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Our winning OneTouch games

Our winning OneTouch games


Here at Bitcasino, we are all about player choice. When we first began operating in 2014, we dedicated our mission to offer you a one-stop shop for all your casino gaming needs, delivering this through a sleek, easy-to-use website that harnesses the technological innovations of cryptocurrency to provide the best possible gaming experience.

As part of this mission statement, Bitcasino is fully committed to offering you only the highest quality casino games providers. We offer a carefully curated selection of casino games from a wide array of industry leaders. One of these providers is OneTouch, which a design studio that has been steadily making a name for itself since its founding in 2015. Since then, OneTouch has created a fantastic selection of fun and engaging casino games that will keep you coming back and, hopefully, winning. In this article, we will give you a quick overview of some of the OneTouch games on offer at Bitcasino, which will hopefully make it easier for you to choose your next game.

A brief history of OneTouch

Since beginning operations in 2015, OneTouch has been making a big impact on the mobile table games market. OneTouch takes a ground-up approach to mobile game development and wants to deliver engaging, accessible games that you can play no matter where you’re playing from.

From these early days, OneTouch has established itself as a core player in the global mobile games market, with a particularly strong presence in the Asian and European markets. Its commitment to the mobile space is evidenced by the fact that over 70% of its annual turnover comes from mobile offerings.

OneTouch released its first game, Blackjack, in 2016. The company followed up shortly thereafter with Atlantic City Blackjack, which went on to become a fan favourite. In early 2017, OneTouch added Baccarat to its roster, which introduced several signature OneTouch game mechanics. Since then, this early version of Baccarat has gone on to be a massive hit in the Asian market, where it is still a firm favourite among fans.

OneTouch truly has gone from strength to strength, and 2018 proved to be a busy year. The company expanded its portfolio of now-classic games, and it diversified into the slot machine game market with its first mobile slots game. The plan for 2019 is to continue building on this success by offering a range of high-quality, mobile-friendly casino games, as well as to continue to develop top-grade free betting and tournament features for its games. OneTouch is truly a developer with a sense of vision and purpose, and it’s for this reason that Bitcasino has so firmly committed to the company’s games.

OneTouch – industry-leading mobile games

OneTouch has been investing heavily in the mobile gaming market and has developed a range of games specifically designed for playing in the palm of your hand without sacrificing the high-end features and engaging back-end gaming mechanics that keep you coming back for more. We see this in the range of slot machine games that offers the classic format in a new and revised portrait-mode style that makes the most out of the more limited mobile phone display area. Through its experience developing mobile games for the Asian market, OneTouch has perfected the mobile device format, and its mobile games offer the perfect balance between functionality and playability. Part of this is due to the ground-up approach OneTouch takes when developing mobile games. The designers at OneTouch want their games to be as playable and accessible as possible, which means designing games that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home just easily as you can on your commute to work. In addition, OneTouch uses a suite of robust and reliable JavaScript and HTML5 frameworks to deliver a crash-free environment that offers a sleek gaming experience across a range of mobile devices. This powerful system perfectly delivers the gameplay without exhibiting the slow-down issues that so many other games do. This means you can keep playing for longer and without the frustration that accompanies a game crash when your bankroll is rapidly expanding.

Fairness and reliability

Game mechanics and fairness are obviously a top priority for OneTouch, and it has put a significant amount of effort into developing a Random Number Generator (RNG) that is provably fair. OneTouch games are certified according to the fairness standards of both Malta and the UK, which means you can rest easy when it comes to putting your hard-earned cash at stake in a OneTouch game.

OneTouch game technology is provably fair, and during development, each game goes through a simulation involving ten million rounds of gameplay to verify that the Return to Player (RTP) rates are correct for all its games. This means you can play in confidence.

The best OneTouch games Bitcasino has to offer

Here at Bitcasino, you are truly spoiled for choice. Currently, we offer access to over 1,800 top-notch casino games. This is among the largest selections out there and means that at Bitcasino, you will never have to search for something to play no matter the niche of your gaming preferences. Of these more than 1,800 games, you have access to 30 OneTouch games, covering both the classic fan favourites as well as newer offerings.

If you want to search through our massive catalogue to get straight to the OneTouch games, simply navigate to the All Games section of the website and set the search preferences to sort by providers. Then, simply select the OneTouch option and make your choice. Here is a brief overview of some of the best OneTouch games that we here at Bitcasino have to offer.

Juicy 7

Juicy 7 is one of the latest offerings from OneTouch, and it offers an innovative take on the classic slot machine format you are familiar with. Juicy 7 is a fresh take on this fan-favourite format and blends a healthy dose of nostalgia with enough new content to keep both newer and more-experienced players engaged. Juicy 7 features classic fruit, diamond and lucky number 7 symbols. As you would expect from a developer so deeply invested in the mobile gaming space, Juicy 7 comes perfectly optimised for both mobile and desktop users, which means you can hop right into a game no matter where you are. Juicy 7 uses One Touch’s patented JavaScript and HTML5 coding to deliver a lush, graphics-heavy experience that is perfectly optimised for mobile devices.

However, looks are not all Juicy 7 has to offer. The company has clearly put a lot of effort has into the actual gameplay mechanics, and the developers have found a way to keep the classic elements of slot machines while still giving enough new features to keep things from going stale. Juicy 7 very much sticks to the familiar slot format, so you win by matching any three symbols in any combination on the three wheels. The number 7 is the most valuable symbol and, therefore, provides the biggest payouts. Diamond symbols are treated as gold coins, and each diamond carries a set value that pays out when you win. If you win more diamonds, you get more spins in a given game. If you manage to land nine diamonds, you get a Super Mega win that has big payouts.


One of the all-time classic casino games is Baccarat. Despite being one of the oldest and most historical games on offer, the popularity of Baccarat has not faded one bit, and it continues to be among the most popular offerings available on Bitcasino. In its version of this classic game, OneTouch delivers on its promise and provides you with one of the best Baccarat experiences out there. OneTouch obviously had the on-the-go player in mind when it was designing its version of Baccarat, and it has successfully managed to reinvent this classic format for the mobile generation. OneTouch’s take on Baccarat uses single-touch ergonomics that provides an intuitive playing experience that makes it incredibly easy for even the least-experienced casino gamer to get to grips with. This experience is streamlined across the mobile, tablet and desktop versions, and you won’t notice any drop off in terms of gameplay or graphics.

One of the most innovative aspects of this reinvigoration of the classic game is found in the squeeze feature OneTouch has developed. This feature allows you to gradually roll any edge of the card to reveal what’s underneath. It might sound like a simple feature, but this adds a palpable sense of suspense to the game. Underneath the hood, OneTouch uses the same reliable and provably fair RNG system that it features in all its offerings. This allows you to verify the fairness of any game you choose to play and gives you full confidence in the cards you are dealt. Bitcasino was one of the first providers to offer OneTouch’s innovative take on Baccarat, and it has gone on to become one of the most popular offerings on our site.

Sic Bo

Another of the fan favourites on offer here at Bitcasino is Sic Bo, which has proved to be one of OneTouch’s most-played offerings. Sic Bo features unique portrait-mode gameplay that allows for a premium mobile betting experience that doesn’t make any sacrifices in terms of gameplay or graphics. It’s just the kind of quality game you have come to expect from OneTouch. This latest version of Sic Bo is designed with a mass market in mind and features vibrant graphics and audio-visuals while still staying true to the classic format. Some of these classic features are the gold dome and dice roll features, which will be familiar to those gaming veterans out there.

As with most of OneTouch’s offerings, Sic Bo is designed from the ground up with a mobile format in mind and is perfectly adapted for portrait mode. Being optimised for a screen on a mobile device means that you can get all the features of the desktop version without sacrificing any of the gameplay mechanics. OneTouch achieves this by using a cutting-edge JavaScript framework that perfectly adapts to any mobile device. When you add into the mix OneTouch’s provably fair RNG, you have one of the best premium mobile betting experiences out there.

OneTouch – one of the best mobile casino games available

Without question, OneTouch provides one of the best mobile gaming experiences available. This is because OneTouch is heavily invested and committed to mobile gaming, and it designs each game from the ground up with the mobile experience in mind. This means that you get a gaming experience that provides all the features of the desktop version in a mobile format. No matter what device you use, OneTouch has you covered.

If this overview of OneTouch games has sufficiently tantalised you, sign up for a free-to-play account today. Our free-to-play accounts let you try out any game you want in a zero-commitment format, so you can try any of the games mentioned in this article before playing for real money.

Check out all the OneTouch games here (31 at the moment). 

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock and Bitcasino


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Our winning OneTouch games
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