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Tekno’s casino playlist: Funky beats for a winning gamble!

Tekno’s casino playlist: Funky beats for a winning gamble!

Tekno’s casino playlist: Funky beats for a winning gamble!

Mon Mar 14 2022 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The King of Afro Pop is here to spice up your gaming session by showing you all the fun ways to enjoy your favourite games. As a singer, songwriter and an avid fan of casino games, Tekno knows best just how much the right tune could take any casino game to the next level.

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Below, we explore Tekno’s hot playlist with songs that get him into a winning mood. Put on your headphones and listen to the Afro-pop sensation’s faves and ride the beat to your next jackpot win! 

Tekno Miles: Popstar and casino enthusiast

Before diving into his playlist, first, here are a few things you need to know about Tekno. He is, after all, a Bitcasino global brand ambassador and also one of the most successful and talented African musicians of this generation.

Tekno as an Afro popstar 

Augustine Kelechi or better known as Tekno is a young musician who took the African pop music charts by storm with his fresh beats and captivating lyrics. Despite his young age, Tekno is regarded as one of the best Nigerian musicians famous for his Afrobeat, RnB and hip hop songs.

Aside from being a great performer, Tekno is also a songwriter and producer of his own songs. One of his greatest hits is Duro, which earned him three nominations and an award in the 9th Nigeria Music Video Awards for Best Pop Extra Video in 2015. 

Tekno as an avid casino player

Just like in his music, Tekno also applies the same burning passion for his gambles.This is why Tekno joined the Bitcasino family as a global ambassador to share to the world a new side of online casino gaming. 

Tekno gambles with crypto and sees it as a game-changer not just in West Africa but also in the rest of the world. And to make his games more fun, Tekno combines his passion for music and gambling by listening to his favourite tunes as he plays. 

Tekno’s playlist: Tuned to win

As a pop star known for his songs and gambles, we asked Tekno what songs get him in a winning mood. Here are his favourites! 

Mufasa by Tekno 

The first on the list is one of Tekno’s latest songs, ‘Mufasa’. It seems like it’s not just the fans who have this song stuck in their heads since the singer shares that this is one of the songs he likes to listen to as he spins the reels or wagers his bets The upbeat rhythm of the song combined with the empowering lyrics is sure to hype you up and lead you straight to a win.

Listen to this new banger and put on your dancing shoes as you chase the thrill in the betting table of Bitcasino. Get to feel like Mufasa and wager your way to the best wins like a king! 

Pana by Tekno 

You might’ve already expected to see this one on the list, after all, who could ever forget the greatest hit produced by Tekno? Granted that this young Nigerian music genius has no bad songs, but if we have to choose the best, it would definitely be Pana. It seems like even Tekno agrees since he has included it in his casino playlist.

Just like all of Tekno’s songs, Pana has a captivating beat that will have you dancing in no time. The African percussion in the background creates a melodious beat that will make you feel giddy as you seek thrills in your wager and spin the reels of your favourite slots. 

Hera Onge by King Kaka ft. Okello Max 

Hera Onge has slow but entrancing lyrics that will give you a ‘Happy Hour’ as you play your favourite Bitcasino games. This song is all about young love with a funky twist. 

We can’t blame Tekno for vibing to this banger since we can see ourselves listening to this hit by King Kaka on repeat while placing the best wagers on the table. Listen to Hera Onge now and sway to the beat of King Kaka’s genius verses. 

Doc Shebeleza by Cassper Nyovest

Doc Shebeleza is easily one of the best songs created by Cassper Nyovest. What landed it on Tekno’s casino playlist is its energetic beat that instantly gives you the boost you need to get that winning streak. 

The strident synthesisers playing in the background gives the song a classic feel almost similar to Kwaito, the Afro genre that inspired Cassper. 

Get hooked on the beat of Doc Shebeleza and make every wager more exciting when you have this song playing in the background. 

Girlie ‘O’ by Patoranking ft. Tiwa Savage 

Two of the most prominent entertainers in Nigeria combines their talent with this upbeat banger. What made Tekno choose this song in his playlist is the fact that it has a mellow tune that is easy to follow and vibe with. It’s the perfect backdrop to when you are playing skill-based games since it can put your mind at ease. With the sweet melody and the lively rhythm of Girlie ‘O’, wins are sure to come your way! 

Essence by Wizkid

Wizkid, Nigeria’s starboy makes his way on the list with a track that shook the world to its core. It’s no surprise that ‘Essence’ graced Tekno’s playlist. Aside from being a total banger, ‘Essence’ has been called one of the best songs of 2021 by the news site Associated Press.

In fact, the song became so popular that it received several remixes including one from the RnB star, Justin Bieber. 

Listen to the soothing beat of ‘Essence’ and serenade lady luck to your side with the captivating lyrics by one of Nigeria’s biggest stars, Wizkid.

Put your radio on and get your gamble on the road! 

Found the perfect song to gamble to? Download this playlist on your music streamer and listen to Tekno’s playlist to get yourself in a winning mood. Here are some of the best games for you to play, dance and sing to in Bitcasino. Get your dancing shoes on and ready your wager! 

Leprechaun’s Song by Pragmatic Play

Vibe with leprechauns and jam to the tune of your wins as you spin the reels of casino slot Leprechaun’s Song. This game by Pragmatic Play offers not just a hefty jackpot worth 4,800x your wager but it will also put you in a tap-dancing mood as you win bonuses after bonuses in its rainbow Wild feature.


Feel the Music by Caleta

Get grooving and find the rhythm of your gamble in casino slot Feel the Music. This game by Caleta lives up to the musical and upbeat vibe of Tekno’s playlist. And once you spin, you’ll find yourself inside a music room where you can jam to your preferred tunes as you wager for the jackpot worth 2,000x your bet.


Band Outta Hell by Genii

Get all fired up with the sizzling wins of casino slot Band Outta Hell and listen to Tekno’s playlist as you spin the reels! Let the funky tunes of your favourite songs bring you a win of up to 2,000 credits. Change the way you play and find your winning rhythm in Bitcasino!


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Tekno’s casino playlist: Funky beats for a winning gamble!