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What types of blackjack can you play?

What types of blackjack can you play?


There are sometimes three types of blackjack available at online casinos. These do not include the many different live dealer Blackjack options that are available right here at Bitcasino, this is in reference to the choices inside the live dealer game itself. Not all games offer these variations. Some only offer one of the choices, with the standard option being the most prevalent.


Standard blackjack is just the basic game. Here, you find a seat at the table and then play the game with the hand you are dealt. It's that simple. As with most card games, the dealer will deal from their left and go round the table until they get to themselves. You can make all of the standard choices available to you.

Standard blackjack is the most common way to play and the way that most people pick. If you’re a first-time player, then this is most likely the game that you will choose to play, and a version like Blackjack Classic Satoshi is probably the best option for you.


Shared blackjack is slightly different from the standard game, while still keeping the basics. In shared blackjack, there will be up to three hands dealt at a time. When these hands are dealt, players who are in the game will be given the chance to place a wager on them. They can wager on just one, two or all three hands if they like. This means that a significant number of players are able to engage with the game at any one time.

The biggest difference with a shared game is that the players don’t get to choose what decisions are made. After the hands are dealt and the bets are placed, the dealer will make the decisions. The dealer will just adhere to the standard optimal blackjack strategy, which means that there may be times when the dealer makes a decision with which you don’t agree. This doesn’t mean that it is the wrong decision though, because as mentioned previously, the dealer will be carrying out the optimal strategy, which includes a lot of the tips you can find in our article on tactics.

Standard shared combo

The combo is possibly the most complicated version of the game. It works in the same way as both the standard game and the shared game. More than one player can place a wager on each hand, which is drawn just like in a shared game. However, there is one big difference. Each player who has placed a wager on a hand can also make decisions on what they would like to happen – so if one player would like to stand and one player would like to hit, then the dealer will hit, but the card will only count for the players who have decided to hit.

This may all seem like it can get confusing for the dealer and the players, but fortunately the software that is running the game ensures that there are no mistakes made and it keeps each player aware of what their hand is worth and on the decisions they have made. The dealer just has to carry out the instructions and the software does all of the rest.

Which choice to make?

When making a choice, it is all about what you prefer. If you’re a beginner, then it is probably best to play a standard version of blackjack. Not only will this offer you a simpler version of the game, but it will also give you the opportunity to learn how to play the game properly from the start. This ensures that when you are first getting used to the game, there aren’t any additional rules that might muddy the waters a little bit and confuse you.

The shared option and live dealer games also offer a good method for players who learn by watching rather than by doing. As the dealer plays using the optimal strategy, it can be a good way to learn what choices you should make by playing a shared game and watching how the dealer reacts to different hands. Of course, this doesn’t include a play by play, so you won’t learn why the dealer made those decisions – unless you have a photographic memory, it is always better to learn by playing yourself, as you can develop your own strategy as well as the reasoning behind it.

The standard shared combo also gives you the ability to wager on multiple hands. As with the shared game, this allows players to play all the way to the end of the round as well as keeping the excitement alive all the way through. It makes the standard shared combo a best-of-both-worlds situation.

The standard game and shared game are best for beginner players who are just starting out, while the standard shared combo should be reserved for experienced players who are confident in their ability. Whichever game you choose to play, it’s always best to find the one that you personally feel comfortable playing.

The options available to you may seem slightly overwhelming at first, but as with all games the best way to find your feet is to dive on in. Join the fun with us at Bitcasino today and begin your adventure into one of the most popular casino games in the world.

Words: Sean Mcnulty
Images: PA


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