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The best Bitcoin dice strategy in 2023

The best Bitcoin dice strategy in 2023

The best Bitcoin dice strategy in 2023

Tue Feb 28 2023 01:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Due to their fast-paced gameplay, Bitcoin dice games provide thrill and fun to gambling players. You just need to make a wager at your chosen casino and see if the resulting dice roll is in your favour.

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As a game of luck, predicting the right outcome is nearly impossible since it depends on the dice roll. Fortunately, there are various strategies you can use to improve your chances of winning. Find out what those are here at Bitcasino.

What is crypto dice?

Crypto dice, or Bitcoin dice, is one of the many thrilling casino games you can play online. You’ll find tons of variations for this type of game, and your goal in these is to guess the winning combinations of numbers correctly. If you succeed, you win cryptocurrency rewards depending on your stake.

Dice game variations

All variations of crypto dice games are great to play and can reward you with exciting prizes. However, two variants are widely popular among casino players, and these are:

Sic Bo

Like most dice games, your goal in Sic Bo is to guess the outcome of the 3 rolled dice. The game originated in China and has since become a popular dice game in many online casinos. Additionally, Sic Bo has several betting options, making playing extra fun. 

It’s easy to learn how to play Sic Bo online and win with strategy, starting with learning the betting options, such as:

  • 3-Dice total - The most basic bet is to guess the total result of the roll correctly.
  • Big or small - You bet on whether the roll results in small numbers (4 to 10) or big (11 to 17).
  • Odd or even - As the name implies, you wager whether the resulting roll presents an odd or even number.
  • Any triple - The 3 dice will land on a single number.
  • Double - Two of the three dice have the same numeric value.
  • Single dice bets - The number you select will land on one or all dice.
  • Specific triples - You guess the specific number each dice will land on.
  • 2 dice combo - This is a wager where you guess the number that lands on 2 of the 3 dice.


Craps is another popular dice game played across the globe due to its fun gameplay. Compared to Sic Bo, this game is played by rolling 2 dice. The first roll is called the ‘point’ number.

To play craps, you must guess one or more possible betting options correctly. There are many bets you can choose from when playing Craps, but the most popular among them are:

  • Pass line - With the pass line, you win automatically if the result is either a 7 or 11. However, you lose if the result is a 2, 3, or 12.
  • Don’t pass line - What comes after determining the ‘point’ number is called the ‘comeout’ roll. With the Don’t Pass Line bet, you’re wagering that the point number will be rolled before a 7 or 11. 
  • Place bet - With this bet, you can wager on specific numbers you think will be rolled before 7 is rolled.

How does Bitcoin dice game work?

In its simplest form, Bitcoin dice is a game of chance where the player needs to guess the result of a roll. Since there are numerous game variations, crypto dice gambling is best played by learning the mechanics of a particular title. This includes knowing its rules, RTP, and house edge to determine your odds of winning.

What makes playing the online game better is you don’t have to go through the hassle of trading your cash for casino chips with the banker. Instead, you can deposit crypto funds into your account, place your wager and claim big wins with the correct outcome prediction.

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How to play crypto dice game at Bitcasino

At Bitcasino, we offer a variety of Bitcoin dice games you can play. With the right crypto dice game strategy, you can enjoy a rewarding gameplay experience and a higher win chance. To start playing, follow the steps below:

  1. Find your preferred Bitcoin dice gambling game

Whether you want to play a video dice game or its live dealer counterpart, you’ll find both options available at Bitcasino. You can find them by searching the word ‘dice’ on the platform’s search engine and choosing one from the results. 

  1. Check the game details

Once you’ve found the dice game you like, check the info box for the necessary details. First, you should know the game rules to see how it is played. Additionally, you also need to pay attention to details such as payoutpotential win, game oddsautoplay function, and available bets

  1. Check if there are bonus features

The info box is also the best place to determine if the game has bonus features. One of the most common bonuses is a multiplier that will multiply by your wager to increase your winnings.

  1. Start playing

Once you have all the details, you can play by placing your bet. The rest of the gameplay may vary depending on your chosen title. However, the standard goal is to guess the result of the dice roll. 

With variations like craps, there are also instances where you can place wagers predicting whether you roll under or roll over. As the name implies, these bets indicate whether you predict the resulting roll is below or above your chosen ‘point’ number.

How to win at Bitcoin dice: Best crypto dice strategy to use

Before playing dice games on any casino platform, get familiar with the strategies you can use to win. These strategies include Martingale, D’Alembert, 1-3-2-6 dice strategy, and more. Learn some of the insane casino strategies to increase your winnings below:

  1. Martingale dice strategy

The Martingale is the most popular dice strategy Bitcoin punters use. With this, you assume that if you lose the first bet, the outcome of the following roll will surely be in your favour. 

With this belief, you double your wager for the next roll to recover the losses you obtained from the previous round. However, if you win the first round, you must make the same bet for the second. 

  1. Break-even Martingale dice strategy

The Break-even Martingale strategy is the best one to use if you’re on a losing streak. Instead of doubling your wager, you retain the wager amount during your next round and double on the round after that.

  1. Paroli Bitcoin dice strategy

As the opposite of the Martingale system, the Paroli game plan is done by doubling your wager for every win. If you lose, you return to your initial bet amount and start again.

  1. D’Alembert dice strategy

The D’Ambert is a low-risk dice strategy that follows the same method as the Martingale system. However, you only increase your bets by one point for every loss instead of doubling down. If you lose a round with a bet of 2 USDT, your wager amount in the following round should be 3 USDT.

  1. 1-3-2-6 dice strategy

The 1-3-2-6 strategy is complex and requires some good memory skills. The way it works is by following the 1-3-2-6 order. Assuming the value of 1 unit as 1 USDT, 3 units as 2 USDT, 2 units as 3 USDT, and 6 units as 4 USDT, you follow these bet amounts throughout your gameplay, depending on the game’s result. 

Here, you start with 1 unit and keep wagering its corresponding amount until you land a win. Once you do, you move to 3 units and repeat the process until you reach the 6th unit. 

  1. Hybrid Bitcoin dice strategy

The Hybrid Bitcoin dice game plan is used if you’re looking for the Bitcoin dice fastest win strategy. In this process, you combine some or all of the dice strategies and see which one will work on any round.

This strategy can be useful since it allows you to switch to a different strategy when the previous one doesn’t work. However, it’s still best to stick to one so you don’t waste time and money alternating between them.

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The best way to play Bitcoin dice

If you want to maximise your chances of having seamless and enjoyable gameplay, there are two important factors you need to do. These are:

  1. Find a reliable platform

The best way to play Bitcoin dice is by finding a platform you can rely on for safe and secure gameplay. At the best crypto casino, Bitcasino assures your account is protected, so you can focus on playing your game. We also provide crypto options aside from Bitcoin to give you a great experience on the platform. This ensures you can wager on a game using your preferred payment method.

  1. Play the demo version

To gain insight into a particular dice game, test it through the demo version. This allows you to get familiar with the mechanics and betting options without the risk of losing your betting funds. However, switch to the real game mode once you’re ready to earn real money rewards.

Additionally, remember that there’s no demo version of live dealer games, unlike table games. But you’re allowed to enter and observe the current round at play. 

The best crypto dice games at Bitcasino

Ready to play? Arm yourself with your choice of online casino dice strategy and play dice games at Bitcasino.

  1. Lightning Dice

Provider: Evolution
RTP: 96.03%
Minimum bet: 0.20 USDT
Maximum bet: 15,000 USDT


As one of the most reliable gaming providers out there, Evolution delivers a thrilling game through Lightning Dice. This title has an RTP of 96.03% and can be played by placing bets ranging from 0.20 USDT to 15,000 USDT.

Once you’ve placed your wagers, you need to guess the total amount of the dice’s resulting roll. The host will then throw the dice on a pachinko-style machine and determine the result when the dice drop on the table. 

What makes this game exciting to play, aside from the entertaining host, is the quick gameplay. The rounds are played at lightning speed, meaning each round lasts only a minute or less.

  1. Sic Bo

Provider: OneTouch
RTP: 97.22%
Minimum bet: 0.5 USDT
Maximum bet: 100 USDT


Sic Bo by OneTouch brings the popular Asian dice game to a global audience. When you play this title, you’ll find the betting table covering nearly the entire screen, which outlines plenty of bet ways to choose from. 

To start, select one of the chips at the bottom and place your preferred bet amount. You’ll find the three dice secure on the right section of the grid. Once you roll, pay attention to this section to watch the dice and see if you win or not. 

  1. Dice Twice

Provider: Turbo Games
Minimum bet: 0.10 USDT
Maximum bet: 100 USDT


Turbo Games’ Dice Twice is a minimalistic game that offers players a 50%-50% win chance with a payout of 15 USDT. To play the game, place your bet between 0.10 USDT to 100 USDT and wager whether the resulting roll will be over or under 50.

  1. Football Studio Dice

Provider: Evolution
RTP: 96.03%
Minimum bet: 0.50 USDT
Maximum bet: 10,000 USDT

Evolution offers another fun dice game through Football Studio Dice, which features teams of the popular European sport. The game table is designed to resemble a football field separated into two to represent the ‘home’ and ‘away’ teams.

With bets ranging from 0.50 USDT to 10,000 USDT, your job is to wager which dice on the home or away team will have the higher roll. You have three betting options: home, away or draw.


  1. Rocket Dice XY

Provider: BGaming
Minimum bet: 1 USDT
Maximum bet: 100 USDT


BGaming delivers a simple and rewarding game through Rocket Dice XY. It’s played by placing bets ranging from 1 USDT to 100 USDT. Once you have your wager set, the next step is to select a point number and choose either the ‘over’ or ‘under’ option.

When you choose the over option, you can select up to 11 and predict that the roll will exceed the chosen number. On the other hand, you can choose up to number 12 for the Under option if you think the roll will be below your choice of number.

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FAQs on Bitcoin dice strategy

Which Bitcoin dice game is best?

Lightning Dice, Sic Bo, and Football Studio Dice are some of the most rewarding dice games you can play at Bitcasino. However, determining the best one depends on your preferences and playstyle.

Are Bitcoin dice safe to play?

Yes, Bitcoin dice are safe to play. However, if you’re worried, be sure to play at a licensed online casino to further ensure a safe and secure gameplay experience. In this case, trust Bitcasino to provide you safe and secure gaming experience.

Words by: Cathrene Joseph

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The best Bitcoin dice strategy in 2023