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Fishing War game review: Cast your net on the biggest wins

Fishing War game review: Cast your net on the biggest wins

Fishing War game review: Cast your net on the biggest wins

Mon Oct 31 2022 09:06:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Maximum Win

888x your wager  

Minimum Bet

0.01 USDT

Maximum Bet





Medium Volatility

Free Play Available


Tales from the harbour tell the story of the great treasures Poseidon buried deep in the ocean. Climb aboard the ship and sail across the seven seas to win the jackpot of 888x your wager in Fishing War. Are you ready to challenge the tides and summon an enormous wave of wins on the reels? Find everything you need to know in this Fishing War slot review.  

Spadegaming presents yet another spectacular title with action-packed gameplay and an inventive Fishing War game theme inspired by the mysterious depths of the sea where marine creatures reside.  

How does Fishing War game work? 

Fishing War is a unique casino game that allows you to team up with other players across the platform. It works by selecting a level that leads to a game room with other gamers. 

With its exceptional arcade gaming style, this underwater shooting game will keep you at the edge of your seat, where you shoot down different sea creatures and monsters on the screen. Know more about it by reading the details below: 


The Fishing War slot has an RTP percentage of 96.5% and fantastic features that will help you slay your enemies on the battlefield and win huge payouts. You’ll be catching the jackpot hook, line and sinker in no time when you set your target on the biggest fish in the sea.

Game levels and game screen

This fantastic maritime game has three levels defined by the amount of your wager: Junior (0.01 to 0.5), Expert (0.1 to 5) and Godlike (1 to 10). 

Unlike regular casino games, there are no Fishing War paylines. You have a free range over which payouts you can win by targeting the creature as soon as it appears on the screen.   

Fun mode 

Get first-hand experience without the risk of losing real money when you try the Fishing War game free play. With the help of the Fishing War game demo, you can improve your skills and prepare yourself for the real deal. 

Fishing War payouts

Fishing War pays out in a times-your-wager format, which means the winnings in a round are multiplied by your bet. Your wager depends on the tier you select for your game.  

Your payout for the monsters you defeated depends on how much you have contributed to its demise. You receive bigger rewards if you’ve been firing at the creature far longer than other players. The payout also depends on your weapon and bonus features applied to the kill. 

Explore the wonders of the seabed as the Fishing War game takes you to the depths of the ocean and reveals hoards of creatures that carry great rewards. Take down the best catch and learn how to play the Fishing slot game below.

How to play Fishing War game

  1. Start by selecting the game level that you want. The tiers depend on the amount of your wager.
  2. Once you select your preferred level, a game screen with the menu, skill selection, your active balance and weapon will appear. Check the payout list for all the symbols to know which fish can give you the highest payouts. 
  3. After that, choose a skill you want to use during the battle.
  4. Place a target on the creature you want to take down and shoot them until they reveal your payout. You can control which creatures to target on the screen to focus your skills and ammunition on the highest-paying monsters.


Fish for the most coveted treasures in Fishing War

Keep an eye out for any monsters lurking in the Fishing War Spadegaming. Fight the creatures of the sea acting as the highest paying symbols or trigger their elemental prowess through the Fishing War bonus.

Check out the table below for the Fishing War symbols and their respective payouts:

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Summon the biggest wins in the sea with special symbols

Paying Symbols

The Green Frog is the highest-paying symbol among the regular fish symbols. Shooting down this symbol rewards you with 50x to 400x your wager. 

The Crab symbol pays out 50x to 200x your wager when destroyed.  

 The Yellow hammerhead symbol pays out 40x to 60x your wager.

The Blue hammerhead symbol pays out 30x to 50x your wager.

The Yellow shark symbol pays out 25x to 45x your wager.

The Blue shark symbol pays out 20x to 30x your wager.

The Puffed pufferfish symbol pays out 20x your wager.

The Stingray symbol pays out 18x your wager.

The Sawfish symbol pays out 15x your wager.

The Turtle symbol pays out 14x your wager.

The Anglerfish symbol pays out 13x your wager.

The Jellyfish symbol pays out 12x your wager.

The Octopus symbol pays out 10x your wager.

The Blue marlin symbol pays out 9x your wager.

The Lobster symbol pays out 8x your wager.

The Sunfish symbol pays out 7x your wager.

The Tigerfish symbol pays out 6x your wager.

The Pufferfish symbol can pay out 5x your wager.

The Angelfish symbol can pay out 4x your wager.

The Clownfish symbol can pay out 3x your wager.

The Flying fish symbol can pay out 2x your wager.

The Fishing War skill game features a wide selection of special symbols that take the form of Chinese mythical items and sea monsters. Face these foul deep sea creatures and win monstrous payouts with every beast you take down.

Gather your pirate crew and prepare to blast off the creatures of the sea. Check out the table below for the Fishing War game features and their respective payouts at maximum bet: 

Special Symbols

The Pirate Ghost Ship announces its arrival on the screen with a countdown so you can prepare to rain bullets down on the monster. 

Once you destroy this massive ghost ship, an earthquake destroys all the fish. This rewards you with 100x to 888x your wager.

The Monkey King is a special symbol that rewards 100x to 688x your wager. 

When destroyed, the pool turns into an explosion zone and continuously detonates two or more times to capture the fish in the pool. 

The Awakening Dragon is a special symbol that rewards 100x to 488x your wager. 

When destroyed, the pool turns into an explosion zone and continuously  detonates two or more times to capture the fish in the pool.  

The Dragon Wheel is a special symbol that rewards 300x your wager. 

Once activated, the wheel appears to offer high rewards with a spin. 

The Dragon King is an immortal type, which means that it cannot be destroyed. However, as you fire bullets, it rewards 10x to 300x your wager. 

The Wealth Pocket unveils rewards worth up to 200x your wager. 

This symbol randomly appears once you have successfully blasted off a fish symbol. Once it is activated, you can select one pocket to receive a huge reward. 

The Thunder Hammer rewards 30x to 100x your wager. 

This Fishing War bonus unleashes a chain-style lightning effect on the pool and randomly strikes fishes across the pool. 

The Firestorm rewards up to 30x your wager. 

Once activated, this symbol arms your rapid-fire cannon with 30 to 100 bullets. The feature ends when all of the free bullets have been fired. 

The Azure Stone reveals a reward of up to 10x your wager. 

Once you obtain this symbol, it keeps the pool frozen for 10 seconds so you have more time to fire at the paying symbols. 

Additionally, this symbol increases the multipliers of your symbols. 

Strike down the enemies with your special skills 

There are four skill options in Fishing War that you can use to have a better chance at taking down your enemy and reeling in the highest payouts. Check out what each skill can do below:

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Fishing War: Fill your ship with remarkable treasures from the deep

The Lightning feature is activated by clicking the cannon twice or selecting the lightning icon on the left side of the screen. 

This feature activates lightning bolts to strike the paying symbols on the pool. 

The Double feature is activated by clicking the cannon once or selecting the double icon on the left side of the screen.

This feature doubles your cannons so you can fire two bullets at the same time. 

The Auto feature allows you to select the fish you want to target during the game. 

Once activated, it automatically shoots the symbols you have selected when they appear on the screen. 

The Target feature is activated by double-clicking on a specific fish in the pool or selecting the target symbol on the left side of the screen. 

Once activated, this feature locks on a target and keeps firing until the target is 
destroyed or gone from the pool. 

Your time to be the Fishing God has finally arrived. Take down the monsters causing havoc deep within the sea and claim their treasures in Fishing War. With your crewmates, dive deep into the sea of wins as monsters appear on your screen. 

Play Fishing War game today and get an interactive casino game experience like no other. Challenge the Sea Emperor in one of the most gripping casino games and take down his army of monsters as you pull all your weapons and rain bullets down on your enemy.  

Frequently asked questions on Fishing War

What is the RTP of Spadegaming’s Fishing War? 

Spadegaming’s Fishing War has an RTP of 96.5%.

What is the volatility of the casino slot Fishing War? 

The volatility of the Fishing War is medium.

What is the max win available for casino slot Fishing War?

The maximum payout is set at 888x your bet.

What are the minimum and maximum bets of casino slot Fishing War

The minimum bet is 0.01 USDT and the maximum bet is 10 USDT.

Words by: Ana Gundran

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Fishing War game review: Cast your net on the biggest wins