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Score the biggest catch and win big in the Fishing War game

There is plenty of fish in the sea and all of them are yours for the taking. Don’t let your guard down in Fishing War game, for every shot can be your ticket to winning the jackpot worth 888x your bet. 

The Fishing War Spadegaming casino experience is unlike any other at Bitcasino. Void of any reels, this game takes you on an all-out battle under the sea for the biggest catch of all. Play Fishing War game today and see if you have what it takes to defeat all your ocean enemies. 

Fishing War Details 



Game Type

Skill game



Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet



888x your bet 

Fishing War: Frequently asked questions 

What is the RTP of Fishing War? 

Fishing War has an RTP of 96.5%.

What is the volatility of Fishing War? 

The volatility of Fishing War is medium.

What is the max win available for Fishing War? 

The maximum payout for Fishing War is set at 888x your bet.

What are the minimum and maximum bets of Fishing War?

The minimum bet is $0.01 and the maximum bet is $10.

Fishing War: A casino fishing game like no other 

Like in other real money fishing games, there are no spinning reels in Spadegaming’s Fishing War—only guns that take down fish and get you wins. But before you can join the battle, you have to choose a game room first to determine your bet ranges. Check them below:

  • The Junior room - has a betting range of $0.01 to $1
  • The Expert room - has a betting range of $0.1 to $5 
  • The Godlike room - has a betting range of $1 to $10.

Once you’ve chosen your room, adjust your bet accordingly and start shooting. In this fishing slot game, every fire of your gun costs one bet and successfully taking down a fish symbol grants a corresponding multiplier payout. 

Additionally, up to 3 players can join your game room so prepare for competition. They can get the fish you’re aiming for just as you can score their targets for yourself. So turn on your competitive spirit and vie for the biggest catch.


Several sea creatures swim as the paying symbols of this fishing war slot game. Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout:



Flying fish 

2x your bet


3x your bet


4x your bet

Baby Pufferfish 

5x your bet


6x your bet

Olive Flounder 

7x your bet


8x your bet


9x your bet

Baby Octopus 

10x your bet


11x your bet


12x your bet

Baby sea turtle 

13x your bet


15x your bet

Sting Ray 

18x your bet


20x your bet

Blue shark

20 to 30x your bet

Golden shark 

25 to 45x your bet

Purple Hammerhead shark 

30 to 50 x your bet

Golden Hammerhead shark

40 to 60x your bet

King Crab 

50 to 200x your bet 

Jade Frog

50 to 400x your bet

Special Symbols and Bonus Features 

Special Skill Selection 

In the base game, you will find four different spheres representing special skills on the left side of the screen. These can improve your chances of winning and shooting your enemies. To see how each one works, see the list below: 

  • The Target selection locks your targets for better aim and accuracy
  • The Auto-selection automatically shoots the targeted fish 
  • The Double selection instantly doubles the ammo released per shot 
  • The Lightning selection uses electrical power to shoot fish.

Aside from the basic fishes you can shoot in Fishing War, special creatures and symbols that trigger bonus features also appear. Learn more about them at the list below:  

Dragon King 

Shooting the blue dragon can give you a reward of 10x to 300x your bet. All the other players in the game can potentially win a lucky bonus after defeating this enemy. 


Upon shooting the red Firestorm creature, you can receive 30 to 100 additional bullets. When all your bullets have been fired, this bonus will end until you come across it again. 

Thunder Hammer 

Win 30x to 100x your bet when you shoot the gold Thunder Hammer symbol on the screen. It can release lightning and hit fish to help you win big.

Azure Stone 

When you shoot the purple and blue Azure stone, you can get up to 10x your bet. Plus, the pool will be frozen for a few seconds and the multiplier bonuses for the fish will be increased as well. This makes it the perfect opportunity for you to keep shooting at the targets. 

Wealth Packet 

Get the gold and red Wealth Packet bonus and you can win an additional reward of up to 200x your bet. All you have to do is choose one red packet and the corresponding prize will be yours. 

Dragon Wheel

Hitting the gold and green Dragon Wheel symbol gives you the chance to win up to 300x your bet thanks to the wheel of fortune. Whatever prize it lands on will automatically be rewarded to you. 

Awakening Dragon 

Get the massive gold dragon in the pool and you can get 100x to 488x your bet. This symbol will then release explosions across the pool to help you capture additional fish and win more rewards. 

The Monkey King

It is your mission to catch the Monkey King and hopefully get a reward of 100x to 688x your bet. When caught, it releases detonations on the pool so you can get more rewards. 

Pirate Ghost Ship

A countdown begins before the Pirate Ghost Ship graces the screen. When caught, it will catch all fish in the pool and grant rewards ranging from 100x to 888x your bet. 

Harness your shooting prowess at the Fishing War skill game

Choose your room wisely in this win real money fishing game and find yourself in an aquatic arena filled with rewarding sea creatures. You’ll be assigned a gun that can be on the top or bottom portions of the screen along with your balance. The left side of the screen is dedicated to the skill selection feature, where all four options are displayed. 

Without a doubt, this fishing wars game is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with its explosive sound effects that fit the action on the screen. Partnered with smooth animations and vivid colour, there’s nothing else you’ll ask for in this immersive shooting game.

Fishing War arcade game: Can you take home the bounty? 

If you believe you have what it takes to be a Fishing God, then it’s time to try this fishing game for real money and become the Pirate King. Shoot your way to victory and find bonus features and massive rewards waiting for you on the other side. 

Try Spadegaming’s fishing war game today and get the chance to bring home the game’s jackpot of 888x your bet.

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