Bombay Club Blackjack


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    Game stats




    Min - Max bet

    25 - 120000 USDT

    A world of prizes awaits in Bombay Club Blackjack

    Big thrills and huge prizes await you when you play the exclusive Bombay Club blackjack table game at Bitcasino. Experience seamless gameplay, smooth streaming and excitement by taking a seat at the table and placing bets between 25 USDT and 120,000 USDT.

    Bombay Club Blackjack Details 



    Game Type

    Live Dealer



    Minimum Bet

    25 USDT

    Maximum Bet

    120,000 USDT

    Bombay Club blackjack game design

    Bombay Club Blackjack delivers an opulent gambling experience as the studio is filled with red and white walls, an elegant gambling table and tasteful decor.

    The game window has several buttons like betting chips, a menu, and a sound button that are part of its intuitive interface. You are free to participate in the game by placing a wager between a minimum of 25 USDT to a maximum of 120,000 USDT. 

    How to play Bombay Club blackjack

    Blackjack, or "twenty-one," is a card game typically played with a single deck of cards. Instead of competing with other players in this game, you go against the dealer.

    Your goal is to make a hand with a value that is as near to 21 as possible without going over. A hand is deemed a "bust" if the sum of the cards exceeds 21, in which case you forfeit your turn and your initial bet.

    Step-by-step guide

    Read the step-by-step guide below to learn more about how the game is played from start to finish.

    Step 1: Find your seat at the table

    Blackjack is a game where you can start betting and playing only after selecting a seat. Choose a blackjack game and click any open seats to sit at the table. 

    Step 2: Start placing your bet

    Use the betting chips to put your stake within the betting window to participate in the current round.

    Step 3: Assess your cards and make your move

    The game officially begins when the dealer deals a card to each player starting from the left side and moving it to the right. In a moment, you will receive another set of cards, from which you will choose your next action.

    Step 4: Dealer reveals the cards

    The dealer looks at all of the player's hands before revealing their card and making their move. You win your wager if your hand is stronger than the dealer's. Otherwise, you lose and forfeit your wager.

    Step 5: Outcomes and payouts

    As soon as the results are displayed, including the winners and losers of that round, the payments are made, and the table is prepared for the next round.

    Blackjack card values

    With the game flow established, we can go into the finer details, like the card values. We mentioned that the game's goal is to get a value closest to 21 but to do that, you need to know the value of each card. 

    Each card and its corresponding value are displayed in the straightforward table below.


    Associated value


    1 or 11

    J, Q, K 


    2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    Blackjack moves you can make 

    1. Hit

    If you want to improve the standing of your hand and add additional cards to your deck, you can do so by 'hitting'. You can continue striking throughout the game until you bust, when your total strike value exceeds 21.

    2. Stand

    Choosing to refrain from drawing more cards is known as standing. Standing up indicates that you are comfortable with the cards that were dealt to you in the first place. By doing so, you indicate the end of your turn and move on to the next round or player while keeping your current hand value.

    3. Double down

    To double your wager, you call for a "Double Down." This results in even larger payments if the wager is profitable. These kinds of wagers are frequently the result of self-assurance that you will win the round. 

    4. Split

    In blackjack, splits are conditional plays that can only be made if you have two cards of the same rank, such as double 5s or 6s. This suggests the dealer can't deal two more cards unless you make another stake. 

    Since this technique is situational, you won't encounter it very often, but it's still important to master because it gives you more alternatives in specific situations.

    5. Surrender

    If you're unsatisfied with the standing of your current hand and you think you could lose, you may decide to give up or ‘surrender’. 

    Only after the dealer has examined their cards may one make this move. It is important to understand this move, even if it might not be available in every blackjack game, so you can decide whether and when to employ it.

    Win the game and get big prizes in Bombay Club Blackjack

    Immerse yourself in an exclusive gameplay experience with Bombay Club Blackjack. Analyse the cards, make the right moves and don’t go over 21 to win fabulous prizes from the game.

    Remember to place your bets anywhere from 25 USDT to 120,000 USDT and take a seat at the table to join a round today! Enjoy a superb gaming experience when you play other titles from Live88 such as Bombay Club Squeeze Baccarat and Bombay Club Roulette.


    Bombay Club Blackjack