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    Fruity Fortunes with Juicy 7

    Juicy 7 is a classic fruit-themed slot on the outside, but an exciting diamond feature slot once you start spinning. Encounter your favourite fruits from classic land-based casinos in this sleek slot powered by OneTouch.

    Smell the fruity goodness of this classic slot, Juicy 7. OneTouch has recreated a timeless classic with a fresh, polished look. It’s the game provider behind other great slots like Golden Stripe and Sumo Showdown. Unlike other slots of its kind, Juicy 7 offers way more ways to win while still looking sleek and simple. Spin the reels with vibrant symbols of grapes, watermelons, apples, diamonds, and the Juicy, Lucky 7. 

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    800 x your stake

    Juicy 7: Bite into Delicious Gameplay

    Juicy 7 has a simple 3x3 grid format that’s convenient and compact. You won’t have a hard time navigating your wins with numerous, dizzying reels. To score a winning combination, you need to have 3 matching symbols on a payline. The slot is quite different from other classic slots with basic formats. The slot has 3 reels with an astounding 27 paylines. This gives a lot of chances for you to have winning combinations, as long as matching symbols are beside each other. 

    Syrupy Symbols

    Juicy 7 has 6 standard symbols and 4 premium symbols. The standard symbols are peaches, oranges, pears, plums, apples, and lemons.


    Set of 3


    5 x your stake


    5 x your stake


    5 x your stake


    5 x your stake


    5 x your stake


    5 x your stake

    Look out for the premium symbols which are the cherries, grapes, and watermelons. Their payouts are significantly higher:


    Set of 3

    Lucky 7

    60 x your stake


    25 x your stake


    15 x your stake


    10 x your stake

    Luscious Features

    Diamond Feature

    The diamond is the most important symbol of the slot. It can trigger the Diamond Feature with extremely high payout potential. If the symbol appears at least once on any of the reels, you will get a random prize. The Diamond has a randomly assigned value which will become a part of your payout.

    If there are more than 1 diamonds that appear after a spin, you can get the sum values of all the Diamond symbols. For every symbol, you have a chance to win up to 800 x your bet.

    Juicy 7: Visuals Sweet like Honey

    There is beauty in simplicity, and Juicy 7 is proof of that. It stays loyal to the basic elements of a classic fruit-themed slot. The neat, attractive visuals for the fruits are not too realistic, adding to the artsy charm of the theme. The Lucky 7 and Diamond symbol shine vibrantly with every spin. 

    The animations, which are quite rare in retro slots, add a little spice to the classic theme of the slot. Fruits jingle when they are in a winning combination. The Lucky 7 and Diamond symbol have their own animation sequences with winning reactions as well. 

    The calming bossa-nova music in the background matches the theme well and adds to the simple and elegant ambience. It sounds like catchy elevator music you might hear in high-rise buildings. The sound effects for winning reactions are sharp and sound like arcade riffs which makes every win exciting.

    Juicy 7: A Taste like No Other

    Juicy 7 is a challenge to thousands of other classic, fruit-themed slots. Retro slots are difficult to innovate, but OneTouch has proven that even the most classic of concepts can have a modern twist. 

    It has a simple 3x3 format and uses familiar fruit symbols along with the Lucky 7 which are common in classic slots. The special features, however, add an exciting modern twist to this retro slot. 

    Juicy 7’s paylines are much higher than most classic slots with 27 ways to win. OneTouch proves they can innovate even the most basic concepts, adding a special Diamond Feature with huge and impressive rewards. Sit back and relax with light bossa-nova tickling your ears as wonderfully illustrated symbols spin along the reels. You’ll never know, you might get the chance to win the 800 x bet jackpot.