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    Lost Vegas
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    Lost Vegas: Sin City? No, Win City!

    All the glitz and glamour that the fabulous Las Vegas once boasted is now a forgotten memory, lost to no man’s land… which means it’s all yours for the taking! The city of lights has gone down in a Blackout and you’re one of the last few survivors with a working pair of eyes.

    Show off your guts and the meat of your bones as you sneak your way across the abandoned Las Vegas wasteland in search of luxurious riches left behind. Brave the nighttime shadows as you venture down all 243 (alley)ways lit by shattered bulbs and fading neon lights. You’ll never feel more alive than with casino slot Lost Vegas. 

    As you scavenge the remnants and belongings of some of the world’s wealthiest high rollers, you too can have a chance to win up to €97,000 if you know where to look. Get ready for the time of your life with the Lost Vegas bitcoin slot.

    Lost Vegas Details 



    Game Type

    Video Slots


    243 Ways





    Minimum Bet


    Maximum Bet




    Lost Vegas: A ‘Reel’ No-Brainer

    Microgaming’s casino slot Lost Vegas is a 5-reel bitcoin slot with 243 ways to win. Upon opening the game, you are allowed to make a vital decision, whether to play with Survivors or Zombies. Whichever side you choose, you’ll be loaded with features that’ll leave the other shambling and fortunately for you, you can switch over to the other side whenever you want during your regular spins.

    The basic symbols are the deck’s royals. These are 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A). Each symbol has its own payouts depending on every winning combination based on the maximum bet presented by the paytable:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5





















    The high-paying symbols are casino slot Lost Vegas’ in-game survivors and zombies. The high-paying symbols adjust their portraits accordingly depending on which side you’re playing on—zombies or survivors. Each symbol has its own payouts for every winning combination based on the maximum bet:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5

    Stripper or Lost Showgirl




    Barista or Lost Tourist




    Golfer or Lost Newly-Weds




    Tough Man or Lost Nurse




    Policeman or Lost Elvis Impersonator




    The Lost Vegas bitcoin slot has a Wild symbol that substitutes all paying symbols except for the Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol has its own payouts for every winning combination based on the maximum bet and is represented by casino slot Lost Vegas’ logo:

    • Getting 3 Wild symbols gives you up to €52.50.
    • Getting 4 Wild symbols gives you up to €150.
    • Getting 5 Wild symbols gives you up to €450.

    Zombie Fist of Cash 

    On your regular spins, a Zombie Fist of Cash can occasionally appear to reward you with a random prize on a spin that doesn’t win.

    Free Spins

    Lost Vegas has a featured Free Spins mode. To activate the Free Spins mode, at least 3 Scatter symbols need to land on the reels and the Scatter symbol is represented by a Biohazard logo. The Scatter symbol also has its own payouts for every winning combination based on the maximum bet and it also pays from anywhere on the slot:

    • Getting 2 Scatter symbols gives you up to €45.
    • Getting 3 Scatter symbols gives you up to €90.
    • Getting 4 Scatter symbols gives you up to €450.
    • Getting 5 Scatter symbols gives you up to €2,250.

    The Free Spins mode changes depending on which side you’re playing: Zombies or Survivors. During the Free Spins mode, you cannot change which side you’re playing on.

    If you’re playing with the Survivors, you play with the Stash feature. During the Free Spins mode, all basic symbols (i.e. 10, J, Q, K, and A) are removed if they land on the reels and are converted into prize money that’s added to a stash. 

    After initial payouts are given and the basic symbols are removed, new symbols drop from above. These new symbols can be basic, which will be removed, or high-paying. Once all symbols have settled, winning combinations are paid again.

    Once a certain number of basic symbols has been removed from the Free Spins mode, the Stash prize is given to you and the Free Spins mode ends.

    If you’re playing with the Zombies, you play with the Infection feature. During the Free Spins mode, all high-paying zombie symbols can land as fully-stacked symbols that occupy 3 spaces on the reels. Whenever a fully-stacked symbol lands on the reels, that reel is infected and stays infected for the duration of the Free Spins mode. 

    As you spin the reels, all Wild symbols that land on infected reels become Stacked Wilds that also occupy 3 spaces. The Free Spins mode continues until all reels are infected or until 50 Free Spins are reached. If 50 Free Spins are reached, you also win a bonus prize.

    Blackout Bonus

    Casino slot Lost Vegas also features a Blackout Bonus that randomly activates during your regular spins. When it activates on a spin, all high-paying symbols that land on the reels automatically reward you with a random prize. Additionally, if at least 1 Scatter symbol appears during the Blackout Bonus on a non-winning spin, you activate the Free Spins mode.

    Lost Vegas: Painting the Town Red

    Abandoned by its decadent inhabitants, the once-glorious Las Vegas is now an empty husk of its former self, housing no souls, only the treasures they once held. The dead of night has never been darker with the moon itself appearing like an endless abyss in the lifeless sky. The empty alleyways are lit with nothing but dying neon lights and an ominous, crawling mist that glows a deep, biohazardous green.

    In the city of casino slot Lost Vegas, money moves for no one but those who crave it. Zombies and survivors alike make up the last few mobile creatures of the Lost Vegas bitcoin slot and each of them mimics every aspect of Las Vegas’ entertainment accurately.

    The casino slot Las Vegas also has several different soundtracks depending on which side you’re playing with during the Free Spins. While the regular spins play an eerie, sombre tone, the Free Spins mode plays a variety of rock music that’ll get your heart pumping and adrenaline coursing through your veins.

    Lost Vegas: A Dead End…?

    See all that the afterlife has to offer you and more as you spin the reels of Lost Vegas. The ghostly streets of Las Vegas are nothing but shallow echoes of what they used to be in their former glory. Now a biohazard to anyone who dares to venture unprotected, the Lost Vegas is a bitcoin slot that’ll push your mettle to its limits and see just how far your courage and loyalty can go. 

    While scouring through uncharted territory can be dangerous, Microgaming’s got you covered. The potential jackpot of up to €97,000 is all the motivation you’re ever going to need. Deck yourself out in Deco Diamonds and roll among the High Society as its only member.

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