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Play Live Dice Games at Bitcasino

When it comes to casino games, nothing can compare to the thrill and excitement that dice games provide. This classic casino game is beloved by all players regardless of experience for its simple gameplay, multiple bet options and rewarding payouts. 

Roll the dice and have the fate of your wager decided right here at Bitcasino, the home of the most innovative and rewarding live dice games. Find the title that will fit your needs as a player and experience staggering wins. 

Live dice casino games: Toss your dice to huge wins 

Dice games have been one of the staples in casinos for centuries and were considered one of the most popular games both in online and on-site casinos. Even to this day, it continues to be a crowd favourite for its easy-to-follow rules and bet options that offer exorbitant rewards. 

At Bitcasino, you’ll find our live dice category filled with fun, thrill and rewards you won’t find anywhere else. Discover unique takes and renditions of your favourite classics and enjoy exciting new twists to your gameplay. 

To bring you the quality and exciting gameplay you’ve been looking for in your game, Bitcasino works together with some of the best game providers in the casino industry. Those with a vision to bring a new perspective to classic games and level up the player experience through unique features, themes and bonuses. 

Bitcoin live dice casino games categories

What we love about online dice game casino is that there are plenty of ways you can enjoy them. With the variety of dice games at Bitcasino, complete with rousing new themes that will take your experience to new heights, you are certain that the fun will never end. 

Check out our list of dice games below and indulge in both thrill and wins wherever you are, whenever you want to at Bitcasino:


Craps is a casino game often played with two dice along with a specialised betting table and chips that you can place on the bet that corresponds to your preferred wager. The good thing about this game is it has simple and easy-to-follow gameplay where you only need to guess the result of a dice roll correctly for you to win your desired payout. 

Sic Bo 

Sic bo is a game that some people call the Asian version of craps. This ancient Chinese game offers some of the widest range of bet options even compared to craps since you use three dice instead of two. The possibilities of these three dice are what you need to consider for your bet.  

Just like craps, sic bo also requires you to guess the result of the dice toss. With all the different bet options, this same will ignite a thrilling fire in your game. 


Dice is a type of arcade game specially developed for quick and easy gameplay. This is popular since it removes any of the complicated rules that other casino games have. All you have to do is wager on your preferred bet types and watch the virtual dice roll to reveal the fate of your stake. 

This type of game uses the Random Number Generator (RNG) system to keep the results of the toss random as well as to reassure you that all the results are free from the control of any outside bodies as well as the casino. 

All your favourites in one place

Having a hard time finding the perfect dice game for you? We saved you from the daunting task of selecting the best crypto dice game by listing down players’ top choices of casino dice games online. Check them out below and try out your luck with a dice toss. 

Sic Bo 

Provider: OneTouch 

RTP: 97.22% 

Minimum bet: 0.5 USDT 

Maximum bet: 100 USDT 

OneTouch is known as one of the best live game developers in the casino industry. Their games are unquestionably top-notch and exhibit a quality that they especially did in their Sic Bo game. 

Sic Bo has a simple interface that beginners and seasoned players will like. In this game’s table, you will see the complete list of numbers you can make. You just need to click the compartment that matches your bet and start placing your wager. 

Check the paytable by the setting of the game to see how much each bet will pay. Use this as a guide to compute how much you will win and help you decide the best options for your wager. 

Lightning Dice 

Provider: Evolution   

RTP: 96.03% 

Minimum bet: 0.02 USDT 

Maximum bet: 100 USDT 

Evolution is the home of the best Bitcoin live dice games provider in the casino world. Their quality is beyond amazing and they always have friendly dealers that will go the extra mile to make your game exciting and fun. 

One of the things that we enjoyed most about Lightning Dice is its multipliers and payouts that can go up to 1,000x your wager. The easy game rules are also a bonus for beginner players. 

To play this game, you just need to bet on what you think the three dice will reveal after a toss. There is also an option to bet on all 16 compartments in the table. To activate this, just click the ‘bet on all’ button. 

The quality of the game itself is great just as we expected from Evolution, but the set design is beyond measure. It gives the air of luxury with its black and gold interface. Additionally, Lightning Dice also allows you to customise the angles of the camera to give you a closer look at the dice as it rolls, which also proves that there is no foul play in the game. 

Play casino dice online and place your wager on your preferred bets. Take your pick on any of the online live dice games to get the ‘money can’t buy experience’ at Bitcasino. 

How to play live dice online 

Ready to win big in your game? Learn how to play your favourite Bitcoin casino dice games right here at Bitcasino and put your luck to the test with challenging new titles. Follow the steps below to start playing: 

Step 1: Your casino adventure begins by creating your Bitcasino account. Use the guide below to get started: 

  • Click the ‘sign up’ button located at the top right corner of the page.
  • Select whether you will sign up using your Metamask account, email or Google account. 
  • Set up a password for your profile and read through the Terms & Conditions of the platform as well as the Privacy Policy that Bitcasino has. Tap ‘agree’ once you are satisfied with the conditions and click ‘create account’ to finalise the process. 
  • Verify your email and enjoy the selection of games and wild offers. 

Step 2: The next step in the process is to establish your bankroll. Begin by connecting your wallet to Bitcasino then click the ‘deposit’ button at the top right corner of the page. Select the currency you want to deposit as well as the wallet you want to use for your transaction. 

Scan the QR code or type in the address presented in Bitcasino on your wallet and wait for Bitcasino to acknowledge your deposit or wait for your deposit to reflect on your account. 

Step 3: Visit the Bitcoin dice game selection and take your pick on the roster of casino games available. 

Step 4: Place your bet on your preferred game and enjoy the rest of your game. 

Ways to win in crypto live dice online 

Increase your chances of winning by following the recommendations below on how to win in online live dice games:

Limit your bankroll 

A lot of players tend to get over-excited when it comes to betting, only to end the game with a lighter pocket than they intended to. The best way to avoid this and practice responsible gaming is to set a limit for every game session. Once you reach this limit, stop the game and find a better option that will bring you more wins. 

Watch the game first 

Watching and observing the game is a great way to know how it is played. With this, you don’t have to place any wager and participate, which will remove any risks and won’t affect your bankroll. Once you think you are ready for the real deal, you can start placing your wagers and win actual rewards. 

Use strategies 

Dice games are often associated with mathematics, and with math comes logic and strategy that will help you predict the best moves to make in the game. You can also use progressive betting systems to limit your losses and increase your chances of winning big. 

Read the rules 

Always be prepared before you stake your money. The best way to do this is to read the rules of the game you are playing to avoid making rookie mistakes that might cost you your bet. 

Test your luck and play Bitcoin casino dice games 

Give your best shot at the betting table and see if you have what it takes to predict the outcome of the dice toss. Create your account at Bitcasino and select the best games to play to win huge prizes. What are you waiting for? Let the fun begin! 

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