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Upper Crust Abbey slot - Bitcasino.io

Stop by the grand manor in your neighborhood and see how the rich stuff themselves with shiny things to stay happy. If you join them in their fancy luncheon, they might give you a potential win of up to 17,550 coins!

Don your best suit or dress because the royalties of Europe will ask you for a formal sit-down dinner with them. Relish the lifestyle of the upper class people when you see their glimmering baubles and wealth before your eyes in Upper Crust Abbey video slot game.

Upper Crust Abbey Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

.01 coin

Maximum Bet

37.5 coins


17,550 coins 

Upper Crust Abbey: Mind Your Manners

Spin the reels of this majestically designed slot game that features 5 shiny reels and 15 intricately made paylines. Join the members of the high society when you place a wager between 0.01 and 37.5 coins and determine whether this kind of life suits you. 


Basic Symbols

The low symbols of Upper Crust Abbey slot are depicted by high-cards Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K) and Ace (A). These card royalty symbols are intricately woven in high-quality silk that you can only find in rare shops of Europe.  

When you create winning combinations from basic symbols while wagering the maximum stake, you will obtain the following rewards: 


Set of 3 

Set of 4 

Set of 5 


7 coins

20 coins

50 coins


10 coins

35 coins

70 coins


15 coins

45 coins

130 coins


18 coins

80 coins

150  coins

Standard Symbols

Fine things of the rich are what awaits you in this casino slot Upper Crust Abbey. Expensive house ornaments such as an antiquated master’s bell, a fountain made from rare marble and a hedge maze made from plants imported from different countries act as the standard symbols in the game.

Getting winning combinations from these grand symbols will give you the rewarding prizes based on the maximum amount you stake:


Set of 3 

Set of 4 

Set of 5 

Master’s Bell




Grand Fountain




Hedge Maze 




High-Paying Symbols 

People say that money can’t buy happiness, but casino slot Upper Crust Abbey says otherwise. When you enter the mansion of the rich, you will see the wrought-iron gates of the mansion forged from the finest steel. You will see Mr Smith open the gate for you as he welcomes you in the land of the privileged. These items act as the high paying symbols in Upper Crust Abbey bitcoin slot. 

Creating winning lines from these high-paying symbols while placing the maximum wager will grant you the rewarding payouts below: 


Set of 3 

Set of 4 

Set of 5 

The Main Gate 




Mr Smith the Butler 

120 coins



Wild Symbol 

The elites living in the Upper Crust Manor love collecting rare antiques from their overseas travels in Upper Crust Abbey bitcoin slot. During their travels, they purchased a sword and shield that also acts as the wild symbol in casino slot Upper Crust Abbey. When this symbol appears on the reels, it can replace all the symbols in the game to create morning winning lines for you.

Dog Bonus Symbol 

Upper Crust Manor hides many centuries-old family heirlooms. To protect these treasures from thieves and plunderers, they have a high-grade dog that protects the riches hidden in the vaults of the manor. This dog also acts as the bonus symbol in the game. When the dog lands on the reels, he will give you the following payouts:


Set of 3 

Set of 4 

Set of 5 

Good Boy 

15x your stake

50x your stake

180x your stake 

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol in the Upper Crust Abbey bitcoin slot is represented by the two elder members of the Abbey Family. These members maintain the house and its family to keep its good image. Landing these symbols can grant you Free Spins that increase your wins.

Pick a Prize Bonus Symbol 

The Abbey family is indeed the most privileged family in town. In casino slot Upper Crust Abbey, these members enjoy an exclusive event that only they can enjoy. If you want in on the shenanigans, these members of the family can let you tag along and give you a chance to increase your Free Spins, multipliers, and the Pick a Prize Bonus Feature. 

Trigger this party when you land the Scatter symbols in the game. Creating winning lines during this feature will give you more chances to double your payouts. The numbers of Free Spins you get depends on the number of Scatters you accumulate: 

  • Obtaining 3 scatter symbols will grant you with 6 free spins. 
  • Obtaining 4 scatter symbols will grant you with 8 free spins. 
  • Obtaining with 5 scatter symbols will grant you with 12 free spins.

Trigger the Pick a Prize bonus feature when you land the Count of Upper Crust Abbey symbols. This amazing feature will allow you to pick payouts based on the stake you wagered. The treasures you can select depends on the symbols you have in your set: 

  • An arrangement of 3 Pick a Prize Bonus symbols will let you select 1 out of 3 prizes. 
  • An arrangement of 4 Pick a Prize Bonus symbols will let you select 2 out of 4 prizes. 
  • An arrangement of 5 Pick a Prize Bonus symbols will let you select 3 out of 5 prizes.

Upper Crust Abbey: Enter the Manor of the Opulent

It’s not easy to be a member of the elite. Often times you will be asked to participate in dry parties, dress formally, and live a private life because you have an image to maintain. When you enter the Upper Crust Abbey Manor, you will see well-maintained gardens, marble pillars, and a grand fountain with beautiful sculptures. 

Inside this fancy manor, you will see all the shiny items that the rich indulge themselves with. Spinning this slot game will surely make you aim for the jackpot of Upper Crust Abbey Manor bitcoin slot. 

Join the Elites in Upper Crust Abbey

Casino slot Upper Crust Abbey will take you the glitzy life of the opulent when you spin its grand reels where even grander wins are hidden. The features in the game will surely make you as rich as these elites when you land the jackpot prize of 17,550 coins!

Win rare jewels and gems when you play the Diamond Dare with the residents inside the manor. Break the Bank with the filthy rich because the only way to plug the gnawing void inside you is to stuff with material things!

Upper Crust Abbey
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