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    Shock the system with Evolution’s Lightning Dice

    Step into the electrifying game of Lightning Dice, where you can test the limits of your luck! This high-voltage dice game offers plenty of lightning multipliers, potentially rewarding you with some of the highest payouts in a dice game, worth 1,000x your wager.

    Another fantastic addition to Evolution’s Lightning game series, Lightning Dice puts a unique spin on traditional dice games, transforming it into a fast-paced affair where every dice roll can lead to massive payouts! 

    Lightning Dice Details 



    Game Type

    Live table game



    Minimum Bet

    0.20 USDT

    Maximum Bet

    15,000 USDT


    1,000x your wager

    Lightning Dice: Frequently asked questions

    What is the RTP of Lightning Dice?

    Lightning Dice by Evolution has an RTP of 96.03%.

    What is the volatility of Lightning Dice?

    The volatility of Lightning Dice by Evolution is low to medium.

    What is the maximum win available for Lightning Dice?

    The maximum win of Lightning Dice by Evolution is set at 1,000x your wager.

    What are the minimum and maximum bets on Lightning Dice?

    The minimum bet is 0.20 USDT and the maximum bet is 15,000 USDT. 

    Rolling with electricity: Lightning Dice’s gameplay mechanics

    Lightning Dice brings a new world of payouts with electric multipliers that can boost your rewards up to 1,000x your wager. 

    In this live casino game, the live dealer drops three dice in the game's transparent Lightning Tower. Once they reach the bottom, the three values shown on the dice are added. You will have multiple numbers in front of you, which are the potential results of the dice roll. Place your wager then choose a number you feel will be the final result of dropping the dice.

    The dealer entertainingly conducts the game and drops the dice from the top of the Lightning Tower to the bottom. Everything will be displayed with the dice results being shown and visualised with big text. 

    The Lightning can strike the number you predicted and if your prediction hits, your payout will come out exponentially better than before! Take note of the payout right below every number, which can get even better with the Lightning boost, turning your rewards into even bigger numbers. 

    Lightning Dice’s: Numbers for your victory

    The Lightning Dice game has the numbers and combinations you can bet on displayed on the screen. Every time you bet, you should always expect these payouts to happen which gets even better with the Lightning multipliers. 

    Learn all about the Lightning Dice's paytable, the types of bets you can make and their corresponding payouts:

    Lightning Dice Paytable





    You are predicting if the number you’re picking is a low (1-17) or a high (18-36) number.

    1 - 9:1 

    Any Double 

    You are predicting that two of the three dice have the same number. 

    1 - 3:1

    Any Triple 

    You are predicting that all three dice have the same number.

    24 - 249: 1 

    Total 3 or 18 

    This bet is for a dice roll that’s either worth 3 or 18.

    149 - 999:1

    Total 4 or 17 

    The same as above but you’re predicting the dice to have a cumulative value of 4 or 17.

    49 - 499:1

    Total 5 or 16

    This is for predicting a dice roll that’s worth 5 or 16.

    24 - 249:1 

    Total 6 or 15

    Predict that your dice roll results are either a total of 6 or 15.

    14 - 99:1 

    Total 7 or 14 

    Bet on the chances of you getting a 7 or a 14 on the Lightning Dice roll.

    9 - 99:1 

    Total 8 or 13 

    Predict that the dice roll results are either 8 or 13.

    6 - 49:1

    Total 9 or 12

    Make this prediction if you feel the dice are rolled with a total of 9 or 12.

    5 - 49:1

    Total 10 or 11

    Predict if the dice roll result is around a total of 10 and 11.

    4 - 49:1

    You don’t have to keep worrying about the jackpot reward as you can still be rewarded handsomely with the payouts. The lowest you can get is the ‘Any Double’ bet, but that’s still quite decent, especially when you place a big wager. Being ambitious means you’re often betting on a ‘Total 3 or 18’ since that pays out the biggest reward. 

    Bonus Features

    For Lightning Dice, the primary bonus feature is the Lightning Boost, which is the electrifying bonus that reverberates on a random number. Getting that prediction right gives a big bonus to the potential payout. You can keep playing the standard gameplay, but it gets even better when the lightning strikes and the rewards you can win get bigger. 

    Lightning Dice: An energising game to play 

    Experience a live game show in the comfort of your home with Evolution's Lightning Dice.  The live host's great showmanship also succeeds in selling the concept as they build the suspense with every drop of the dice, making the game more exciting than ever. 

    Moreover, the game’s design features an intuitive interface where you can readily see all the bets you can make on screen. You can also view range predictions like Low 3-9 or High 12-18 and a graph on the upper right which displays how many people are predicting specific numbers or ranges. 

    Lastly, through the game’s live chatbox, you can interact with the host and other players. This makes for a more community-driven experience because you can talk to other people while playing a game show-like title. 

    Lightning Dice: The electric gaming experience

    Playing Evolution’s Lightning Dice gives you an electrifying time with its fast-paced gameplay and jackpot of 1,000x your wager. It won’t be a Cash or Crash experience, since you’ll often have rewards with the many payout possibilities based on the table. Get the game show experience with Lightning Dice and have a Crazy Time with your predictions!


    Lightning Dice