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Take your wins to the next level!

Take your wins to the next level!

Take your wins to the next level!

Fri Aug 19 2022 01:18:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Between playing exciting games and winning jaw-dropping payouts, what gives players maximum satisfaction are the bonuses they can get. These casino bonuses are created by the house to reward you with the boost to reach the highest possible wins. 

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Here at Bitcasino, we reward players with Casino Boosts so you can win a percentage of payouts separate from your actual win. This gives high roller players like you an amazing advantage since it means that you can get to enjoy higher payouts with no wagering requirement. 

Find out how you can use it to level up your win and blast your payouts to the sky with a casino boost. See just why Bitcasino is the best casino to play your favourite games

Casino bonuses explained: What are casino boosts?

If you’re familiar with the price boost in sports betting sites, then it would be easier for you to grasp the concept of a casino boost. This exclusive and unique bonus at Bitcasino offers a similar experience as a price boost. 

Taking a page out of how sports betting sites treat their bettors, Bitcasino created the casino boost to help you get a leg up on your wins. These casino boost bonuses are rewarded when you play a game during an active boost period. Here, the amount you could win depends on the percentage displayed in the boost banner. 

What’s amazing about this is that the percentage win is separate from your actual game payout. This means that if you chance upon a casino boost with a 10% bonus and won 100 USDT during the period indicated in the casino boost banner, you will win an additional 10 USDT and take home a total of 110 USDT! 

It’s fun, easy and completely free to try. Every registered player of Bitcasino can enjoy this bonus and win as they wager real money bets while staying safe in using the site at the same time. Even better is that high roller players can test out the limits of their wager and increase their possible wins with higher bets. 

How does the casino boost work? 

Get to win the biggest rewards using the casino boost bonus! This casino incentive is considered one of the most popular online casino bonuses since it is available for all players and rewards instant wins without any wagering requirement. 

Here’s how casino boosts work as well as how to get a casino boost:

  • To qualify for the boost, you must play your favourite games with real money wagers. 
  • While playing, the casino boost banner will appear on your screen. Click it to see the timer, total win, boost win and claim button. 
  • The banner features a countdown during which you have to play and win as many payouts as you can to receive the maximum boost win.  
  • Once the timer runs out, all of the payouts you’ve won during that period will be totalled and their specific percentage will be taken as your bonus win. 
  • Keep in mind that there is a limit to how much you can win in the boost reward.
  • To receive your casino boost reward, click on the ‘claim now’ button at the front end of the casino boost banner.

To help you understand how casino boosts are applied, here’s an example:

Player A has a 10% casino boost on any of the available slot games and the boost duration is set at 2 minutes with the maximum boost reward being 10 USDT. If player A plays on their selected slot game for two minutes and wins 20 USDT, player A can claim 2 USDT. 

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How to use the casino boost bonus

Push your payouts to the limit and win more with Bitcasino’s casino boost bonus! Here’s how to use and maximise the casino boost bonus:  

Step 1: Make sure you are registered to Bitcasino and log in to your account. 

Step 2. Deposit funds into your account since the casino boost can only work if you are wagering real-money bets.

Step 2: Select the game you want to play. This bonus will give you a slot boost and increase your win so pick a good slot game! 

Step 3: Switch your game to ‘real mode’ and choose your bet. 

Step 4: A banner of the casino boost will appear on your screen, displaying the time limit, percentage of win, total win and claim button. Click the casino boost banner to start and begin playing your games as usual. 

Step 5: Once the timer ends, your total win for that period will be displayed. The percentage of it indicated by the banner will be displayed as your casino boost win. 

Step 6: Click the ‘claim now’ button to take your wins. It will immediately be sent to your balance. 

Step 7: Wait for more casino boost banners! More will appear during the duration of the feature launch. Play casino using boosts and win more payouts today! 

How to maximise your casino boost   

Casino boosts are limited offers, so it would be best to maximise what you can get by following the casino winning tips below. 

  1. Always wager the maximum bet

A casino boost will reward you based on the percentage of your total wins within the indicated time. By wagering high roller bets, you will receive bigger payouts in your game and thus, you will be rewarded with a higher bonus from the boost. 

  1. Find games with a high payout win per payline 

Remember that the higher your reward, the higher your bonus will be so choose games that can help you maximise your casino boost with higher payouts.

  1. Look for a game with a high RTP percentage 

A high RTP percentage indicates the game may pay out more frequently. If you can find a game with a high RTP percentage, you can at least have a better chance of winning within the set time by the casino boost. 

  1. Log in every day

Log in every day to your Bitcasino account so you don’t miss out on any casino boost banners! 

The best Bitcasino rewards exclusively for you 

A casino boost percentage is not the only way Bitcasino rewards its players. In fact, being a VIP at Bitcasino is easily the most rewarding experience. We offer exclusive bonuses, high-end casino rewards, and all the luxury you deserve. 

As a VIP, you can win collectable points that are convertible to Free Spins, cash or crypto tokens the more you wager on your high roller games. 

And the best thing? You can get exclusive invites to casino events all across the globe. Think VIP services, yacht parties, business class travels and 5-star hotel experiences all paid for by Bitcasino. You can have it all in the VIP club!  

How do I become a VIP player at Bitcasino? 

The title of a VIP player isn’t given to just anyone. It is earned through playing high roller games and being active at Bitcasino. Those who capture the attention of Bitcasino through their constant deposits and high roller gamblers will receive an exclusive invite to the club. 

Lastly, you can win rewards as you increase your loyalty rank at Bitcasino. The more milestones you achieve, the more rewards will be added to your balance. With an increasing loyalty level, Bitcasino will reward you with a chance to join the elites of the casino world.  

How do I claim my rewards? 

Bitcasino will notify you if you have a reward waiting in your account. You can check out the list of your rewards in the ‘Rewards’ tab in your account setting. Click on the bonus that you want to activate and hit ‘submit’ to enable the bonus. 

Please note that you can only activate one bonus at a time and you need to deposit on your Bitcasino account if you haven’t yet. Otherwise, the reward will not be triggered.

As for your VIP rewards, it is mostly won in raffle draws that Bitcasino will email you about once you get picked as the lucky winner. 

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Making the most out of your bonuses: Tips by pro players!

As rewarding as bonuses are, they are often limited and don’t come by often. With that in mind, it only makes sense to take advantage of the bonuses to get the biggest possible payouts. Take a look at the tips given by professionals on how to maximise your bonuses in Bitcasino below: 

  1. Check your bonus percentage and maximum win amount

When winning a casino bonus like a casino boost, you need to first check the bonus percentage as well as the maximum amount you could win in the boost. Knowing these can help you calculate the most optimal deposit amount to put in your bankroll. 

  1. Review the bonus terms and conditions

Make sure you go by the terms and conditions of your bonus to make sure you will not be disqualified from receiving your reward. Check if there are any wagering requirements to make the most out of your win. 

  1. Wager a high roller bet

Most rewards are calculated based on your wins. For this reason, it will be better if you wager the highest possible bet to increase the number of wins you could receive. Help yourself with some casino tricks to win to ensure that your desired wins would be in your hands!  

  1. Find a no wagering requirement bonus

Bonuses with no wagering requirement are the best since they allow you to qualify for the bonus regardless if you are wagering low or high. If you are a high roller who wants to see how far you can go with your wager, this is an advantage for you since there is no limit to how much you can bet on your favourite games! 

Casino Boosts FAQs 

Do only real money bets count in casino boost? 

Yes, you can only qualify for the casino boost bonus if you are betting real money wagers. 

Is there a minimum spin or bet requirement in casino boost? 

No, casino boost is a no wagering requirement bonus. This means you can wager any amount you want from the minimum to maximum stake and still qualify for the percentage boost reward. 

Are all games included in the casino boost? 

Yes, you can select the game you want to play during the boost to make sure you are having the best casino experience! Check the top casino games to play to know which ones to choose.

What is the timeframe for the boost? 

The casino boost timer often gives you 2 minutes to win as much payout as you can in your game. 

What win would be boosted? Is it the latest win only? 

No, the boost is not limited to the latest win. All of your wins during the casino boost will be added together and their percentage will be your bonus. 

Where and how is the casino boost win credited? 

The boost win will be credited once the bonus ends. Click ‘claim now’ to receive your boost win and it would instantly be added to your user balance. You can track your bonus the same way as Loyalty rewards.  

Words by: Ana Gundran

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