Space XY


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Min - Max bet

0.005 - 0.6 mBTC


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Take off into the space full of wins and wonders in Space XY!

Hop on your rocketship and prepare for take-off as you go forward to infinity and beyond. As the brave explorer of wins and new heights, you now have the privilege to take part in the space voyage of a lifetime and go on adventures no one has ever been to before. Make the most out of your wager and win up to 10,000x your stake in a single blast-off! 

The space is full of things we’ve never seen before. Explore what is beyond the atmosphere and count your lucky stars to bless your voyage towards the jackpot prize. Prepare to jump from your aircraft at any time to avoid the crash and get the most out of your wager and multipliers. 

Are you ready to witness the secrets of the universe? Access the game using your PC tablet or mobile device now.

Space XY Details 



Game Type

Crash Game



Theoretical RTP


Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet



10,000x your stake 

Space XY: Frequently asked questions 

What is the RTP of Space XY?

Cleocatra has an appealing RTP of 97%.

What is the volatility of Space XY?

The volatility of Space XY is low-med.

What is the max win available for Space XY?

The maximum coin win is set at 10,000x your stake.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Space XY?

The minimum bet is relatively low at €0.05 and the maximum bet is €10.

Space XY: Catch a falling star of wins and payouts 

Space XY is an exciting game that lets you hop onto a virtual rocket and blast off into space as you witness the multipliers increase the higher your rocket’s altitude is. In this game, you can simply lay your wager and wait for the rocket to reach the skies. 

If you have a good enough intuition, you can hop out of the rocketship before it explodes in space along with your gamble. Travel to space and find a galaxy of wins and payouts as you go higher into the atmosphere! 

Place your bet 

To begin playing Space XY, you must first place your bet in the bottom commands on the screen. Your wager can be between the minimum amount of €0.05 up to a maximum amount of €10. The bets can no longer be modified once the game begins. It is only possible to change your bet once the round is concluded. 

Placing a bet while the game is in progress is also not possible. However, you can place advanced bets for the next rounds of the game in the control panel below the screen for easier gameplay. 

Rising multiplier 

Your multiplier increases the higher the spaceship goes up in the sky. However, as it sails across the atmosphere, it also gets more and more dangerous since you don’t know exactly when the ship will crash and fall. Stay as long as you can in the game to snatch the highest multiplier values and abandon the ship before it crashes. 

The game begins with a 1x multiplier until it reaches the skies. Random high multipliers will also appear so you might want to jump from the ship once you encounter them. 

Cash out 

The real trick of the game is knowing when to cash out. If luck favours your gamble and you get out just at the right time, you can win back your wager multiplied by the set value. After that, you can cash out your wins and continue playing until you get all the wins you want and more! 

Take note that this game is played in real-time and thus, cashing out your wins might take a couple of minutes depending on how fast your connection is. For faster transactions, you can use you can cash in your wins as crypto. 


If you want to make gaming easier for you, you can also choose Autoplay. This allows you to automatically repeat your previous bet for a selected number of game rounds. You can also pre-select your bet! 

Player board 

The player board for Space XY is located at the left corner of the screen. Here, you will see the name of the different players who have played the game along with the amount that they won and how much they have wagered. Get your name ranked with the best of the best!     

Space XY: Blast off into the space of infinite wins!  

Take off into the reels and gather the wins in the palm of your hands as you predict when will be the best time to leave your spaceship before it crashes. Space XY will take you to the stars and beyond as it increases your win multipliers to unimaginable levels. Put your wins at a higher altitude as you cruise to find the jackpot prize in the stars.    

Find the perfect landing for your spaceship else it crashes. Space XY brings you the true space experience with how it blasts you off into space with the background featuring a vast empty space with occasional stars and supernovas. Watch as the universe brings you wins you’ve never seen before. 

Space XY: There’s a world out there you should see! 

You blasted off into the highest point in the atmosphere. Now, it is time for you to dive into the Deep Sea and explore the Lucky Blue to find sunken treasures that are long forgotten by the world. Prepare for an exploration that takes you to the sea, land and sky when you play BGaming slot games!