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All Hail the King of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus!

Your prayers to the gods have finally been heard as you ascend atop their glorious mountain in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus bitcoin slot! Walk on clouds as you marvel at the sight of gods living about their days as if they’re mere humans.

Get the chance to see lightning strikes from Zeus himself and swim in gold as you win 1,399.3x your bet in casino slot Ancient Fortunes: Zeus!

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1,399.3x bet

Transcending through Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Casino slot Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is a 5-reel, 10-payline game with an RTP rate of 96.02%. It features 2-Way-Pays, Rolling Reels and a Multiplier Trail that increases your chances of taking home big wins. Microgaming goes all out with this video slot game. Prepare to be amazed as you walk through crowds of gods and creatures straight out of myths. 

Celestial Symbols

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus bitcoin slot has Olympian gods and mythical creatures as symbols inside the reels. The symbols each have their own payout based on various combinations that land on the reels.

Capture the following mythological creatures to get these payouts on maximum bet:


Set of 3 

Set of 4

Set of 5


14 coins

56 coins

175 coins


21 coins

70 coins

245 coins


35 coins

84 coins

280 coins


49 coins

84 coins

350 coins

Hermes, Dionysus, Poseidon and Ares are all directly related to Zeus. The god of the Sea is his brother, and the other three are his sons from different women. Seeing them on your reels can give you these payouts on maximum bet: 


Set of 3 

Set of 4

Set of 5


84 coins

245 coins

525 coins


84 coins

350 coins

875 coins


105 coins

420 coins

2,100 coins


210 coins

560 coins

4,375 coins

The Wild symbol which can substitute all symbols in winning combinations is represented by none other than the king of all gods himself, Zeus. You’ll only see him on reels 2, 3 and 4 in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus bitcoin slot.

The Free Spins symbol that can give you 10 to 20 Free Spins is represented by Zeus’ Lightning Bolt. The number of Free Spins you’ll receive is dependent on the number of Lightning Bolts you get:

  • Getting three Lightning Bolt symbols can give you 10 Free Spins.
  • Getting four Lightning Bolt symbols can give you 15 Free Spins.
  • Getting five Lightning Bolt symbols can give you 20 Free Spins.

The Free Spins can be activated both ways on the reels and you have the opportunity to get more Free Spins during the feature.

Divine Features

Rolling Reels 

Each time you land a win, you can trigger the Rolling Reels feature. When it’s active, it removes the winning symbols after they pay out to open up spaces for new symbols. This process repeats itself until there are no more possible combinations and you’ll have to begin another spin. 

The Rolling Reels feature increases your chances of winning big without having to spend more on actual spins.

Multiplier Trail

When the Multiplier Trail feature is active, the win multiplier rises by 1x with each spin. You can receive higher win multipliers during the Free Spins. You’ll have the opportunity to receive the following multipliers both in the base and bonus game:


Base Game

Free Spins

Initial Spin



1st Roll



2nd Roll



3rd Roll +



Mount Olympus inside Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Feast your eyes on the Olympian wealth lying before you as you ascend the steps onto the mountain hidden from mortals. In this video slot game, Zeus is not the only god featured in the gameplay. You’ll also see his brother Poseidon and his sons Hermes, Dionysus and Ares representing symbols in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus bitcoin slot.

When Zeus appears on the reels, his eyes glow with power. You’ll hear lightning crackling and thunder brewing in the distance. Along with it is subtly intense music that begins playing as soon as you hit the spin button.

Casino slot Ancient Fortunes: Zeus uses rolling reels instead of the usual spins. The earth-toned symbols fall into place with a thud and cloud of dust, break after paying out, and are replaced with new symbols. 

Going Beyond Immortality with Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Harness power like never before as you take your place beside the god of all gods in casino slot Ancient Fortunes: Zeus! In that feat, get the chance to pile up your riches with 1,399.3x your bet as you spin the reels with the gods. 

Ride the Golden Tides of the Gold Coast and become King CashaLot with Microgaming!

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

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