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A Guide to Progressive Betting Systems

A Guide to Progressive Betting Systems

A Guide to Progressive Betting Systems

Wed Jan 29 2020 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Part of the allure of gambling is the thrill of taking risks and potentially winning hundreds up to millions of cash with just a simple stroke of luck. Ever since gambling came into existence, players have constantly been trying to figure out a more systematic approach that will enable them to beat the house edge and win more frequently.

Betting systems have existed for as long as the gambling industry has, and some systems becoming more complicated and elaborate throughout generations. While it’s been proven that betting systems don’t actually guarantee wins or big returns when used long-term, it can employ some budget control to your gambling to make sure that you don’t completely deplete your bankroll. 

Before you start wagering with real money, take a look at these betting systems that can aid you when placing your wagers.

What Are Betting Systems

Betting systems are strategic methods developed to guarantee profit when gambling. In general, these betting systems will require you to either raise or reduce your bets each time you win or each time you lose. 

This depends on the type of progressive betting system you will use. They are usually divided into two main categories: positive betting progression and negative betting progression. These factors are what distinguish these two betting systems from each other:

Positive Betting Progressive Systems

Negative Betting Progressive Systems

Increase amount when you win your previous bet

Increase amount when you lose your previous bet

Decrease amount when you lose your previous bet

Decrease amount when you win your previous bet

Positive Progression

Positive betting systems, in general, lean towards the safer side when it comes to betting systems. As you can see from its rules indicated in the table above, positive progression raises the bet when winning and decreases it when losing. This is a relatively harmless way of betting because you won’t be required to stake an amount that you can’t immediately gain back in your next lucky win.

The Theory Behind Positive Progression

The concept behind positive systems is to allow you to maximize your profits on a winning streak and minimize your losses when you’re experiencing a losing streak. However, keep in mind that employing a betting system does not ensure a win or lose and simply offers a more strategic method of wagering. 

Here are some of the most popular positive betting systems that players use:

The Paroli Betting System 

This system begins with flat betting until the player’s first win. After winning, the player must double the bet. It will be increased as long as the winning streak continues. When the bet is lost, the player resets back to the original bet size and repeats the cycle. 

One Half-up

One Half-up requires at least two winning hands in a row before you start increasing your bets. In a winning streak, you will keep increasing the bet by one-half of the original bet. One Half-up is one of the most popular systems amongst the positive betting systems.

Negative Progression

Negative betting systems are the direct opposite of positive betting systems. When using negative betting systems, you will be required to raise your bets when losing and reduce your bets when winning.  

Unlike positive betting systems that are nearly harmless, negative betting systems are risky and dangerous. 

The Theory Behind Negative Progression

The concept of negative progression roots from the belief that you are bound to win eventually. After a series of losses with the bet rising, when you do finally win, the amount won is greater. The idea is that overall you’ll be able to earn a bigger profit. 

However, you should bear in mind that casino games have a house edge. While you can earn a profit, there’s also a high chance that you either end up losing a significant portion or all your money to the house. 

Here are some of the most popular negative betting systems that players use:

The Martingale System

When using this system, you will begin the game with the floor bet. After the first loss, you must double it. The bet is reset to the base bet after a winning round. This method is one of the most preferred negative systems by a lot of players. 

The Fibonacci System

With this system, you must use the integer sequence of numbers to place bets. Every next bet will be raised to the total of the previous two bets. The starting point depends on the player. 

Do Betting Systems Work?

Whether these systems work or not has always been at the centre of debate when it comes to betting systems. Many experts say that with long-term use, you will only break even with the amount of money you originally had at the start. Others say that when it comes to short term use, positive systems can win you more if you’re lucky enough to catch a winning streak. 

At the end of the day, gambling experts and long-time players have yet to come up with a system that completely trumps the house edge. After all, it’s tough to beat the house at its own game. So while these betting systems can help you have a more disciplined approach to betting, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win. It won’t twist the odds to your favour and suddenly hand you a winning streak. 

The most important thing to remember when gambling, whether you follow a system or not, is to gamble responsibly and well within your limits. Keep these things in mind and test out these betting systems by playing a game of Roulette or Baccarat.

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A Guide to Progressive Betting Systems