.

Casinos are also aware of the health issues for their employees. Cash contains and carries a number of microorganisms (germs), which can be a health hazard, whereas chips can be regularly cleaned. As horrible as this sounds, there is of course absolutely nothing for you to worry about in either situation when you play with us here – everything's digital anyway and only you can handle your bitcoin, and even you can't physically touch your cryptocurrency. That's the unbeatable security of playing with us at Bitcasino.

Chips make playing more convenient for everyone – you, your colleagues at the tables, and the casino itself. Nobody wants to wait around in a fast-paced game like baccarat for each player to count out their paper money or coins for every single bet. When playing for high stakes, especially, playing with chips is a lot more convenient than having to handle amounts of cash. Transactions are also easier if you are using chips rather than money.

The safe and secure casino

Any brick-and-mortar institution that handles large amounts of cash is subject to fraud and theft, and in this respect, if players gambled with cash instead of chips, then casinos would have to take steps to add extra high-level security procedures to their existing ones. Imagine if dealers had to check every bill or coin to ensure that it was genuine. The time and effort required would be unworkable and most probably prone to errors. Using chips means that the desk selling the chips can accept only certain size bills and authenticate them all at once.

Cashiers couldn’t preside at tables unprotected – think of banks and post offices and how tellers are often behind glass or counters at some distance from their customers. This is less of a problem with online casinos, of course, and these do have a high level of protection in case of cyber theft. Theft of chips is not unknown in brick-and-mortar casinos, as often they can be easily replicated by criminals.

However, technology has advanced considerably to the point where chips can be assigned a unique and individual tag. These “smart chips use electromagnetic fields for radio frequency identification (RFID). This allows chips to store information electronically, either passively or actively. Chips with microchips can prevent or control this replication and help dealers avoid making errors.

The main issue if these chips are physically stolen is that active tags may contain personal data about the player who purchased them. This could compromise the security of your address, bank account details or other sensitive information.

One of the reasons why Bitcoin has become popular in casinos is that it protects the anonymity of players as it is not associated with any records of personal data. This extra layer of security protects you against theft from brick-and-mortar casinos as well as hacking of virtual casinos. In every way, playing with cryptocurrencies here at Bitcasino is more secure, reliable and, as a result, more enjoyable than the effort and risk of going to a traditional casino.

Data collection

While casinos make every effort to protect your personal information, they can also use “smart chips” to gather data about how play is carried out. This might include tracking mistakes made by dealers, checking how chips move around the tables, which players tend to covertly add to their stake after betting has closed, and much more.

Commercially, this helps casinos to avoid losses from players who cheat, track gaming trends and maximise profits. As the technology develops and advances, there’s no doubt that data gathering will become more and more sophisticated. Our games are a perfect example of this. When you play a game like Realistic Roulette, players have to confirm their final bets. This means that any opportunities to cheat by sneaking more chips onto the table, is utterly prohibited, making the whole experience fairer and more fun for everyone involved.

Find out more

If you’re new to online casinos and want to take a closer look at some of the many games they offer, then simply join in the fun here at Bitcasino and choose from a large variety of online poker and other games. Popular table games include blackjack, roulette and hold’em, among many others, and the casino accepts Bitcoin as well as regular currencies.

Words: Sean Mcnulty
Images: PA


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