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Drop and land the ball on massive jackpots!

Plinko is a fun, casual game that will keep you occupied for hours on end. Spribe's rendition of the classic game show ‘The Price Is Right’ has been given a digital makeover, and the result is something that gives players several chances to walk away with significant rewards!

This time-honoured game will keep you captivated for hours with its reassuring click-clacking sounds and the mounting suspense as you watch and wait for your ball to fall into one of the pockets. In addition, each bet that you place brings you one step closer to the grand prize of 100,000 credits.

Plinko Details



Game Type

Casual game



Minimum Bet

1 credit

Maximum Bet

100 credits 


100,000 credits

Plinko: Frequently asked questions

What is the RTP of Plinko?

Plinko has an appealing RTP of 99%.

What is the volatility of Dice?

The volatility of the Plinko casino game is set to medium.

What is the max win available for Plinko?

The maximum credit win of this game is set at 100,000 credits.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Plinko?

The minimum bet is relatively low at 1 credit and the maximum bet is 100 credits.

Walk away with a handful of prizes in the Plinko casino game!

To determine the value of the Plinko chip, all that is required of you is to let gravity do its work once you have dropped the ball. It's a simple game that doesn't call for a lot of strategic planning on your part. This game is now widely played in casinos, both on its physical and digital platforms.

How to play the game

  • As soon as you've chosen how much you want to bet, you should put that amount on the board, keep in mind that staying within your financial means is always preferable. Before beginning a game of Plinko, you must first determine how many pins you will need.
  • Launch the ball from the apex of the pyramid with your bets and pins in place and sit back and watch the magic happen. The pins' natural contact or deflection on the ball's trajectory will cause it to fall through the labyrinth of obstacles.
  • The payoff is determined by the colour of the box or slot where the ball eventually lands in the pyramid. Remember that your results are influenced by the settings you choose: 
  1. Risk level - You have the option of selecting from three different degrees of risk: high, medium, or low. You can determine how much of a risk you want to take in gambling based on the outcomes you want to achieve. The higher the risk level, the bigger the potential return.

  2. Number of rows - According to the game, the number of pins or rows might vary from 8 to 16. The more rows in the pyramid, the more difficult it will be for the ball to reach the bottom.

  3. Bet amount - Decide how much money you want to gamble on the outcome of the game. Placing high bets exposes one to a greater potential loss, but if one is successful, the return is significantly increased.

Plinko game features you should know

Provably fair

It's possible to verify the game's unbiasedness and randomness between each round. The Provably fair of Plinko lets you alter your seed and copy a hash code to manually test the game's fairness.

History bets table 

A table that details all of your previous wagers may appear on the right side of your screen, and all the previous roll attempts that you have made may be located in this section as well. Some of the categories you’ll also see in this section are listed below:

  • Stake amount
  • Round duration
  • Payout
  • Provably fair.

Plinko: An exciting casual game full of prizes!

Plinko is a well-liked casino game that can be played in both traditional and virtual casinos. The ease of the latter option is one of the primary reasons why the majority of gamers prefer it. Plinko's return to player rate of 99% will appeal to casual gamers who are looking for games with high payback ratios. 

The design of this game by Spribe is straightforward, which is why once you enter the game, you’ll immediately see a pyramid of white dots, representing the pins, shown behind a row of coloured boxes at the bottom of the page. The smaller circles, which come in three distinct hues, can be seen bouncing between the pins and changing direction each time they hit one of the pins. 

This casino game of Spribe is not accompanied by any background music, therefore you can play any music you want so you can groove while playing and winning jackpots. However, by turning up the volume, you'll be able to hear the balls as they roll down the screen.

Plinko: A thrilling game like no other!

The Goal of this simple game is just like rolling a Dice, but in this exciting game, the only difference is you toss the ball into the labyrinth and see where it lands. 

Plinko has such a diverse selection of prizes that the game may be categorised as one with changeable volatility. Who knows? Luck may be in your favour and get a chance to take home a jackpot worth 100,000 credits!