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    Claim big wins in Turkish Lightning Roulette

    Roulette is one of the most classic casino games you can play. Since this has a global demand, Evolution brings you the Turkish Lightning Roulette, a version of the game conducted with lightning speed by dealers who speak their native Turkish language.

    Evolution Live is known for bringing the most satisfying live dealer games in the online casino sphere. This time is no different with Turkish Lightning Roulette, where Turkish players can enjoy the game easily with hosts interacting with them in their shared language. Play the game today at Bitcasino and enjoy smooth gameplay using your phone, PC, or Tablet.

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    Turkish Lightning Roulette: Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the RTP of Turkish Lightning Roulette?

    Turkish Lightning Roulette by Evolution has an appealing RTP of 97.30%

    What are the minimum and maximum bets on Turkish Lightning Roulette?

    The minimum bet is $0.5 and the maximum bet is $25,000.

    Turkish Lightning Roulette:

    Turkish casino players come together for fun gameplay on the Turkish Lightning Roulette table, boasting an RTP of 97.30%. To play the game, you must place a minimum bet of $0.5 and a maximum of $25,000.

    Types of bets

    Like any roulette game, there is a wide range of betting options for you on Turkish Lightning Roulette. Listed below are some of the choices you can pick:

    Inside bets

    Straight up - With a straight-up bet, you place your chip on any single number on the paytable.

    Split - When making a split bet, you’re wagering that two adjacent numbers will result from the roll. To make this bet, simply put the chip on the line between the two numbers you’ve selected.

    Street - A street bet is wagering that any number within a single row on the paytable will be hit. If you want to make this bet, put the chip at the end of the row to cover the three numbers.

    Corner - The corner bet is made when you place your chip between the connected four numbers. To place this type of bet, put the chip at the central intersection of the boxes of each number.

    Line - The line bet covers two rows of numbers. Put your chips at the end of the row on top of the line that connects them.

    Outside bets

    Column - A roulette table has 3 rows consisting of 12 numbers. If you want to bet on the entire column, you must place your chip on the spot marked as ‘2 to 1’. 

    Dozen - The Dozen bet, as the name implies, means wagering that one of 12 numbers will land as the winning number. You’ll place your chips on top of either the section indicating ‘1st 12’, ‘2nd 12’, or ‘3rd 12’ to make this bet.

    Red/Black - This wager is simple. You only need to predict whether you think the landing roll will be on a number in colour, black or red. You can make this bet by placing a chip on either the red diamond or black diamond box on the outer section of the table.

    Even/Odd - You make this bet by predicting whether the number that lands are even or odd. 

    1-18/19-36 - Another outside bet you can make is the 1-18 or 19-36 bet. With this option, you’re predicting whether the number that lands are between the range of the corresponding options.


    Inside bets

    Bet type

    Set of 5

    Straight up










    Outside bets

    Bet type

    Set of 5











    Turkish Lightning Roulette: Optimised for your enjoyment

    Turkish Lightning Roulette is a satisfying live dealer game entertaining Bitcasino's Turkish punters. Aside from eliminating the language barrier in other live table games, this game from Evolution also boasts speedy gameplay.

    If you're the type who likes to play quick rounds to maximise your playtime, then Turkish Lightning Roulette gives you just that. When playing, the live dealers quickly move the game along so punters can immediately see their wagers' results. 

    Aside from the gameplay, another thing that makes Turkish Lightning Roulette satisfying is the classy and sophisticated game design. When you inspect the game setting, you'll find a dimly lit room with a well-lit roulette wheel. Additionally, they have a big LED screen as a backdrop to show a better look at the paytable.

    On top of all this, the game hosts are entertaining and polite, making sure to conduct the game as smoothly as possible for everyone's enjoyment.

    Turkish Lightning Roulette: Satisfy your need for speed

    Experience thrilling gameplay when you play Evolution's Turkish Lightning Roulette which you can enjoy by placing bets between $0.5 to $25,000. Like Evolution's widely popular Lightning Roulette game, this Turkish counterpart offers fast gameplay through its lightning rounds. 

    Turkish players can now enjoy roulette to their heart's content without hassle through this engaging live dealer from Evolution. If you're looking for more casino games with fast rounds, check out Lightning BlackjackLightning Baccarat, and more from the popular game provider.


    Turkish Lightning Roulette