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Min - Max bet

0.05 - 100 mBTC


Low volatility

Luxurious rewards are within reach at Andar Bahar!

Looking for a fast-paced game with massive payouts up to 12x your stake up for grabs? Enter OneTouch’s Andar Bahar table and experience thrilling gameplay that can fuel your adrenaline as the cards are dealt. Take home enormous prizes when you spin at an RTP of 94.9% if luck is on your side!

Play Andar Bahar in Bitcasino for a chance to Loot or Boot the payouts you stand to gain on the table. Wager at the maximum so that the prizes you earn are larger every time you bet on the right probability!

What are you waiting for? Grab your phone, tablet or desktop and sign in to enjoy the rewards you stand to gain in this rewarding table game by OneTouch.

Andar Bahar Details



Game Type

Table Game



Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet


Maximum Payout

12x your stake

Andar Bahar: Break the bank and win the maximum payout

Pick between the minimum bet of €0.50 up to the maximum of €500 when you play OneTouch’s Andar Bahar. Make sure you place bigger wagers to bag higher payouts. 

The mechanics of the game is easy to understand. Keep your focus on the cards dealt on the Joker, Andar and Bahar positions because this dictates whether you win or lose. Massive prizes can be yours at an RTP of 94.9% if you guessed the results correctly!

How to play Andar Bahar


Andar Bahar offers different denominations of 0.5, 1, 5, 25 and 100 to offer you a variety of the wagers you want to place. The chips that you are allowed to use during the round depend on your wager and bankroll.

First round: The Joker Card

You have to bet on the value of the Joker Card between the following choices during the first part of the game:

  • Below 8 (2 to 7)
  • Exactly 8
  • Above 8 (9 to A).

The objective is to get the value right to earn a payout. Additionally, you can also place side bets for the first round by guessing the card suit the Joker Card would be as listed below:

  • Hearts
  • Diamonds
  • Clubs
  • Spades.

Once all bets are placed, press the deal button. You can also clear the reset button if you’re not satisfied with your bet placements.

Second Round: Andar or Bahar

Whether you get the first round right or not, the game will proceed to the second after the Joker Card is dealt. The positions on either side of the Joker will open with the left one for Andar and the right for Bahar.

The objective for this round is to guess whether the card that matches the Joker Card is in the Andar or Bahar position. You can place your chips on either one of the positions.

If you think that 20 or more cards will be dealt before the matching card appears, place a chip on that position since there’s an optional side bet in the range.

Payout table

It’s your chance to win massive prizes on the Andar Bahar table! Just guess the right value for the Joker Card and find out if the matching card would land on the Andar or Bahar position to win the following rewards at the maximum wager:




1.85x your stake


1.95x your stake

Above 8 (9 to A)

2x your stake

Below 8 (2 to 7)

2x your stake

Exactly 8

12x your stake

Grab the chance to boost your winnings with other betting options that can reward you with the following payouts at the maximum wager:




3.7x your stake


3.7x your stake


3.7x your stake


3.7x your stake


3.9x your stake

Andar Bahar: Life’s little luxuries on the 52-card deck

In OneTouch’s Andar Bahar, a single 52-card deck is utilised per round shuffled before and after each round using the random number generator to ensure that all probabilities are randomised.

The Andar Bahar table also has a user-friendly design wherein the functions are integrated with the buttons present on it. You’ll see the Joker Card at the upper centre of the table and the betting options right below it.

There are 5 chip denominations that you can use for the game. This is located at the bottom of the screen with distinct colours to help guide you as you play. 

For the first round, only the Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, Above 8, Below 8 and Exactly 8 wagers are available. The clear and deal buttons are also located on the rightmost corner of the table to make it easier to navigate through the commands. 

In the second round, the aforementioned wagers are disabled to avoid confusion. Only the Andar, Bahar and 20+ betting options can be clicked. After you’ve settled your bets and clicked on the deal button, the game will deal with the cards to reveal where the matching card will land.

Have an even chance for the ultimate prize at Andar Bahar!

Waiting for the house to deal the card is thrilling because you can win up to 12x your stake at an RTP of 94.9%. With an even chance of winning, you know you can maximise your payouts to win massive prizes on the Andar Bahar table.

OneTouch knows how to develop games that can excite you to wager and win humongous rewards. Check out the other titles that have the same thrilling experience as Andar Bahar including Blackjack SupremeDragon Tiger Pro and Texas Hold’em Poker High Roller.

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