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Reel in the biggest catch in the Fishing God game

Get ready to blast various fortune-bearing sea creatures in Spadegaming’s Fishing God. With your mighty and rapid-firing underwater turret, aim precisely at the normal and special fishes for a chance to win up to 888x your bet.

Experience a fish-shooting casino game like no other and take advantage of the generous 97% RTP to win tremendous payouts. The Fishing God game casino arcade isn't your typical slot where you push the spin button. Here, you have to shoot various kinds of fish to win payouts.

Fishing God Details



Game Type

Arcade slot



Minimum Bet

0.01 coins

Maximum Bet

10 coins


888x your bet

Fishing God: Frequently asked questions

What is the RTP of Fishing God?

Fishing God game RTP sits at 97%.

What is the volatility of Fishing God?

The volatility of slot Fishing God by Spadegaming is medium.

What is the max win available for Fishing God?

The maximum credit win is set at 888x your wager.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Fishing God?

The minimum bet is relatively low at 0.01 coins and the maximum bet is 10 coins.

Fishing God: Blast through waves of sea creatures

Before you can begin shooting through hordes of gold-bearing fish in the Fishing god slot, first choose between three game types: Junior, Expert and Godlike. Each type varies in stage design and the minimum and maximum bets you can place. The corresponding bet range for the game types goes as follows:

  • Junior - 0.01 coins to 1 coin
  • Expert - 0.1 coins to 5 coins
  • Godlike - 1 coin to 10 coins.

After entering the game type of your choice, you can then adjust your bet to your liking and start shooting. 

Your goal in the Fishing God skill game is simple: eliminate different kinds of fish and be granted their unique multiplier value. While this might look easy, you should approach the game with a strategy in mind since each bullet costs the amount of your bet.

Additionally, up to three players can join in your current game and steal the same fish you’re aiming for, so you have to aim well to prevent them from getting the fish first. 

You can also try the Fishing God demo to test out the game before you play with real money. With this, you can still experience the action-packed gameplay without placing a wager.


Low-paying Symbols

Smaller fish act as low-paying symbols in Fishing God. Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payouts at maximum wager:


Set of 3

Flying Fish

2x your bet


3x your bet

Blue and yellow fish

4x your bet


5x your bet


6x your bet


7x your bet


8x your bet


9x your bet


10x your bet


12x your bet

Angler fish

15x your bet


18x your bet


20x your bet


25x your bet

High-paying Symbols

Once you see bigger fish, you’ll start winning larger payouts. Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payouts at maximum wager:


Set of 3

Big Clownfish

30x your bet

Blue angelfish

40x your bet

Big Pufferfish

50x your bet


30x-70x your bet

Gold Clownfish

30x-70x your bet

Gold angelfish

40-80x your bet

Gold Pufferfish

40x-90x your bet

Gold Shark

50x-100x your bet


50x-100x your bet

Gold Whale

60x-200x your bet

Gold Dragon

60x-888x your bet

Special Symbols and bonus features

Laser Crab

Successfully shooting down the Laser Crab rewards 120x your bet and the Electro-Magnetic Cannon. This cannon has a wide range and it can catch different kinds of fish as it goes along in a straight line.

Drill Crab

Look for the crustacean with the affixed drill since it rewards  120x your bet and the Drilling Cannon. This unique cannon can capture fish positioned along the launch trail until it explodes.

Bomb Crab

Shooting the Bomb Crab rewards 120x your bet and allows you to catch all the fish within the explosion area. 

Wheel Crab

Shoot down the Wheel Crab to trigger a special feature and win up to 300x your bet.

Flash Jelly Fish

Avoid getting stung by the Flash Jelly Fish and shoot it down to win up to 120x your bet. Once it’s caught, it lets out a flash that electrocutes random fish.


The Firestorm is a unique cannon that can be found floating in the pool. Once the Firestorm feature is triggered, you are granted around 60 to 100 free bullets, helping you win more payouts. The feature ends once all the bullets have been fired.

Golden Fortune Bag

The red Golden Fortune Bag grants up to 200x your bet. When triggered, you can select one Golden Fortune Bag from the treasure chest and enjoy rewards from it.

Dragon King’s Treasure

 The Dragon King’s Treasure bonus requires you to work with other players in the room and when you’re successful in triggering it, you can be rewarded with 10x to 300x your bet.

Fishing God: Go on an action-packed underwater adventure

If you’re looking for an exciting fish shooting gambling game with massive payouts, the Fishing God crypto game is for you.

In Fishing God, Spadegaming treats you to a wacky and wild underwater adventure where you will shoot a variety of sea animals. The creatures found here exude charm and are created with crisp graphics and smooth animations.

Aside from the creatures, all the cannons feature a unique design and pan seamlessly as you shoot fireballs at various creatures of the sea.

Play Fishing God game today and catch huge payouts

Wish upon the Three Lucky Stars that you’ll win the massive payouts worth 888x your bet in Fishing God. Seek the help of the Sea Emperor to catch the biggest fish in the sea.

Buckle up and start conquering this fish-shooting arcade game. All you have to do to win is ready your cannon, aim at the fortune-giving sea creatures and fire away.

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