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Click on the cards and reveal your fortune in Lucky Clover!

Feel the thrill of your gamble like never before and discover what great fortune awaits behind the mystery cards of Onlyplay’s Lucky Clover. Pick the right cards and let the tiles reveal a win of up to 118x your wager!

Onlyplay’s Lucky Clover is an instant win game where your fortune is revealed with every flip of the card. Let lady luck whisper into your ear and reveal massive wins with an RTP of 93.65%. Wager a minimum amount of US$0.50 up to a maximum wager of US$50 to try your luck in winning fortuitous rewards!

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118x your initial stake

Lucky Clover: Prepare for an explosion of wins!

Onlyplay’s Lucky Clover is based on the classic minesweeper games where a single move can make or break your bankroll. The goal is for you to select the tiles with the lucky four-leaf clover and avoid the tiles with a bomb. Allow luck to bless you in your gamble and win the jackpot price by accurately predicting where the lucky clovers are on the grid!

If you can successfully select the four tiles with the cloverleaf in them, you win the game instantly and receive 118x your wager. However, all the wins would be forfeited if you click on the wrong tile with the bomb symbol at any point during the game.

This game has a simple enough mechanic that even beginner gamblers can enjoy without so much as a hitch. Click on the tiles and see where lady luck would take you on your gamble right here at Lucky Clover.

Starting the game round

Ready to find your fortune on the cards? Click on Lucky Clover and you’ll be introduced to a grid with 3x3 tiles. To begin the game, you should decide on the wager you want. This can go between US$0.50 up to a maximum amount of US$50.

Once you have chosen your wager, you can press the giant play button right underneath the cards and select the tiles you think contains the cloverleaf. Avoid the bombs and take home riches beyond your imagination in Lucky Clover.

Taking the winnings

If you think that luck is on your side, click on the best tile you think contains the lucky clover and reveal what prizes await you in every turn of the card. During the game, you can decide to take your winnings and it would be yours to keep. However, you can also choose to continue for an even bigger payout.

By continuing to play, you either risk losing everything or wager for the chance to increase the amount of the multiplier coefficient with your wins. The choice will always be up to you!

Multiplier coefficients

To give you the most out of your gamble, Lucky Clover has a multiplier coefficient feature wherein your initial bet is doubled the moment you click on a tile with a lucky clover symbol in them. The more clover leaves you reveal in the game, the higher your multiplier coefficient would be. Take a look at the data below for the corresponding multipliers:

  • Revealing 1 clover has a 2x coefficient
  • Revealing 2 clovers has a 5x coefficient
  • Revealing 3 clovers has a 15x coefficient
  • Revealing 4 clovers has a x118 coefficient.

Progressive jackpot

Onlyplay’s Lucky Clover has a progressive jackpot that allows you to win the game in three different sessions. To progress your jackpot, you need to uncover the lucky clover symbols on the tiles at least 12 times.

Once you achieve this great feat of luck, you will win your corresponding payout based on the amount that you have wagered in the game. For example, if you wager the max bet during the initial game, you will win 100% of the jackpot value, which is 118x your wager.

Lucky Clover: Find luck and fortune hiding behind the tiles

Onlyplay takes the simplicity of minesweeper games to a whole new level and adds a wonderful twist with its clover and bomb theme. This game follows a simple design that allows it to provide a fun and thrilling experience not just to seasoned players but also to beginners.

It doesn’t have any of the usual extravagant and confusing designs that most casino games have. Instead, it has a straightforward interface. The moment you start the game, you will be led directly to the gameplay screen where nine tiles are presented. Under these tiles, you will find the symbols that would lead you to your fortune!

The design for this game will take you back in time with its classic symbols and a no-nonsense design. Even with the simple layout, Lucky Clover exudes a premium-quality feel that is amplified by its thrilling soundtrack playing in the background.

Find your lucky clover in the cards today!

Prepare yourself for the simplest but most thrilling casino game of your life and lay out your bets as you uncover every card on the screen to reveal your fortune. See what lady luck has in store for you on Lucky Clover and find the Golden Clover behind the tile for a Lucky Punch of fortune.

Lucky Clover