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Casino hotshots: The biggest celebrity gamblers in Africa

Casino hotshots: The biggest celebrity gamblers in Africa

Casino hotshots: The biggest celebrity gamblers in Africa

Thu May 12 2022 01:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Given that Africa is such a diverse and vast continent, there’s no doubt that its gambling industry is continuously growing by leaps and bounds. Would you believe that even the biggest public figures in Africa have joined the casino craze and built their own gambling spaces? These celebrity gamblers, against all odds, have tested their luck and made them even more passionate as punters.

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Once they leave their studios and movie sets, even busy celebrities can spend their free time placing bets on blackjack or poker anytime and anywhere with the best bitcoin casinos. Get to know the biggest celebrity gamblers and casino hotshots in Africa here at Bitcasino!

African celebrity gamblers you need to know

Learning about the gambling ventures of African celebrity gamblers sounds interesting, especially if you’ve been a huge fan of their work. What makes it more terrific is the next time you log in, you might end up playing with these hotshots and even win against them!

To get you started, here are the African celebrity gamblers you should know:

Celebrity gambler #1: King Kaka

Known as one of the most renowned Kenyan rappers to ever exist, King Kaka is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and award-winning hip-hop icon. Apart from his musical legacy, he is one of the celebrity gamblers who has recently signed a partnership with casino site, further revolutionising the ever-lasting mark of online crypto casinos.

To celebrate King Kaka as the newest ambassador of, the platform provides special promotions and bonuses such as free bets, cash backs and signed merchandise, to name a few. You also get the chance to meet King Kaka personally and challenge him to a game of blackjack!

Head of Africa at, Albert Climent, shared that they chose King Kaka as their new partner because his humanitarian works inspired them to continue innovating their goals in the industry. Climent believes that King Kaka is the perfect figure that can match their approach in crypto gaming: fun, fast and fair. 

King Kaka with Sportsbet is a great leap in defining what it means to be a part of the platform. You have access to world-class entertainment, Premier League matches, premium viewing and invites to Bombay Club. 

Celebrity gambler #2: Tekno Miles

Tekno Miles has an inspiring musical career that made him a superstar, eventually earning his title as the king of Afro Pop. Back in 2012, he caught the eye of Nigerian comedian Julius Agwu when he performed his remix of Oleku. His career started right there, which urged him to move to Lagos to make a mark in the industry.

What’s surprising is that this 2022, Tekno decided to join the Bitcasino family as a global ambassador! His love for technological innovations makes him the perfect match for the platform. Your online casino sessions will be taken to a whole new level when you hear his well-written songs that have dominated the African pop charts!

In an interview, Tekno stated that he is excited to be a part of the platform. He said that crypto is a game-changer, especially in West Africa where some of the biggest celebrity gamblers come from.

With Tekno as Bitcasino’s global ambassador, your casino journey will become more luxurious than ever. You get the chance to join him in entering the breathtaking world of VIP club player casinos with exclusive promotions, vacation trips and raffle prizes, among other things. 

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Celebrity gambler #3: Whoopi Goldberg

The gambling scene has not only welcomed male African celebrities but has also opened its doors for famous women. This includes Whoopi Goldberg, a television personality who won a Tony Award when she produced the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie. Her acting career found its momentum when Steven Spielberg noticed her in The Belly Room at The Comedy Store. The director offered her the lead role in The Color Purple, which later received critical acclaim and commercial success.

She is one of the celebrity gamblers who play online and land-based games at the same time. Goldberg has expressed her opinions on the US gambling scenes in several interviews. She even became briefly controversial when she said that gamblers should not bring their babies on the casino floor. According to her, it sounds a bit frustrating to hear them sobbing when you just want to concentrate on what you’re playing. 

When she decided to go on a vacation back in 2018, Goldberg shared that she spent her time in Atlantic City, a famous resort city with several casinos and hotels. However, with her remarks about children in land-based casinos, it’s safe to assume that she mainly prefers playing on online casino platforms. You never know, you might play with her in a game of roulette or a poker session!

Celebrity gambler #4: Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o has always been the talk of the town, given that her captivating beauty has enthralled audiences across the world. Born in Mexico City to Kenyan parents, she began her career in Hollywood by working as a production assistant. As years went by, Nyong’o appeared in star-studded movies such as Black PantherStar Wars and Captain Marvel, establishing her influence as a household name.

Although Lupita Nyong’o hasn’t confirmed yet if she plays on online or land-based casinos, she does not entirely oppose the idea. This was proven when she promoted an upcoming movie in Monte Casino, one of the best gambling spaces in Johannesburg. She might be one of the celebrity gamblers you can possibly compete with one day!

Celebrity gambler #4: Akon

Who would ever forget the 2000 pop hits that include SorryBlame It On MeSmack ThatDon’t Matter and I Wanna Love You? For those who don’t know, they were written and released by the Senegalese-American R&B singer Akon. Throughout his career, he has already received three Grammy nominations and founded two labels—Konvict Muzik and KonLive Distribution. He even ranked 5th in the 40 Most Powerful Celebrities in Africa list released by Forbes, making him one of the biggest hotshots of African descent. 

Just like his fellow celebrity gamblers, Akon is also known for his unending love for gambling and online casinos. He even started building a futuristic metro called the Akon City in Senegal that features solar power plants, a stadium, shopping malls and a massive casino. 

He announced that this will be the first 100% crypto-based city operating with its crypto called Aikon. The R&B singer also revealed that Marvel’s Black Panther film inspired him to explore the diaspora of African culture by establishing a revolutionary capital in the continent. This will undeniably attract regulars and celebrity gamblers alike to further fall in love with the marvel casinos bring.

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Celebrity gambler #5: Sol Kerzner

Aside from the popular actors, singers and musicians, there is an African business magnate considered to be one of the celebrity gamblers due to his influence on tourism and casinos. He was given the chance to take control of his family's business due to his degree in BCom (Hons) in Accounting and experience as an accountant. Years later, he managed to buy the Astra Hotel in Durban, along with South Africa's first five-star hotel in Umhlanga. 

With this, Kerzer was known to change the trajectory of the casino scene in Africa. His ideas started when he was flying over a pile of land, he then realised that he could convert it into a breathtaking resort that includes a huge casino. 

Before Las Vegas even became the heart of gambling, Kerzner’s Sun City held that reputation in South Africa during the 1980s. The resort was known for its freedom and fun, attracting lots of locals and tourists alike. It has everything you’re looking for—man-made lakes, artificial volcanoes, fire-breathing animatronic statues, hotels and a casino. 

He also built the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut and once owned Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, selling it to Merv Griffin three years later. His casino ventures didn’t stop there. He even bought Paradise Island Resort and transformed it into Atlantis, establishing the Caribbean's largest casino of all time. 

Aside from his influence on the gambling scene, Kerzner made sure that his operations would omit any racial bias. During the apartheid era when whites and blacks were not allowed to mingle, he went against the tides. The casinos he built gave people the freedom to interact with each other regardless of their race. 

Kenzer died in 2020 from a long battle with lung cancer, but his name will forever be remembered in the industry of gambling. 

Celebrity gambler #7: 50 Cent

Another hotshot African-American that has a passion for gambling and sports betting is 50 Cent, a rapper, actor and entrepreneur. Along with Eminem and Dr Dre, he earned the reputation of being one of the best hip-hop artists in the music industry. He does not only surprise the world with his albums and lyrical brevity but also with the outrageous bets he’s made throughout the years. 

He once placed a bet worth US$2,000,000 against professional boxer Manny Pacquiao and he was fortunate enough to win. 50 Cent also wagered the same amount on the 49ers against the New York Giants and made a clean sweep once again. He’s a celebrity gambler that has made impressive wagers over the years!

At Bitcasino, you are always a hotshot

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Words by: Rachelle Bulalacao

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Casino hotshots: The biggest celebrity gamblers in Africa