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    Steam Vault Demo

    Witness the wonders of this magnificent contraption from the 19th Century! Press the right buttons and crank the correct levers to win massive payouts in casino slot Steam Vault. 

    Increase the coal and go maximum overdrive with free spins and a Bonus Vault Feature. Push this payout-procuring machine to its fullest and have a chance to take a jackpot worth m₿ 25,000 in Steam Vault bitcoin slot. 

    Steam Vault Details 



    Game Type

    Video Slots


    27 Ways





    Minimum Bet

    m₿ 0.02

    Maximum Bet

    m₿ 10


    m₿ 25,000

    Steam Vault: Go Maximum Overdrive 

    Casino slot Steam Vault has 27 steam-powered paylines spread across 3 mechanical reels. This machine is powered by OneTouch and has a 96.1% RTP. You can operate this payout-producing apparatus by wagering at least m₿ 0.02 and set it to maximum overdrive by betting the highest bet worth m₿ 10 for a chance to take a jackpot of m₿ 25,000. 


    Steam Vault bitcoin slot is the most advanced wonder of the Victorian era. Operating it requires mastering the different coloured buttons that serve as the standard symbols of casino slot Steam Vault. Hitting standard combinations will score you the payouts below if you wager the highest amount:


    Set of 3

    Any Combination of Green Buttons

    m₿ 20

    Blue Buttons

    m₿ 50

    Green Triangle Buttons

    m₿ 70

    Green Square Buttons

    m₿ 150

    Red Buttons

    m₿ 500

    Wild and Scatter 

    A 19th-Century mechanical wonder such as Steam Vault bitcoin slot operates with gears and wheels. One of its special gears, the W gear is the wild symbol of the game. The wild symbol can substitute for standard and high-paying symbols in winning combinations as well as grant the prize below if you wager the highest amount: 


    Set of 3

    W Gear (Wild Symbol)

    m₿ 2,500 

    The Steam Vault bitcoin slot also has coal hatches to power it. This hatch is the scatter symbol of the game. The scatter symbol can be used to power free spins and acquire the payout below if you bet the maximum stake: 


    Set of 3

    Hatch (Scatter Symbol)

    m₿ 500

    Steam Vault: Steam-powered Boosts 

    Mastering this steam-powered wonder will reward you with powerful bonuses that you can use to take massive payouts. These boosts are free spins and a Bonus Vault feature. You can trigger 10 free spins of casino slot Steam Vault by hitting 3 scatter symbols on the reels. 

    You can activate the Bonus Vault feature by completing the Wheel of Vault by matching the symbols on the top of the wheel to the centre of the slot. Upon activation, the Bonus Vault Feature will give you a chance to spin a wheel that can reward you up to 2,500x your stake. 

    Steam Vault: A Vision in Bronze 

    Steam Vault bitcoin slot is one of the most advanced machines of its time. You will see a strange bronze and blue contraption complete with gears, bolts and nuts. This steampunk-inspired backdrop houses colourful symbols that contrast the metallic bronze.

    To make sure that the machine will have loyal patrons and sponsors, OneTouch also installed a player that lets you enjoy an old recording of a lively band from the 19th century. You will hear horns, clarinets and drums overlapped by the strange mechanical sounds from the machine.

    Steam Vault: Blast from the Past 

    Casino slot Steam Vault is certainly a treasure from its era. The steampunk aesthetic partnered with the massive prizes from free spins and the Bonus Vault feature will make you a fan of this blast from the past. 

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