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Are You Ready to Take Your Loyalty to the Next Level?

Are You Ready to Take Your Loyalty to the Next Level?

Are You Ready to Take Your Loyalty to the Next Level?

Fri Dec 06 2019 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Playing on Bitcasino might have been your usual pastime for a while, but what if you found out that you can get rewards outside of game payouts with your every bet?

It’s high time you found out about Bitcasino’s Loyalty Club and the brilliant benefits it can bring you. You don’t even have to do anything besides playing your favourite table games and slots from some of the world’s best gaming providers.

The games from these providers are excluded from the Loyalty Club because they have in-game features that are not compatible with or do not suit the overall entertainment purpose of the Club. The list is incredibly short compared to the thousands of other game choices you can garner points from.

Speaking of points, the ones you collect from playing games are called Loyalty Level Points (LP). You’ll need those to level up and be rewarded personalized prizes. The points are usually given based on bet value. For instance, betting 1 EUR can give you 5 LPs. That means, the higher you bet, the more points you get!

You can get Milestone Rewards such as free spins and bonuses or Rebate Cash. You can collect level points all throughout a certain month, but keep in mind that all points and milestones are reset once the month concludes. You can keep your level for the current month and the month after, but if you don’t garner enough points to keep it, you’ll be dropped one level.

If you want more information about the terms and conditions of becoming part of the Loyalty Club, you should read this article.

How to Level up Your Loyalty?

There are seven different loyalty levels you can reach while playing on Bitcasino. Each having different point requirements and milestones you can save up for. Don’t worry about not being able to get enough points, because there are 1x to 3x Multipliers available to help you get points faster. Here are the levels you can aim for as well as the points required to unlock them:

Beginner (Level 1)

  • Points: 0 - 4
  • Points Multiplier: 1x
  • Rebate: 0%.

This level marks the beginning of your journey. You’re already equipped with a boost⁠— a 1x Multiplier for your points! Once you reach 5 points, you can move on to the next course.

Fan (Level 2)

  • Points: 5 - 3,749
  • Points Multiplier: 1x
  • Rebate: 0%.

After you’ve earned 5 points, you are welcomed to the next level as a fan. Getting to this place is a breeze, but to reach its milestone, you’ll need 2,856 points.

Expert (Level 3)

  • Points: 3,750 - 29,999
  • Points Multiplier: 1x
  • Rebate: 0%.

Getting 3,750 points bumps you up to this level. Consider yourself a Bitcasino connoisseur with a lot of surprises waiting to be unlocked as you bet your way through this Loyalty expedition. You can claim three milestones by earning 12,471 to 28,508 points. 

Master (Level 4)

  • Points: 30,000 - 249,999
  • Points Multiplier: 1.25x
  • Rebate: 0%.

The moment you reach 30,000 points, you’re a master of your craft. Get ready for a chance to grasp four milestones by collecting 84,413 to 242,683 points.

Guru (Level 5)

  • Points: 250,000 - 749,999
  • Points Multiplier: 1.5x
  • Rebate: 5%.

As a Guru, you’re reaching the last leg of the Loyalty journey. Reaching this level means you’ve earned 250,000 points with the opportunity to get five milestone rewards. These milestones can be obtained by collecting 348,276 to 734,054 points. 

Legend (Level 6)

  • Points: 750,000 - 3,749,999
  • Points Multiplier: 2x
  • Rebate: 10%.

You know what they say about legends, they never die. And on this level, you’ll feel invincible because it means you’ve reached 750,000 points. You will also be granted an opportunity to reach nine whopping milestones attainable with 1,083,567 to 3,642,229 points.

Three million points may be much, but it can be worth it once you find out that it can give you a Hero Level.

Hero (Level 7)

  • Points: 3,750,000
  • Points Multiplier: 3x
  • Rebate: 10%.

Hero level is the most prestigious level you can reach, and earning this title means you earned at least 3,750,000 points. Achieving such greatness means you are officially a part of the Loyalty Club. If you just keep on playing, you might just receive an invite one day to join it!

Be Rewarded for Your Loyalty

Now that you know how to level up your loyalty, you can move on to learning about the rewards that come with it. There are only two types of rewards: Milestones and Rebate Cash. 

Milestone Rewards

Milestone Rewards can be anything from free spins, bonuses to reward points. You can get those Milestone Rewards each time you get enough points to claim them.

Rebate Cash

The second type of reward is Rebate Cash. You earn it depending on the house edge percentage of your chosen game. Hypothetically speaking, since the average house edge of slot games is 4% or mɃ0.4, you can get back mɃ9.6 for every mɃ10 bet.

Once you become a Hero-level player, you’ll get back mɃ0.04 for every bet you make because the rebate percentage is at 10%. All rebate cash you receive gets put in the reward balance wallet with no restrictions, regardless of your bet outcome. 

The Rebate Points are reset every six months, so it’s better that you use it up before it expires. Reward points can be withdrawn at any time after being converted into cash. 

Loyalty Level Up: A No-Brainer

Knowing how to level up your loyalty prepares you to become a strategic casino player, but then again all you really have to do is play! There are no hidden rules. Once you start playing, you start levelling up the ladder.

You should watch out for awesome network promotions where you can use your loyalty points. There are a lot of different campaigns and events you can join using these points, so keep a steady eye on them and bring home the wins!


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Are You Ready to Take Your Loyalty to the Next Level?