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    Choose a side between the Dragon and the Tiger!

    Get ready to experience a simple yet exciting gameplay experience in Dragon Tiger by OneTouch! In this fun table game, there’s no Wild Sorcery involved. All you have to do is guess which side has the best hand, the dragon or the tiger?

    In this exciting table game, get ready to witness a depiction of a battle between the dragon (dealer) and the tiger (player). Similar to Baccarat, your goal in this game is to place your wager on the correct side or at the tie to hear the roar of the ancient tiger which signifies that you’ve won the round!

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    Game Type

    Table Games



    Minimum Bet

    0.05 mBTC

    Maximum Bet

    500 mBTC

    Dragon Tiger: Make the right decision!

    OneTouch is no stranger to making high-quality table games as proven by the successful titles in their catalogue, like Wheel of Fortune or Sic Bo High Roller to name a few. With Dragon Tiger, you can expect the same quality, so make the most out of its RTP of 96.27% and start winning huge prizes when you place a bet between the minimum wager of 0.05 mBTC and 500 mBTC!

    Playing Dragon Tiger

    Dragon Tiger is one of the most beloved casino games and for good reasons. Firstly, it follows a simple premise similar to Baccarat beginners can learn in just a couple of minutes. They may even win a few rounds in their first couple of tries!

    Once you start to get the hang of its simple gameplay, you’ll start stacking your chips in no time when you make correct consecutive guesses. To start winning, here are some of the things that you need to remember:

    The goal of the game is simple, each side is drawn a single card and you need to place a wager on which side you think has the highest hand value. The cards are ranked by their face value with Ace being the lowest and King holding the highest value.

    Instead of having the sides named as dealer and player, this game uses the titular Dragon and Tiger sides which also acts as the dealer and the player respectively. Moreover, the players can also choose to bet on a tie where when it occurs, half of the Tiger and Dragon bets are returned to the player.

    Betting rules

    The red bet pays when either side is dealt a red card (diamonds/hearts). However, if the card is 7, the bet will lose, regardless of its suit.

    The same goes for the black bet. This bet pays when either side is dealt a black card (spades/clubs). However, if the card is 7, the bet will lose.

    As for the small bet, the player will receive its payout when the dealt card is below 7. If the card is exactly 7 or above, the bet will lose.

    On the other hand, big bets win when the dealt card is more than 7. If it’s exactly 7 or below, the bet loses.

    General rules

    Dragon Tiger follows a simple set of general rules when it comes to cards it uses and more. Here’s what you need to know:

    • The game uses a standard 52-card deck
    • It uses 8 decks in total
    • Before every hand, the cards are shuffled to ensure that every outcome is random.


    Here are the corresponding payouts of each betting option in Dragon Tiger:

    • Dragon bet pays out 1:1
    • Tiger bet pays out 1:1
    • Tie bet pays out 10:1
    • Dragon/tiger red bet pays out 1:1
    • Dragon/tiger black bet pays out 1:1
    • Dragon/tiger small bet pays out 1:1
    • Dragon/tiger big bet pays out 1:1.

    Dragon Tiger: A premium take on a classic game 

    Playing Dragon Tiger by OneTouch Games is a treat because it takes the simple mechanics of various baccarat games and combines it with premium vibes and luxuriousness. In this specific title, the Dragon and the Tiger serve as the dealer and the player respectively, so there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy the game. 

    The game features high-end graphics evident in the smooth animations that immerse the players into thinking that they’re at an actual brick and mortar casino. Starting from the table, it features a velvet texture and a red wine colour which adds to the premium feel of the game. To top it all off, the table also has a dragon image etched into its surface and a golden strip can be found running along its edges. 

    Dragon Tiger: Play now and bet on the right side!

    Winning huge prizes has never been this equally easy and exciting! This Asian card game follows a simple premise that closely resembles Baccarat but takes it to the next level with its creative theme. Play Dragon Tiger by OneTouch now and be the Fortune Miner that you’ve always wanted to be!


    Dragon Tiger