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Why Bitcasino is the best crypto casino in 2022

Why Bitcasino is the best crypto casino in 2022

Why Bitcasino is the best crypto casino in 2022

Tue Jun 14 2022 05:22:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Online gaming has become bigger and better than ever, so more and more online casinos are doing their best to stand out among the rest. Bitcasino, in particular, is an excellent contender thanks to all the exciting things we have to offer. 

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The mark of an excellent crypto casino comes in the form of how well it can connect with its players, and we here at Bitcasino have certainly done that thanks to our player-centered campaigns and innovative promotional content. 

With lots of gamespromotions and rewards up for grabs, Bitcasino players are in for only the best experiences as a part of our community. 

The online casino brand of the year

As the number one crypto casino in the world, Bitcasino boasts 4 nominations in the 2022 EGR Marketing and Innovation Awards as recognition of our year-long efforts to bring fun, fast and fair experiences to our players worldwide. These nominations included:

Aside from bestowing prestige unlike any other, being the online casino brand of the year is the fruit of our sought-after campaigns and promotional events all year-round. 

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Bitcasino’s stellar marketing campaigns 

Our prestige nominations are all thanks to our innovative and fun campaigns that make Bitcasino the best platform for online casino players. 

To learn more about these campaigns, see the list below: 

The Bitcasino Loyalty Club rewards 

One of the best and most exciting things people look forward to in the Bitcasino campaign is joining the Loyalty Club. This is where you win loyalty points and cashback rewards among other things. It’s an excellent way to reap the rewards you’ve sown as a Bitcasino player!

Partnerships with global ambassadors

Bitcasino also prides itself on having lots of amazing ambassadors that embody what the platform stands for. Baruto, for example, is one of the newest faces of Bitcasino, being an accomplished sumo wrestler. His arrival into the Bitcasino family includes the launch of a new game plus special perks and activities to look forward to. 

Among our ambassadors are Nigerian artist Tekno Miles, Kenyan rapper King Kaka, South African hip-hop legend Cassper Nyovest, Canadian hockey league 3ICE and the renowned esports team, Evil Geniuses.

Game of the Week

Another thing you can look forward to in Bitcasino is the Game of the Week selection. Once a week, we choose a special game and feature it on our homepage. Whether it’s a brand new game or a beloved classic, try the chosen game every week to get exclusive bonuses and rewards!

Get cashback on crypto deposits 

As the first and one of the best certified Bitcoin casinos in the world, Bitcasino offers rewards for those who deposit in cryptocurrency. Players can get cashback rewards on crypto deposits every Monday depending on their gaming progress the week before. Up to a 10% cashback reward can be won! 

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An innovative casino experience 

When it comes to giving our players the best casino experience, we never settle for less. From the newest games available to groundbreaking campaigns and promotions, we're always looking for the next best and most innovative thing for our players. 

Here’s some of the innovations we have at Bitcasino that will change the way you play:

ESTCube partnership

One of our most innovative projects to date is our upcoming partnership with ESTCube where we will send 1 Bitcoin to space! Cryptographic software will be included in Estonia’s first satellite that will orbit the earth by the latter half of the year. Now that’s one way of Bitcoin going to the moon!

Welcoming the MetaMask Wallet

Another innovation recently brought to you by Bitcasino is the MetaMask wallet to transfer funds to and from the platform. You can now connect your MetaMask crypto wallet to Bitcasino and use it to deposit ETH tokens into your account.

The Bitcasino android app

Thanks to the Bitcasino android app, players can take their online casino experience anywhere they want. All players have to do is scan the QR code and download the app to play their favourite games anytime and anywhere they want. 

Join Bitcasino, one of the best crypto casinos in 2022

These and many more amazing innovations are at work here at Bitcasino, so always be on the lookout to witness them all for yourself. With our weekly and monthly events and campaigns that will spice up your game, there’s never a dull moment with us.

A selection of awesome slotslive dealers and casual games are all within your reach here, so join us here at Bitcasino today and see what’s in store for you! 

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Why Bitcasino is the best crypto casino in 2022