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Blackjack rules for dealers: How does the dealer affect the game?

Blackjack rules for dealers: How does the dealer affect the game?

Blackjack rules for dealers: How does the dealer affect the game?

Tue Oct 25 2022 01:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Dealer rules in blackjack are placed to keep fairness and unbiased outcomes in check. But, knowing these rules gives you insight into the dealer's possible actions on the table. In turn, you can adjust your blackjack strategies based on these rules and play better on the table.

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The basics of playing blackjack

Card values

Each card in blackjack has a specific value which you then add to get the total hand value. See the card values in blackjack below:

  • Numbered cards (2 to 10) retain face value.
  • Face cards such as Jack, Queen and King have a value of 10.
  • Ace can either have a value of 1 or 11, depending on the dealer's or player's call during the game.

Number of decks used

Casinos typically use six decks totalling 312 cards in their blackjack games. That's because the more decks and cards are used, the harder it is to count cards. Thus, the house edge becomes even higher. But regardless of the number of decks used, the gameplay doesn't change.

Dealing in blackjack

When dealing cards in blackjack, the dealer hands each player an up card from left to right before dealing one to themselves. Then, they deal another card, so all players have two up cards and one up card and one down card. 

What are the dealer rules for blackjack?

Dealer rules for blackjack are a protocol that maintains the game's fairness and keeps the dealers' neutrality while they oversee tables. These also protect the casino's integrity, making them trustworthy to players who can rest assured their dealers abide by fair rules. 

Get to know each one of these blackjack casino dealer rules in the list below:

  1. Dealers are not allowed to place wagers

Dealers are game overseers facilitating the game round by dealing cards and handing out payouts. They represent the casino house and are considered to be figures of neutrality. Thus, they're not allowed to place bets on the table and participate in the game they're facilitating. 

  1. Dealers need to ensure that the cards are properly shuffled

Part of the rules for a blackjack dealer is the meticulous way of shuffling cards. It's usually performed in front of players to be transparent and prevent crazy ways people cheat casinos. Either they shuffle the cards manually or use machines to do the work for them.

  1. Dealers should wait for the actions of all players

The dealer must ask for and oversee the actions of every player at the table. Thus, they can't skip a player without first asking about their action. Before moving on to the next, they must wait for the player to communicate their actions, whether through words or hand gestures.

  1. Dealers reveal their second card last after all players

Only when all players have acted will the dealer turn their down card and reveal their initial hand value. Their subsequent actions depend on their hand value.

  1. Dealers hit on 16 and below

Hitting on a hand value of 16 and below is part of the blackjack dealer's rules. If the dealer has this hand, they must draw a new card until the value is 17 or more.

  1. Dealers stand on 17 and above

The guide to blackjack hands states if the dealer's hand is 17 or above, they stand and don't get a new card. It means the dealer's initial hand value is final. 

  1. Dealers count Ace as 11 in their hand

Part of the blackjack rules for the dealer is automatically counting the ace as 11 in their hand. In comparison, players get to choose if their ace is valued at 1 or 11, depending on which is more beneficial. 

Additionally, they can ask players if they want to place an insurance bet in case the total value is a natural 21.

  1. Dealer peeks at their down card

If the dealer's up card is a 10, the dealer has the right to peek at their down card to see if it's an ace, and they get a blackjack. If yes, the dealer turns over their cards and automatically takes the losing bets from the table.

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Other blackjack rules you need to know to win

Aside from the blackjack rules for the dealer, you also need to know the following mechanics in the game:

  1. Hitting rules

If you want to improve your existing hand, you can hit and ask for a third card. However, casino blackjack rules for dealers also dictate who can and cannot hit. If the dealer has an upcard of 6 or lower, only players with a total hand of 11 or lower can hit.

  1. Standing rules

You can stand and finish your turn if you're happy with the value of your hand. Opting to stand means you cannot ask for another card or place more bets. It signals the dealer to move on to the next player.

  1. Pair splitting rules

Receiving two identical cards gives you the option to split them and play two different hands. To do so, place a bet that matches the original wager to cover the second hand. However, make sure you know when to split or not to split to ensure you won't go over your existing hand.

  1. Doubling down rules

Doubling down in blackjack means placing another bet equal to the original wager for an extra card. Afterwards, the dealer lays it facedown and will only reveal it once all wagers are settled.

  1. Surrender rules

Some blackjack variations offer players the chance to surrender their cards in exchange for half of their original wager. However, players must make this decision before additional cards are drawn for other hands. 

Additionally, casinos can follow one of the two rules for surrendering:

  • A player can surrender early before the dealer peeks at their hole card.
  • A player can surrender after the dealer has checked their hand for blackjack.
  1. Even money rules

One of the blackjack dealers' rules is asking players if they want even money. Saying yes to this bet will give you a 1:1 payout before the dealer checks their hand for blackjack. It only happens when the dealer's up card is an Ace, and the player has a blackjack.


Online blackjack playing etiquette

Blackjack rules are meant to be followed, and so are playing etiquette to ensure that harmony on the playing table is sustained. Here are the most common blackjack etiquettes you should follow:

  1. Place your bets on time

In online blackjack versions, you only have a limited time to place your bets. If you fail to wager within the time frame, you won't be able to participate in the ongoing round. You'll have to wait until the round is over before you can place your chips on the table.

  1. Online bullying is not allowed

Through live chat in online blackjack, you can communicate with the dealer and other players while playing. But this doesn't mean you can abuse it and send rude texts. This behaviour can result in being kicked out and banned from the game so keep a friendly and accommodating atmosphere in the chat.

  1. Avoid advising other players on the table

Teaching other players how to use their hands and giving tips on making money playing blackjack is frowned upon in any blackjack game. It causes disturbance and prevents people from thinking and enjoying themselves at the table. 

  1. Placing objects on the table

Placing objects on the blackjack table, such as bags, phones or other items unrelated to the game, is considered rude. The dealer needs a clear view of the chips and cards, and any additional object can obscure their perception. 

  1. Removing the cards from the table

The dealer and the security cameras should see all cards on the table. Holding them on your lap or below the table is automatically considered cheating.

  1. Handing money to the dealer

If you plan on cashing in your bills, announce your denomination chips and place the money outside your betting spot. Don't hand them directly to the dealer. Giving money directly to the dealer is not allowed in casinos since it eliminates fairness in all kinds of games, including blackjack.

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Frequently asked questions on blackjack dealer rules

How do blackjack dealer rules work?

Blackjack rules for dealers are regulations that all croupiers must follow to maintain fairness for all players. Each rule has specific guidelines that indicate how a dealer should act in case a certain scenario occurs in blackjack.

Do the blackjack dealer rules differ from other online casino sites?

Online casino sites may have different blackjack rules for dealers, so it is best to check them beforehand and prevent mistakes to avoid in blackjack.

Why is it important to know the rules for the blackjack dealer?

Learning the dealers' blackjack rules allows you to create better strategies for beating the house. At the same time, this information allows you to spot any irregularities while playing. 

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Words by: Leira Lacuata

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Blackjack rules for dealers: How does the dealer affect the game?