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Six myths about roulette

Six myths about roulette


It is a familiar sight at any casino – a wheel with black and red numbers that spins while a small ball circles until settling on one of the numbers, determining whether the player is a winner or a loser. But how do you actually play and start winning?

What is roulette?

Roulette means “little wheel” in French, and the game has been played since as early as the 18th century. Today, the game is enjoyed by many for the glamour, mystery and excitement that it brings.

The game is fairly simple: a dealer tosses a small ball into a spinning wheel with black and red numbers in it. Your role is to make a bet based on what number or colour you think the ball will land on. The more specific your guess, the lower your chances of winning but the higher the payoff if you do win.

At Bitcasino, we offer over 30 roulette games that can be played from wherever you want, including seven live dealer roulette games!

However, before you start playing, we want to address some of the myths that tend to follow this mysterious and long-standing casino favourite.

Myth #1: Betting on “cold numbers” increases your chances of winning

A “cold number” or “sleeping number” in roulette is a number that has not been hit for some time.

Many believe that these numbers are more likely to be hit on upcoming spins, and this line of thinking is easy to fall prey to. However, the game is almost entirely random, and those untouched numbers are no more likely to appear in a following round than they were in the previous rounds. The psychological temptation in this situation is great, but if you remain aware of this logical fallacy, you will be better off.

Myth #2: Betting on “hot numbers” increases your chances of winning

“Hot numbers” are those that have been hit with greater frequency than others on the roulette wheel. Much like its aforementioned counterpart, the hot number that seems to have a higher probability of being hit is no more likely to appear on the next spin than it was before.

Rather, in a given game, it is by chance that a number or set of numbers may appear to be “hot” and more likely to lead you to a win. It is not due to an increasing or sustainably higher probability that they will appear. Such a “hot streak” could disappear the moment you notice it. 

Myth #3: Roulette is 100% random

For online casinos, the game is truly random due to the wheels being digitised (unless you’re playing with a live dealer with a real wheel). Those wheels cannot wear over time or be impacted by their environment in any way, so their ability to generate truly random outcomes is perfect.

However, in traditional casinos with physical wheels, there is a chance of faulty equipment that could lead to the results being somewhat more predictable for those who know what to look for.

Roulette has a small edge in the casino’s favour, and in European roulette that edge can be as small as 2.7%. If a player can gain an edge of even 3%, then they can see significant returns on their play. This edge could be gained through recognition of faults in the wheel or habits of the dealer that lead to certain outcomes becoming more probable than others. However, casinos take care to maintain their equipment and switch out their roulette dealers regularly to prevent the likelihood of players gaining an edge of any sort on the casino.

Myth #4: Online roulette is rigged

Due to online games of roulette being generated by a computer, it isn’t surprising to know that many have suspected the casinos of rigging the game in their favour through programming the software.

A reputable and licensed online casino will not participate in this sort of illegality, however. Since the house naturally has an edge, there is no reason for a well-run casino to change the natural outcomes of the gameplay. This would ultimately impact their business in an incredibly negative way, and lead to their collapse.

Be wary of unlicensed casinos of any sort, but especially those that are online and able to more easily conceal their illegal activity. Do your research before making real bets, and be sure that the casino you’re engaged with is trustworthy. Look for the casino’s accreditation and awards, like ours at Bitcasino.

As Bitcasino is the world’s number one licensed Bitcoin casino, you have no need for concern when playing roulette (or any one of our thousands of games) – we want to ensure that everyone can trust that they’ll have a fun and fair game when they sign up.

Myth #5: It’s impossible to win big

Roulette presents a wide range of betting possibilities and game outcomes, some more probable than others. However, with a bit of perseverance and luck, it is entirely possible to walk away from a game of roulette with a lot more than you had when you started.

Myth #6: Winning streaks

Sometimes, when playing roulette, a player may experience what seems like a sustained streak of wins that has a momentum to it. If this happens to you, then be careful! The game of roulette is all about probabilities, and the probability of that “streak” continuing for much longer may be lower than you feel in the moment.

While it is possible to experience a series of wins, those wins come from a succession of probabilities that worked in your favour. Eventually, however, it will come to an end. Before this happens, take advantage of your success and step back to enjoy it!

Start spinning today

The game of roulette is more mathematical than one may think, and the way that the maths plays out is what makes it so much fun to play.

Now that you’re aware of where the truth lies in the numbers, you are that much more prepared to start playing and benefiting from participating in this legendary game. Join the fun at Bitcasino today and you can learn the ropes, make your bets and start seeing those winning spins.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock and Bitcasino


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