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    Let Your Kokoro Go Doki-Doki in Highschool Manga

    A love letter filled with wonderful prizes is hiding in one of the lockers. The question is if it’s in your locker or not. Watch how your classmates’ love stories unravel in casino slot Highschool Manga and get your chance at having your own high school romance.

    Prepare your heart because you’ll be going on a roller coaster of emotions when you flip through the reels of Highschool Manga! There are different love stories to encounter on the reels and only the strongest couple prevail in any love triangle or square. Feel the love between these quirky characters and win tons of lovely payouts with the Wall of Love.

    This manga-themed video slot has garnered attentioned with its 96.41% RTP and relatable situations about love from the different characters. Explore how each relationship blooms between these students and get a chance to win up to 1,350 coins.

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    Minimum Bet

    0.01 coins

    Maximum Bet

    9 coins


    1,350 coins

    Love letters, fleeting touches, and stolen glances—ah, to be young and in love again. Go back to the springtime of life and relive your bashful, innocent days in casino slot High School Manga!

    Wazdan takes you back in time when you spin the 3x3 reels of casino slot High School Manga. With 5 paylines and combinations that double the payout, this slot offers uncomplicated gaming. Place bets ranging from 10 to 100 coins. 

    Adjust the volatility of the slot from low, standard, to high depending on how you want to play. Win up to 15,000 coins at maximum bet when you land 3 highest-paying symbols on any payline! 

    Casino slot High School Manga presents four pairs of students that meet and fall in love on the reels. Drawn in Japanese anime style, the characters feature big eyes and varied hair colours in distinct styles. Eight characters make up the eight symbols of the game. Watch them come alive and exhibit their personalities whenever you land a winning combination. Follow the tale of each couple in every spin of the reels.

    Each character symbol only pays for a three-of-a-kind. When you fill the 3x3 reels with one symbol, the payout is doubled. Watch out for the highest-paying symbol represented by a boy and girl kissing! A three-of-a-kind of this symbol pays 15,000 coins at maximum bet. Wazdan designed the game after shoujo anime or anime that typically caters to teenage girls with romance as its main genre. Casino slot High School Manga gives you the customary high school love story portrayed in media. It features stereotypical characters such as the aloof bad boy, the cute pining nerd, and the high-spirited girl. Enter the classroom and watch them interact on the reels in every spin!

    With games such as Wild Girls and Highway to Hell, expect only simple yet remarkable slots with Wazdan.

    Highschool Manga: I-I Don’t Like the Rewards That Much, B-Baka!

    Deposit the minimum wager of 0.01 coins or the maximum wager of 9 coins so you can cry, laugh, and love how each story unfolds!

    All characters follow various stereotypes found in any kind of manga or anime. Check out how these characters with different personality types react to falling in love and if they’ll succeed when it comes to the confession.

    For the basic symbol, there is the undere girl. It means that she’s often known to show her love by saying yes to anything her loved one asks so they can be happy. She’s all by herself as a basic symbol but that doesn’t stop her from loving herself and her fellow classmates.

    You can receive the following payouts based on the maximum bet:


    Set of 3

    Undere Brunette Girl

    9 coins

    Oh no⁠—there’s a love square on the reels of Highschool Manga bitcoin slot! There are two girls and 2 boys who are struggling to express their feelings for one another.

    Each symbol represents a stereotype in casino slot Highschool Manga. There is the deredere type, which is typically the happy-go-lucky and optimistic character. Megane refers to anyone wearing glasses. Dandere is a character who is usually quiet and socially awkward while yandere are shown to be aggressive when it comes to love.

    You can receive the following payouts based on the maximum bet:


    Set of 3

    Deredere Orange-haired Girl / Megane Brunette Guy / Dandere Blue-haired Guy / Yandere Blue-haired Girl

    36 coins 

    Love finally reaches its peak in Highschool Manga bitcoin slot when the two main leads of the love story and they’re complete opposites! Opposites attract on the reels between these high paying symbols and they’re going to serve charming payouts especially in the kissing scene.

    When it comes to kuudere characters, they’re usually the cool type who doesn’t show their emotions that often. For dandere types, they are seen as very shy and quiet about their feelings.

    You can receive the following payouts based on the maximum bet:


    Set of 3

    Kuudere Blue-haired Guy


    Dandere Black-haired Girl


    Kissing Scene


    The Wall of Love

    At any spin during the game, you’ll have a random chance for all the reels to hold the same symbols. A wall of the same symbols doubles your current win. This only applies to middle paying symbols.

    The Locker Gamble Feature

    Open up your locker and be surprised at what could be inside!

    You have the option to double your wins by clicking the Gamble feature when you get a combination win. Use this chance to double your wins up to 7 times. The gamble feature can end when you choose the wrong locker or collect all your wins.

    For the gamble feature, there are 2 lockers in front of the main female lead. Click on the correct one and you’ll get double the amount you won! If you click on the wrong one, then you lose any money in the current win counter.

    Highschool Manga: Moe Romance Back in High School

    Start your first day at Highschool Manga bitcoin slot with an upbeat melody ringing the hallways and classrooms of your new school. Meet all your classmates who are drawn in an old-fashioned manga style. You’ll get to interact with your classmates on the reels and see how each character reacts to love when you land combination wins.

    In almost any manga centred around high school romance, confessions between the characters happen either on the roof or in the classroom when they’re alone. This also happens in casino slot Highschool Manga where it’s set in the classroom. Paylines are represented by different coloured pencils.

    Experience the feeling of getting your very own love letter in the Gamble feature. When you open the lockers, it can reveal either nothing or a bouquet of flowers. Watch how your character lights up with glee and blushes from the gift of her secret admirer if you guess correctly.

    Highschool Manga: A Shoujo Manga Filled With Lovely Surprises

    All characters of Highschool Manga bitcoin slot has reached the peak of their relationships by successfully confessing to the one they love. You’re the only one left to respond to the secret admirer who left amazing payouts in your locker. Spin the reels to watch how your classmates fall in love and get that chance at love to win up to 1,350 coins.

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    Highschool Manga