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Unique casino games that will blow your mind

Unique casino games that will blow your mind

Unique casino games that will blow your mind

Mon Jun 13 2022 03:03:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Ever since technology was introduced in the gambling industry, we have seen the rise of different unusual and bizarre casino games. These often come with enhanced features or gameplay meant to spice up your game. 

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Thanks to these innovations, there will never be a dull moment in your online casino experience! Now, you have lots of choices like casual and arcade games aside from the typical ones.

If you are looking to level up your thrill in playing, here is a list of games you should get your hands on. All titles in this list present a unique feature that would get you immersed in your gamble. 

Bizarre casino games you have never seen before! 

Every casino game is different from one another and most, if not all present an amazing experience waiting to be discovered. But only those that took their gameplay to the next level have made it to our list. Let’s cut to the chase and dive into the unusual casino games you should try! 

NFT Paradise Trippies

  • Game developer: Caleta Gaming
  • Game type: Slot game 
  • RTP: 96%
  • Volatility: High
  • Min. bet: 0.025 mBTC
  • Max. bet: 100 mBTC


If you have any particular interests in NFTs, this exclusive game in Bitcasino will surely get you hooked! NFT Paradise Trippies is a newly launched game by Caleta Gaming based on the famous NFT collection Paradise Trippies.

Just like your regular slot game, it only requires you to place your wager and spin the reel to hopefully win. However, instead of your usual game symbols, it features NFTs from the Paradise Trippies collection so expect apes, mermaids and monsters of all kinds.

But that’s not the best bit. The game goes above and beyond by giving you the chance to win an exclusive NFT art piece! And with its price having huge chances of blowing up, who knows how expensive it can be in the future? It could even be worth more than most casino game jackpots!

As the first of its kind, NFT Paradise Trippies presents a remarkably unique experience to players and changes the way we see online casino rewards.

Game features: 

  • Wild symbol - Can substitute for all paying symbols except the Scatter. It has the potential to help you form a winning combination.
  • Wild event feature - This feature randomly turns 2 reels into a Stacked Wild reel. 
  • Legendary Box Bonus - This bonus feature can be triggered by landing 3 or more Bonus symbols on the reel. Once active, the Legendary Box Bonus would reveal a multiplier from 4x to 10x your winning payout. With luck, you might even get the chance to win the Mega Trip bonus. 
  • Mega Trip Box - If you win the Mega Trip Bonus, a reel would automatically spin to reward you with a monetary payout or a real NFT. Contact the Bitcasino live chat and provide your wallet address to receive your NFT!

Book of Bitcasino

  • Game developer: Spinomenal 
  • Game type: Slot game 
  • RTP: 96.49%
  • Volatility: High
  • Min. bet: 0.02 credits
  • Max. bet: 20 credits


If ancient Egypt-themed games are your cup of tea, then you’d love Book of Bitcasino! This unique slot game has it all, from jaw-dropping graphics down to unique game features. It is made specifically to satisfy your hunger for thrill and quality gaming. 

The best thing and perhaps the highlight of this slot game is the fact that it is only available in Bitcasino. Plus, the features also treat you with not just Free Spins and Wilds but also expanding symbols that could increase your payouts exponentially. 

As if that isn’t enough, Spinomenal takes it up a notch and serves players with a first-class gaming experience with crisp graphics and animation. Every symbol in this game is a masterpiece filled with minute detail and spectacular design befitting ancient Egyptian treasures. 

What’s even better is that it displays your ranking in the game so if you are feeling a little competitive with your gameplay, Book of Bitcasino would scratch your itch for competition! 

Game features:  

  • Scatter Wild symbols - The Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol in this game take on the same form and the Wild can count as any symbol on the reel. Land 3 or more of this Wild Scatter symbol anywhere on the reel and you would win a 2x up to 250x your winning payout plus 10 Free Spins. 
  • Free Spins - Once you have triggered the Free Spins in the Book of Bitcasino, you will be presented with a wheel containing all the symbols except the Scatter Wild symbol. Spin this wheel to determine which symbol would be the expanding symbol in your Free Spins round. The Free Spin can retrigger and reward you with additional 10 Free Spins. 
  • Expanding symbol - This can expand to form a new payline for you in addition to the already existing paylines. The symbols in this round only expand if the expansion triggers a win.

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Gates of Bitcasino

  • Game developer: Pragmatic Play 
  • Game type: Slot game 
  • RTP: 96.5%
  • Volatility: High
  • Min. bet: 1 credit
  • Max. bet: 10 credits


Gods and the divine beings have always been a favourite theme in slot games and we just can’t get enough of them. If you are a fan of supernatural-themed slot games, Gates of Bitcasino will have you in awe of its glorious graphics and smooth animation. It is as if the gods themselves blessed this slot game for its rewarding features and design. And to make it even more outstanding, you can only find it in Bitcasino!

You might be saying that there are countless divine-themed slot games out there, but this one stands out from the rest. For one, we are yet to see another slot game that has the same quality as the Gates of Bitcasino. 

Everything about this slot game is full of details from the symbols down to the character. Even the movement of the objects in the background serves as proof of the amount of effort spent on making this game.

Game features:  

  • Scatter symbol - The Bitcoin logo acts as a Scatter symbol for this amazing slot game. The Scatter can land on any reel and reward you with instant payouts from 300 credits up to 10,000 credits depending on how many Scatter symbols you land. 
  • Tumble feature - In this feature, all winning symbols disappear the moment they are paid. The remaining symbols will then fall into the empty areas of the reel and replace the symbols that were removed. The tumbling of the symbols would continue until there are no more winning combinations. 
  • Multiplier symbols - This game has one of the biggest multipliers in slot games. The multiplier symbols are present during the base game and Free Spins round. Once the multiplier symbol hits, it can take a random multiplier that can go from 2x up to 500x your winning payout amount. Once the tumbling sequence ends, the multipliers are added and the total win of the sequence is multiplied to its final value, giving you a humongous win!


  • Game developer: Avatarux  
  • Game type: Slot game 
  • RTP: 96%
  • Volatility: High volatility
  • Min. bet: 0.2 credit
  • Max. bet: 40 credits


Avatarux takes the Safari theme to the next level with RagingPop. This slot game takes you to the wilderness for a unique exploration. Here, you will find something bigger than your wins and payouts. RagingPop might have the same mechanics as any other slot game, but its graphics and animations are what make it stand out from the rest. 

It has the right amount of animation to keep the background active and alive. Additionally, the symbols and characters seem like they’re popping right out of the screen with how they're designed. 

And what ties them all tightly together is the atmospheric music that will make you feel like you're on an actual safari ride looking for wild animals in their natural habitat. Every time a special feature is activated, an animation would play out and it’s a wonder to see.  

What you’d appreciate most about this game is its range of superb and generous features. Every themed feature has the potential to increase your wins and give you the thrill you’re looking for in casino games.

Game features:

  • Pop Wins - This feature appears during the Free Spins round. It pops all of the winning symbols and replaces them with two symbols, which then increases the reel height. This will be repeated as long as there is a winning symbol. The reels can be expanded to 7 symbols tall during the Free Spins feature.
  • Raging Rhino - In this feature, the reels can grow to 5, 6, or 7 symbols tall. All of the reels would grow at the same time. In addition to this, a 500x multiplier would be applied to all the win combinations formed once the reels have grown. 
  • Free Spins - This feature can be triggered by landing 3 Bonus symbols on the reels during the base game. The Free Spins grid starts at 4 symbols tall and can increase up to 7 symbols. 

You can win up to 25 Free Spins depending on how many Bonus symbols you land. After every 10 consecutive Free Spins, the reels will grow 1 symbol tall. 

  • Gamble Wheel - The gamble wheel appears before the Free Spins feature. It will give you the option to gamble your current free spins for more Free Spins using the wheel. There are multiple stages to this wheel, which allows you to have 15, 20, 25 or 30 Free Spins.


  • Game developer: Turbo Games   
  • Game type: Casual game 
  • RTP: 95%
  • Volatility: High
  • Min. bet: 0.10 mBTC
  • Max. bet: 100 mBTC


Bayraktar is a game that is unlike any other. If you are a fan of shooting games or military-themed titles, you’d definitely fall in love with this one that will put you in the shoes of a drone operator. 

Despite being different from your usual slot and table games, Bayraktar has a straightforward mechanic. To play, all you have to do is to place your wager, set your number of targets and click on the boxes on the grid while trying to avoid hitting a miss. 

Every time you successfully hit a target, the multiplier on your win increases until you reach the highest level. Once you hit a miss, the round resets to the lowest win multiplier. 

It’s a fun game to test whether luck is truly on your side! Plus, it will get you high on excitement every time you get closer to your number of targets without hitting a miss.

Game features:

  • Target - Targets are boxes you need to hit in the grid of Bayraktar. You can control how many targets you want to hit per round. The higher your number of targets, the bigger your possible payout would be. 
  • Auto - The Auto bet option allows you to automatically set the amount you want to wager in each round. This way, you wouldn’t have to manually set up the game and you can continue playing without any problem. 
  • Nickname - The nickname option allows you to customise the name of your character in the game. This would then appear on the player board along with other players’ nicknames.  
  • Player board - The player board will display the progress of all the participants in the game. Here, you will see your nickname displayed along with the amount you’ve wagered, the multiplier you currently have and the payout you’ve won. 
  • Game details This displays the targets you have left in the game and the percentage of your missed chance. It also shows the possible reward you can win for your next target.

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Best game developers for unique online casino games

The most unusual casino games wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of equally quirky developers. Check out the list of casino game developers that you can trust when it comes to thrilling and unique gambling games! 

Turbo Games 

Turbo Games is one of the top provably fair game providers in the world of online casinos. With this, you can rest assured that every game created by this provider is transparent just like the Limbo Rider and their adorable game called Neko. Plus, they have a knack for creating unique games that would have you on the edge of your seat!      


Spribe promises to provide the next generation of players with engaging games that would challenge the way they play. Enjoy unusual games without the complicated gameplay and try the Spribe’s Plinko and Hilo today. Experience innovative gaming and discover games you have never seen before! 

Green Jade 

If out of this world themes are what you are looking for, Green Jade would surely satisfy your unique taste. Specialising in arcade games like Casino Blocks and Jade Puzzle Arcade, this game provider is one you can trust when it comes to revolutionary games that challenge the norm and provide players with a new thrilling way to play. 


Avatarux started the PopWins mechanic and that alone makes them an amazing creator of unique game content. Their designs never fail to give a magical vibe that you wouldn’t be able to get enough of like the BountyPop and the Aztec-themed TikiPop! Playing Avatarux games is an experience of its own and definitely something that you would enjoy. 

Find your next unique casino online adventure in Bitcasino! 

Are you ready to discover games that level up your online casino experience? There is no better place to find them than here in Bitcasino. Get your hands on the most bizarre and unusual titles when you join us! 

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and place your wager on the most exciting, bone-chilling and captivating unique casino games!  

Words by: Ana Gabrielle A. Gundran 

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Unique casino games that will blow your mind