NFT Paradise Trippies


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Real mode

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Min. bet

0.025 mBTC


High volatility

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Paradise Trippies: Join the ultimate NFT hunt!

Jump into the NFT Craze by trying your hand at one of the hottest slot games in Bitcasino, Paradise Trippies. In this fun and exciting title by Caleta, not only will you have a chance to win tons of prizes in Bitcoin but unique NFTs as well!

With an RTP of 96% and numerous ways to win, land the beautiful artworks in winning combinations and get a chance to win up to 10x your initial bet! Wager now because all you have to do is bet between the minimum bet of 0.025 mBTC and the maximum of 2.50 mBTC. 

An abundant amount of bonus symbols and features increases your chance of taking home tons of prizes including an NFT when you play this game on your mobile, PC and table!

Paradise Trippies Details



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.025 mBTC

Maximum Bet

2.50 mBTC


10x your initial bet

Paradise Trippies: Join the ultimate NFT hunt!

After applying sunscreen, put on your flip flops and lie down under the sun while searching for the valuable NFT artworks in the Paradise Trippies slots! 

These charming illustrations all feature a unique character and each of them holds high value! All you have to do is spin the 5 reels and bet on the 243 paylines and land them in a matching set to claim their payouts. 


Low-paying Symbols

As you spend a relaxing day on the paradise-like beach of this colourful slot game, be on the lookout for the valuable NFTs you’ll encounter. They’ve come alive in this world and they serve as the game’s paying symbols. 

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Trippy Drink

0.1000 mBTC

0.7500 mBTC

1.2500 mBTC

Smoking Goblin

0.2000 mBTC

1.0000 mBTC

2.5000 mBTC

Smoking Bunny

0.2500 mBTC

1.2500 mBTC

3.7500 mBTC

Trucker Werewolf

0.4000 mBTC

2.5000 mBTC

5.0000 mBTC

Trippy Frog

0.5000 mBTC

3.0000 mBTC

6.2500 mBTC

High-paying Symbols

As for the high-paying symbols, they are still represented by NFT artworks but this time, they’re the rarer kind which means they hold higher values! These symbols include

  • Medusa: The only woman capable of turning those who look here in the eyes into stone is considered as one of the highest-paying symbols in the game. In this game, Medusa is beautifully and accurately designed to match the description found in various greek mythology books. She’s instantly recognized by her bright and glowing red eyes and of course, her iconic snake hair.
  • Pink Fairy: Get all your wishes granted when the Pink Fairy NFT lands in winning combinations. This charming character has butterfly wings and pink antennas that resemble antlers.
  • Rainbow Winged Dragon: A majestic Rainbow Winged Dragon functions as the highest paying icon in the game.

Land them in winning combinations to add tons of Bitcoins in your wallet.

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


0.7500 mBTC

3.5000 mBTC

7.5000 mBTC

Pink Fairy

1.0000 mBTC

4.0000 mBTC

10.0000 mBTC

Rainbow Winged Dragon

1.2500 mBTC

5.0000 mBTC

25.0000 mBTC

Special Symbols

Wild Symbol

Because Paradise Trippies is a slot game focused on NFTs, it wouldn’t be complete without featuring one of the most famous works in the industry, the BAYTs or Bored Ape Yacht Club. These iconic apes serve as the game’s Wild and  substitutes for any other symbol in the game except for Scatters to increase your chances of getting matching sets.

There are tons of these apes circulating the internet but the specific one you’ll see in this game features a psychedelic design and wears a party hat. This festive design rightly describes the symbol’s role in the game as once it appears, it will feel like a prize-filled party.

Bonus Symbol

As for the game’s Bonus Symbol, it’s depicted by a golden box featuring a drawing of a monkey’s face. This box plays a huge role in your journey to winning big prizes and collecting NFTs as landing 3 or more of them anywhere on the reels triggers the Legendary Box Bonus.

Moreover, once this symbol is presented to you, all you have to do is click on it to reveal the prize. The box can contain multipliers that range between 1x to 10x or a Mega Trip Symbol that takes you to the bonus feature of the same name. 

Bonus Features

Mega Trip Bonus

Once you find the Mega Trip Symbol in the mysterious glowing box, you’ll be automatically taken to this feature where a reel containing different prizes will appear, ranging from cash prizes or a unique NFT!

The NFTs that you’ll get a chance of winning will be categorised into three levels of rarity: Bad, Good and Special. However, whichever one you get, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have a valuable piece of work that you can make a profit out of depending on the market.

These NFTs are creatively-themed by artists around the world and each of them features a unique design which makes them all the more valuable. 

Once you do land on the NFT pocket on this bonus reel, make sure to keep your lines open as the online Bitcasino team will be keeping in touch with you. To give you your brand new NFT, you’d have to provide the team with your wallet address. Then, Bitcasino will proceed to send you the artwork within 72 hours or less.

The process is seamless as the artwork will directly go into your account, you don’t have to pay for any additional fees from third-party applications. Moreover, once you receive the NFT, you’re free to keep them for as long as you want or hold onto them until they increase in value.

Activating this bonus is important as it can help you kickstart your NFT collection or add more to it if you already have one. Regardless of which one you choose, the important thing is that you’ll take home something valuable that only you will have the original copy of.

Lastly, keep in mind that winning NFTs are only available if you play Paradise Trippies in real mode.

Paradise Trippies: Take a trip to an NFT-filled oasis

Paradise Trippies slots by Caleta takes place on a beautiful tropical beach just off the coast of Hawaii. Right off the bat, you’ll immediately feel the summer and relaxing vibe that the developers are trying to achieve. This is thanks to the different elements that it features such as the beach bar, palm trees, vegetation and more. 

This ambience is emphasised by the relaxing and serene background sound consisting of winds whooshing, birds chirping and waves crashing by the shore. The great thing about these sound effects is they perfectly accompany the smooth animations incorporated on the screen making the game more realistic.

Some of the animations you’ll see while playing include flying birds, a hot air balloon roaming the sky, a goblin hiding in the beach bar and more. Take time to observe the background of the game to spot these blink and you’ll miss details!

These tiny details may not seem like much at first but they do a great job of fully immersing you into the game which is why we recommend wearing headphones while playing.

The biggest highlight, however, is the impressive full day cycle the game features. If you’d observe the background from time to time, you’ll notice that the sun continuously sets and rises and as this happens, the time of day also changes accordingly.

This way, you can appreciate the charmingly-designed background at different times of the day. From the ‘Golden Hour’ to the beautiful dawn of the sun, you’ll witness the time pass as you get lost spinning the reels of this game.

Paradise Trippies: Build your NFT collection now!

Get ready to go on the ultimate Cruise of Fortune when you head to the beautiful and serene beach in the world of Paradise Trippies slotsby Caleta. This beach, reminiscent of the ones found in Rio de Janeiro, is filled with unique and beautifully designed NFTs by artists from Bitcasino.

Feel the sun on your skin and the fine sand on your feet as you spin its reels and try to land the symbols in winning combinations. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll be the one to take home the jackpot of up to 10x your initial bet!

NFT Paradise Trippies