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The Battle Dwarf will Fight

Come and join the Battle Dwarf as he enters a fight that would need you to be his backup. Battle against the three other characters and defeat them to obtain free spins.

You will encounter a troll, goblin, dwarf and dragon that aims to stop you from going any further into the casino slot Battle Dwarf. You will encounter an elf that will extend a button for you to click to learn what feature you can activate. You can receive big payouts by landing big combinations using the different characters.

Continue to spin those reels and don’t miss out on prizes that can amount to 2,000x your bet in Battle Dwarf bitcoin slot.

Battle Dwarf Details 


Golden Hero

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Up to 2000x your stake

It’s not just Battle Dwarf

The casino slot Battle Dwarf utilizes 3 reels that can provide you with 5 ways to win. You can start playing this slot game with a minimum bet of €0.20 up to €100 per spin on desktop, mobile or tablet.

You are given eight paying symbols by Battle Dwarf bitcoin slot that you can utilize to land winning combinations. Each of the symbols has different combinations that can pay you various prizes. The amount of each reward is dependent on how much you have bet on the spin. The payouts also determine whether the symbol is regular paying or high paying. 

The different pieces of armour are used as icons for regular paying symbols. These symbols can give you average payouts and are likely to appear more frequently. The payouts you can receive when you land a winning combination are:

  • Getting 3 Shields will pay you 0.2x your bet.
  • Getting 3 Helmets will pay you 0.3x your bet.
  • Getting 3 Hammers will pay you 0.4x your bet.
  • Getting 3 Axes will pay you 0.5x your bet.

The high paying symbols use the different mythical creatures as its icon. You can receive high payout values from these symbols that are less likely to appear as frequently as the regular paying symbols. The rewards you can receive when you land a winning combination:

  • Getting 3 Goblins will pay you 3x your bet.
  • Getting 3 Trolls will pay you 5x your bet.
  • Getting 3 Dragons will pay you 7x your bet.
  • Getting 3 Dwarves will pay you 20x your bet.

Lock Feature

A reel can be locked in its place and will stop spinning while other reels will spin again. The lock will chain down a particular reel as the remaining reel spins again. If it happens that three reels become lock in place, you’ll get to enter the Battle Feature.

Battle Feature

You can choose either to go for a Battle or Run when you enter this feature in the base game. But if this feature gets triggered while you are inside the Treasure Rush feature, you don’t have a choice but to battle the other three characters. You have to defeat enemies by picking between moves—Attack, Damage or Win. 

There are also odds whether you can defeat a character provided by the win-loss chart. The following states your rate of win depending on the enemy and the rewards you can get:

  • Goblin - You have a 75% win rate when you go against this character.
    • If you win, you can get 10 free spins and, in turn, 7 free spins if you run. 
  • Troll - You have a 50% win rate against this character.
    • If you win, you can get 20 free spins and, in turn, 10 free spins if you run.
  • Dragon - You get a 45% win rate if you go against this character.
    • If you win, you can get 30 free spins and, in turn, 13 free spins if you run.

Treasure Rush Feature

You can receive the Treasure Chests more often as they can appear more frequently during this feature. You can obtain 1 to 10 free spins by getting the silver or gold treasure chests. You have a high probability of triggering the Battle Feature every 30 spins and retrigger the feature with a win.

Ragnarok Mode

You can consider this feature as a higher-level Treasure Rush feature. The dwarf gets to wake up to new powers for that could be used to battle the dragon every 30 spins. You can get this feature at random times when you enter a battle.

Elf Bonus

You can receive substantial wins or trigger and enter a battle when you press the button the elf brings.

Buy Feature

You can open the Battle Feature by paying a certain amount during the base game. You have to pay 0.5x your bet per piece if you want it to open. You can get 3x to 300x the amount of your bet if a treasure chest appears. 

The Battle Dwarf is at the Hidden Arena

The reels of casino slot Battle Dwarf is situated high on the mountains where a battle arena is hidden. You will notice that the arena is made out of the ruins of a palace carved out of the side of the mountain. You will be given a better look of the interior when you enter the Battle feature as it takes you further inside the ruins.

It is interesting to play the battle format the bonus feature implements because of how you can obtain the reward. It did place a little more difficulty in acquiring the free spins but it also adds a more exciting twist because you don’t always know how the battle between the characters will end.

The fast-paced soundtrack in the background will remind you of the high adrenaline build-up that is present in most game tracks which catapults a person into fighting. You can experience the same kind of emotions that scenes from movies filled with action and war evoke by Battle Dwarf bitcoin slot.

Battle Dwarf: A Conclusion

The casino slot Battle Dwarf utilizes an easy to understand gameplay. It can reward you with substantial payouts by landing big winning combinations. It is easier to land more combinations due to the simplicity of the reels. The Battle Dwarf bitcoin slot offers a variety of features that you can trigger. All of it can help you land better combinations and win bigger prizes. You will definitely keep coming back for more because of how charming the Battle Dwarf can get.

Obtain Double Luck from the Wild Dragon once you open the treasure-filled Mystery Box that you received after spinning the Golden Wheel when you enter Golden Hero’s library.