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Play Lotto Instant Wins Games at Bitcasino

This uniquely bespoke gaming entity is known for developing the widest range of Bitcoin Live Casino games as well as a host of graphically enhanced lottery experiences. With 5 different live lottery studios running 24/7, Lotto Instant Wins keeps the action at an all-time high with unique variations of the ultra-popular live lottery category. With a chic and stylish live studio interface, a team of ultra engaging hosts, and the chance to win massive payouts, Lotto Instant Wins brings the thrill of live gaming to full force. Play your favorite live lottery events, right here at Bitcasino, the worlds leading Bitcoin Casino

Play Lotto Instant Wins Games for Free

You can choose to play your all-time favorite Lotto Instant Wins games, as well as a collection of other games, from globally recognized gaming developers all for free. Activate the “Fun Mode” feature and play your favorite games for as long as you like without ever having to wager a cent. 

Experience Promos & New Games with Lotto Instant Wins

Now you can sift out the widest variety of new and featured games when you browse the 2000+ games all available and waiting to be played on the Bitcasino platform. Explore your favorites, put your skills to the test and stand the chance to strike into jackpot prizes and payouts aplenty. 

If you’re looking for the widest range of live tournaments to put your skills to the test and get your pulse racing then head over to the Bitcasino Promo Page and sign up for your next all-star live event. With live tables, leaderboard showdowns, and top paying tournaments, there’s never a dull moment at Bitcasino. Beat the competition, rise to the top and you could be taking home your share of instant Bitcoin prizes, sometimes up to a whopping 1BTC, depending on the event.

Try out a host of incredible Lotto Instant Wins games, including Lucky Six 35/48, Lotto 10/20, Keno 20/80, Drawn Number 1/37, and more! 

Enjoy the Best Lotto Instant Wins Games

Are you still looking for the widest array of Lotto Instant Wins games to bag top prizes with? Why not check out…

Keno 20/80

Keno, the ultimate numbers game is a classic casino “wager to win” experience. Now, you can enjoy the thrill of Classic Keno with a live lottery twist. Hosted in a world-class live studio setting, the gameplay is immersive, interactive and gives players the chance of striking into huge wins all in the blink of an eye. The numbers will be drawn from a spinning drum, with 80 numbers in total, and 20 of which that will be drawn. Keno payouts are based on how many numbers the player chooses and how many of those numbers are "hit". Play Keno 20/80 today, right here at Bitcasino. 

Lucky 6

This innovative draw based game sees a selection of numbers drawn from a drum in a live studio. Different draws take place every five or so minutes where players will wager on different numbers and color combinations in the hopes of striking into the jackpot. Against the backdrop of a world-class, ultimately stylish live studio, complete with friendly and inviting hosts, Lucky 6 is the ultimate game of numbers. Play your way through Lucky 6, right here at Bitcasino. 

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